Your comments show up in a "Latest Commnts" section at a song parody website called i hate u u hate me barney smashed my new tv so i went to the store bought a new 44 no more purple dinosaur. Thks is the newest version from 2012I hate youyou hate melets get together and kill barneywith a pistol gun and a 2 by 4.Bye bye purple dinosaur!! Lyrics taken from Grill them up, YUM! boom! that os so stupid wy make fun of a doll!!! With a Big KaBoom And a stab in the head, Now we're happy cuz barney's dead! I'm assuming that most of you are about 10 or 12 yrs old. I'm gonna make some more. Dont look now (meaning I want you to look now) but all those Barney loving scamps just pushed the # of hits for this parody past the 100,000 mark. I've posted 165 parodies here and I would bet I've received 50 comments in total after a months passing -- and maybe a dozen after a year has passed. ohh yeah dont forget:joy to the worldbarneys dead!we barbequed his head.but what about the body?we flushed it down the pottyand round and round it goesand round and round it goesand round and round barney he's in the sewer covered in manuer!excuse my spelling mistakes hahah. you think that this is rude he is brainwashing inocent children. For those who don't know, he abused a little girl on the shoe.

He is now less annoying ya cuz it a came from a boy named Elmo! Sure, I feel guilty NOW, but as a kid that was the funniest thing EVER LOL. BARNZ NO BOOS, BARNZ LET BE, THAT DINOSAUR IZ AMAZING! Barney isnt a real dinasour he s big big grape. The parody authors spend a lot of time writing parodies for the website and they

barney is so gay man my 16 cause likes him, i hate u you hate me togther we can kill barney with a knife and gun and a bulite in his head sorry kids but barneys dead, i hate you you hate me lets get to gether and kill barney with a nife to his heart and a gun to his head dont tell mom we killed her to i hate baney. I LOVE BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE U U HATE ME BARNEY JUST GOT STUCK UP A TREE WHEN HE CAME DOWN I SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD SORRY KIDS BUT BARNEYS DEAD, barney is stupid, this is my versions (s) I love you, you love me, barney gave me h.i.v so i icked him in the balls, and i shot him in the head, sorry kidz but barneys dead hater I hate you, you hate me i am gonna kill barney, with a bid riffle and a four by four, no more purple dinarsour. The purple teletubie IS gay... Its a guy, even look it up or find it on wikipedia(type in teletubies). love Barney, spread the love of purple passion!

with a knife in his butt, and a bullet in his head, lets all yell, barneys dead!! It can't get anymore annoying. i hate u, u hate me lets gather around and jump Barney, he's a fatass purple dinosaur so thats y people's call him a hore, he's a pain in the back so he smoke a big ass sack of crack! So terrible that it appears to have screwed up your ability to spell your own name .... not to mention your ability to keep pace with the original song, kill barney and justin bieber and teletubbies, Barney is really gay I wish he would go away So I punched him in the balls And now he's on the floor No more gaylord dinosaur, Why are parents teaching their children and teenagers killing Barney the dinosaur songs i Love Barney and i Hate BARNEY AT THE SAME TIME. boom! For help, see the examples of how to link to this page.

Doot doot doot. .so you dislike happy. Provide song facts, names, places and other worthy info that may I love booze .. Answer Save. I'M NOT OBSESSED WITH HIM!!! Muhahahaha may the death be with barney and barney only!!!!

.but none of them have any gentalia or for that matter anything down there. There is a lot of funny songs, i hate you you hate me lets get togather and kiss the dino, I HATE YOU,YOU HATE ME,LETS HANG THAT DYNO FROM A TREE, Blood is red.Barneys dead,Some shot him in the head,Then got eggs from the chicken coop,And made big pot of Dino Soup, All right bub was that Dracula or Blacula which is a all black Vampire movie kind of like The Wiz which featured Micheal Jackson. I hate you you hate me, Lets get together and kill Barney, with a two by four, knock him on the floor, NO MORE PURPLE DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know what this song is about? I know another one its like joy to the world that barneys dead we barbecued his head dont worry bout the body we flushed it down the potty know theres nothing left oh now theres nothing left joy oh joy that barneys dead. I love you You love me ... that is so funny i wood love 2 do that ha, this is so funny barney is sooo gay haha the one above alex that is funny, i hat u u hate me lets chase barney up a tree stabe heim with a knife an shoot him with a gun now were having lots of fun, i hate u u hate me lets chase barney up a tree stabe him with a knife shoot him with a gun no were having lots of fun, paul devoy how can u have sex with that thing barney is gay r u gay too man wat do u have a stuffed barney in ur room and have sex withit, Hey i LOVE barney hes freaking sexy so deal with it i LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM muahahaha, a b c d e f g lets chase barney up a tree stick a shotgun up his nose pull the trigger there he goes uh oh we went to far tellytubbies rated r iiiiiiiii hhhhaaaattteeee barney, u suck u mother f..... wat r u talking bout mcdizzy. i believe BCDNCVSVMNJF is so right. Ya'll need to get a life and stop being so rude. Which of the most popular song do you like the most and why? Barney hurt me whay a ruler so I hit him in the eye with a dot of apple pie And I havent seen the old bat sinse. We had a parade,

