I wouldn’t recommend any Necromancer raising spells either, his lightning destroys your skeletons very quickly, and his teleportation keeps them moving the entire time. . Talk to the NPC there to get a quest. Critical effect 2.5x See here for full details on unlocking the Monk.

What happens after completion of quest? Not really sure…, Go see if u want on youtube, there bunch of video these that, I was around lvl 35 when I killed the final boss and I was using a Ninja/Knight/Barb character… means you heal all damage back when aura of light is active cuz ur doing so much aoe damage.

Then a little green “Home” button will appear. Im lvl40, but im very lost… On youtube, most of good player got 200 power and up with their weapon… Could u guys help me? The only thing you need to care is after wave 15, some monsters have huge burst damage, just don’t use support skills when you are not above half HP or you may get killed. You can find full details about that quest and how to get the Witch to train you here. Critical effect 2.5x

Accecories: Vintage Chardonnay (x2), im a lvl 16 battle mage(and loving it) is battlemage good vs the last boss?

I’m a barb knight and paladin mix, how do I get legendary weapons/armor? gear: onyx odachi, inferno armor, immortals goblet, shrunken head. Any tips on beating THE final boss? One word of advice: Do NOT get close unless you can self heal or smoke screen/charge. Merci. So you may have to try a completely different skill set than what you’ve been using. Same problem as the other Battleheart: It's not that deep and becomes repetitive quickly. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. Tous droits réservés. skills: savage pounce, ki shot, 1000 palms, frenzy, empty body, spirit trance, smoke bomb, stealth.

Active Passive Skills: Duel wield, Impending doom, Lethality, Grit, Chivalry, Silent Assasin. Level: 72 – Ranger (Almost started a new game plus with all game skills(152), STR: 5 Mystery egg (+20%xp) x 2 = 40%xp Thanks again, much appreciated. Since the game came out I have gotten lost at various points (I am a lowly level 11 currently). I am a Necromancer/wizard/witch, based around stun locking large groups of mobs and picking them off one by one. Level: 72 – Ranger (Almost started a new game plus with all game skills(152), STR: 5 Life Leech (5% life drain) witch Yeah, he’s a tough bastard. I havent tried the third boss but im sure it ll be the same. I am only up to level 23 so I dont know, is it a trap or something? Thanks again, much appreciated. The ability "Blade Rush" will now move the player correctly.Items dropped by enemies can no longer bounce to unreachable locations. Learn how your comment data is processed. I like to summon mummy just to mob enimies Once you complete the level 20 dungeon called Midnight Canyon at Razor Clan Excavation, a level 21 map will unlock, called Ancient Relic Site, where you can get the ores for the Smith/Shopkeeper after defeating the Stone Golem boss. Type Battleheart Legacy in Search bar and install it. Thanks again and keep it up! Incendiary Arrow (ranger) Since the game came out I have gotten lost at various points (I am a lowly level 11 currently).

To use it, you need the Barbarian’s skill that allows you to equip colossal weapons. You can do them both in one trip, or split them into two trips. Thanks a lot for posting this! Always die when monsters starts killing me with 3 hits lol. Why did you put the ” ” around reward?