Though the games were a success, they were not central to Sports Illustrated's wider business plans, and so they sold the rights in 1978 to the largest hobby boardgame publisher of the era, Avalon Hill. No Results. This is a one-person operation, and anything you can give will be used to pay hosting costs and will encourage me to add new features to the site. Originally called Sports Illustrated Pro Football published by Time, Inc. Then became Paydirt by Avalon Hill. Special dice are rolled to determine the effectiveness of your call and the results of the offense and defense are cross referenced to see what the overall result of the play was.

There are no posts yet. It's designed as a resource for players of those games, and includes a library of analytical tools and of team charts for the two games. The games were revolutionary. SNAFL offers two major features. It is currently a subsidiary of the game company Wizards of the Coast, itself a subsidiary of Hasbro.. Avalon Hill pioneered many of the concepts of modern recreational wargaming. * This website is not produced by, endorsed by, supported by, or affiliated with any publisher besides Board Game Atlas. If you like this site, please consider making a donation using the button on this page.

These charts are statistically designed to reflect the strengths and weaknesses that characterized that team. Though the teams from the era it was published come in the box there is the ability to purchase teams from any era, and even more recent teams. These charts are statistically designed to reflect the strengths and weaknesses that characterized that team. And yet, it manages to not be too predictable, upsets are still more than possible as even the lowliest team can perform on the night if the right calls are made at the right time. That is pretty much the game system described right there. This page is a place to collect some of those additional resources. Be the first to post. This is a face to face American Football simulation. If you wish to know more, you can find a copy of the Paydirt rules on BoardGameGeek. Chart designer Dr. Thomas R. Nicely, a mathematician with published articles on the subject of random and statistical probabilities.

Game prices represent daily averages and/or market values provided data gathered through various APIs and curration. Help the community understand how complex this game is.

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It can be your own video or a video by someone else. I have been creating my own Paydirt and Bowl Bound charts since 1993 and I've played these great Avalon Hill & Sports Illustrated games since my brother brought home a long cardboard box containing Paydirt in 1975. Title: Microsoft Word - Bowlbound Rules 2007.doc Author: helmbau Created Date: 7/28/2007 12:35:18 PM

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Play-calling system for Bowl Bound/Paydirt: 04/09/2019: DaveP--206: 0--DOC file. Horizontal game sheet for Paydirt: 04/09/2019: DaveP--187: 0--PDF scoresheet.

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Though the games are no longer officially in print, there's still a community of dedicated fans. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. It was taken over by Avalon Hill who had a world renowned mathematics statistician work on the game system.