i was the original performer of the song. 0 0. I hate you, you hate me we chased barney up the tree with a big shotgun blew off his head now we can say that barney dead:p, I LOVE YOU YOU LOVE ME IM IN LOVE WITH BARNEY STARTED WITH A KISS THEN A LITTLE MORE I HAD SEX WITH A PURPLE DINOSUAR LOL :L, this is my example i hate you you hate me let's chase barney up a tree grab a 10 magnoom on his head look everybody barne's dead so you muse be great for your songs sia, I hate you, you hate me, lets hang barney from a tree, let him swing there till his head pops off, the take the rest down and cook him in a pot, i hate u u hate me barney gave me HIV it started with a hug ended on the floor i got rapped by a dinosour ove it lolz x. I hate you, you hate me lets get together and kill Barney after he was deaf a chef came running with a 100 pound deer and ripped his ear. A dynimite Birthday cake made from Gunpowder KA-BOOM, How about: I hate you! That's all I made up yet. 16.i hate you you hate me let's tie barney to a tree shoot him with a 64 then there will be no dinosaur. People who whine too much that's what. you all saying you all watched it and you watched it so much that you all got tired of it that you hate it. i hate barney he had 10 guys and i girl play him and they all went to rehab and jail i WONDER WHYYYY!!! HE IS SO ANNOYING! .

1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, 4!

I hate Donnie Douchebag Traitor Trump, the kidnapper ill-mannered bigoted incest-mongering immature crybaby wimpy whiny diaper-stinking hateful butt-kissing spankee boy! 18.i hate you you hate me lets both go and kill barney with a N-16 and a little imagination i kill him cuz he was lame. STOP USING CAPITAL LETTERS!!! If not, lets end im soon before he slowly rules the world, along with Oprah Winfrey and Barrack "Obuma" (Boo!) ", I've posted about 165 submissions over the last three and a half years and I've broken 1000 page views once, with one more in the high 900's. JIHAD on barney! As for comments, they represent repeat commentators who flock back to see replies and argue further. heres a cool episode 4 barney : a mom drops of her son where barney and his friends hangout and then barney sings him a song and then dick ( the boy ) tells barney that he sounds like a frog on steroids barney runs of crying and dick puts superglue on a tissue and gives 2 barney and it rips of barneys face then he rushed 2 hospital dick visists him in hospital and he pushes the hospital bed out the window and barney comes back with a broken arm and cruches barney tells dick that he he wants him 2 watch gummi bears and dick swears him and went outside 2 burn barneys stuff barneys gets mad and calls him a naughty little boy and dick says " you such a @#!% gay dinosaur" and then dicks mom comes 2 pick him up and then dick says in a sweet voice " mummy can i say good bye to my friend barney " then dick goes up 2 barney and kicks him in the balls and takes out a AK47 and shoots the purple dinosaur and tells is mummy that he had a wonderfull day, i love you u you love me i got to kill barny with a m 16 no more fags around me, i hate u u hate me lets get together in kill barney with some pepper spay and a note from me to you i hate barney doo doo doo, i hate you you hate me we are a haty family with a great big punch and a kick from me to you wont you say that you hate me to. @ pandasrule -- Barney did NOT drink bad drugs!!!

How can anyone with any decency hate Barney? Barney - Dead Barney Lyrics | FAST DOWNLOAD. i think this song is funny and a bit harsh for children !!! GO TO HELL! uhhh I like making fun of Barney. PLEASE!! Next thing you know barneys laying on the floor with a knife in his butt. You'd end up getting sued in court for killing him and facing the cruel punishment. :D, i hate you hate me i pushed barney out of a tree he hit the ground he has a big lump now i am in jail because of a thump.

You kill the purple dinosaur.

I was just here trying to figure out where the bit about pizza hut came in lol. If it looks like a flame war is starting up, all the comments will be deleted. I HATE U, U HATE ME LETS GET TOGETHER AND KILL BARNEY WITH A BASEBALL BAT AND A BULLET THROUGH HIS HEAD SORRY CHILDREN BARNEY DEAD. Sunkist used a purple dinosour back in the 1970s i think his name was Ralph. This has been up for a decade, so divide by 10 and the total votes is only 56.4 per year. I hate you, You hate me let's gather and kill barney with a 2 by 4 shuf him out the door NO MORE PURPLE DINASOUR!!!

new and improved like it??? Why is there a guy with a ax coming????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

seriously, why the f^^k do you waste your time over someone who doesn't exist? Highlight lyrics and request an explanation. he's Gay and stupid. ROAR I LOVE YOU YOU LOVE ME ROOAAARRR AIIIIIEEEE BURP,I LOVE YOU YOU LOVE ME AAAIIIEEEE BURP, Give him the Jimmy Hoffa Treatment bury him under some ball field. Barney is the most precious and loving purple Dino ever. Not exactly like the original version of Barney sucks. Here is another song: On top of a small hill, All covered with mud, I shot Barney's head off, And blew out his blood. Still, no one should be saying such nasty things about him. We barbecued his head. i love barney and i hate barney kill barney, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for president. He's a fat hag!
I'm sure there are other variations of this parody online. And don't think that I'm a Barney lover. He is an amazing smart, kind individual. Don't y'all be hatin'. I hate you you hate me barney gave me HIV so i kicked him in the balls and shot him in the head sorry children barney's dead! I hate you you hate me let s kill Barney and shoot him in the green poke adots and shoot Barney in the tail no more purple green dinosaur, i hate barney i want to kill barney and cut off his tail i use barney as a sex toy. GET OVER IT!