The map shows the complete operational area until the uttermost rim.

The game is not bad, but on the long run, the diversification is missing and especially the adrenalin. Right after the touchdown reduce the thrust to 0. Available on. The air-to-air-refuelling looks rather phallic. For the fastest curves roll the jet 90° to the side and additionally pull the joystick backwards. But the refuelling process is rather longsome and one flies away from the fighting events so far that you have as little fuel on board as before the refuelling when returning to the front. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Welcome to the Ace Combat subreddit, a community for fans of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and past games in the franchise. The surroundings seem rather monotuous, the display of a coastline is avoided by switching to the map during the change from land to water, which heavily constrains the player when a fight action is happening at the same time. It would be sub par at best. ("More to the right! g) Compass: the rough flying direction, the N is of course "north". To hit a target with a missile, it needs to be caught in the visor and should stay in sight until the impact. Do not forget to lower the undercarriage after the speed has fallen below 280 knots! To reach this, you should bring some free time, though, depending on the difficulty grade a complete party can last well a few hours. As soon as the altimeter starts moving, retract the undercarriage, as the plane will explode with extended undercarriage at a speed of 280 knots! When you have adjusted everything to your taste you only have to choose one of four missile loadings before the takeoff, which are more or less useful against certain types of targets: Additionally to the chosen missile load, there are also always 30 flares for defence of hostile missiles and 6.000 shots ammunition for the cannons loaded, which can destroy every type of target, if you aim well and keep shooting for long enough. Xbox Series X|S Xbox One Capabilities. Read our tutorial! Hits can harm radar, rear camera, flight controls or drive gears, but the A.C.E- jet himself cannot be destroyed. It takes more than just copy game files and put an .exe file to make it run on pc.. Microsoft would never bother investing in a game like ac6, cause it cant make money. Is there something for this, or was it never released? If this is also done, the conflict is seen as ended victoriously and the player has good chances to enter his name, the date and many points into the highscore list. I only paid attention to the series in the leadup to the release of 6 and I'm regretting missing out on the others, especially 4, 5 and 0, which from what I gather are considered the "golden" trilogy.

c) Fuel display: the further the needle is at the right, the more fuel is in the tank. As defence there are only 3 heavily armed "A.C.E Mark 2.1" multiuse-allweather-allarea-fighting jets left and of course the player is the only pilot left, who has to fight with this the aggressor by land, sea and air until he himself has lost all his lives or the last hostile units have been beaten. Only a few meters to the safe ground, wasn't there something I had to think of...? The hills may look inconspicious, but it IS possible to ram them, so be utterly careful when flying extremely low. Missiles of all types are shown as flashing dots, exploding enemies and flak grenades as flashing blotches and exploding "A.C.E"-jets as flickering full screen, which in combination witt the explosion noise can startle you well, especially as the own death happens mostly rather unexpectedly. The main targets are at first the hostile ground forces, which consist of tanks, combat helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) and move rather aimlessly but fast through the operational area; if you come across one of the three bases by chance during the process, it will be destroyed.

When the jet is aligned to the runway and its middle stripe moves steadily towards you, press the nose done a FRACTION (!). When the tanker starts to transmit instructions, adapt your speed to the tanker's. However, the level of BAMCO jank I'm sure would plague any attempt at PC ports would do more harm than good. h) Undercarriage: arrow up = retracted, arrow down = reeled-out.

ACE COMBAT 6: Fires of Liberation. For the sight out of the cockpit ACE uses a pseudo 3D-design with plane multi-coloured objects, of which almost all are realised by the mean of hardware sprites. The map: The hostile area is coloured in read, the white flashing thing is of course your aircraft, at the moment on eastern course.

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As soon as the runway comes in sight reduce the thrust to the minimum and sink down to 40-50 feet. The latter cotains a series of displays and instruments, of which you should be able to interpret the most: a) Visor: Targets, that are inside this square and which can be recognized as distinctly as the tank on the screen, can be shot with the corresponding weapons. For this you go to maximum speed and start the vertical dive from a height of 50.000 feet and reduce the thrust to 0 when the speed reaches approx.

True enough. Next to your own position and rough flying direction you are also shown the course of the front, allied bases and hostile and friendly units with the corresponding icons, to which additionally the adequate labels are faded in in turns. Only on Xbox 360 and through backwards compatibility on Xbox One I'm afraid. "Fly with the angels!" The game was also available for the Commodore Plus/4 as well as Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. There are two followers for the C64, ACE 2 with 2-player-duell-option and ACE 2088, which takes place in the future and in space. A quirk enables you to dash around with a speed of about 2000 and minimum mileage. When using the bord cannon the target needs to be kept as much in the middle of the visor as possible and maybe you need to hold onto it for a longer time until it is destroyed. You’re now signed up to receive Microsoft Store emails. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. l) Weapon /mode display: shows the chosen weapon next to the ammunition left or special operation modes ("runway mode"/"refuel mode", see hints). Naval Attack: The load consists of 8 Anti-ship missiles, which can exclusively be used against swimming targets.

Sooner or later you will have to land on one of the three allied airports for new weapons, whereby you have to come to a halt on the runway at the right time, so that enough of the track is left to take off again. Therefore 7/10 points with much nostalgia bonus and a randomly caused endorphine boost.". The status is dramatic, as usual: An enemy which is not more closely defined attacks the player's home country and has already occupied the whole southern coast with ground forces, that get ready to advance further into the heartland. Witness high definition graphics rendering the world around you into super realistic war zones, made possible only by next generation processing power.

Colt Seavers: "When ACE came into my hands for the first time, I had just seen Top-Gun at the movies and was mutated to an air-fight-nerd temporarily, correspondingly the game was celebrated extensively with enthusiasm in the one and two player mode. Ground targets, shops and helicopter are shown as grey dots, planes as white dash, whereby arrowheads at the upper or lower end hint to planes above or below you. Title screen and menus are kept markedly simple but functional. Although the game speed is still today impressive for a C64 and some features as air-to-air-refuelling or speech output were at that time very progressive, ACE is, however, rather snookered compared to the audiovisual firework of today's 3D. Lead not only aerial combat units but also naval and ground combat units to victory. Overview System Requirements. "The enemy" in all its glory. © Valve Corporation.

For this you can get an overview of type and position of the enemies with the help of the map and define the course to the desired target together with the compass in the cockpit. Start: Give maximum thrust and when reaching a speed of 140 or more pull the joystick backwards and hold it. Only an engine failure might force you to leave the plane via the ejection seat, but this is only possible over allied area and requires at least one reserve plane, otherwise you have to prepare for a quick virtual death and with this the end of the game. ACE COMBAT 6: Fires of Liberation is currently not available. Through this, the perspective and size of the objects are not always correct, but the design is rather fast and gets an impressive feeling of speed across to the player in return especially in a lower height. If you only need fuel you can also try an air-to-air-refuelling - for flying simulations of that time a rather unusual option. Furthermore the player can choose if he wants to fly alone or take with him a second player as back-up in the position of the gunner.

208 Voting: 6.17 points, 18 votes Developer Ian Martin, Nigel Stevens, Guy Wilhelmy: Publisher Cascade Games ltd. HVSC-File GAMES/A-F/A_C_E.sid Release 1985: Platform C64, Plus/4, C16, VC-20+8K, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC: Genre Action, 3D Gamemode Single player 2 players (simultaneous) Operation Media Language Information Followers: ACE 2 and ACE …

Console versions of AC7 got a remastered edition of 5 as a preorder bonus though.