Used as tandem - 10. It is a 2004 model.Details from NorthStar website:“There’s something mystical about the seamless connection between an experienced paddler and the Magic. "Skin and Gel Coat per CEW. My black gold Bell Merlin II has a green gel goat on the outside, but not the inside.

he said he thought my morning star was a little faster, and handled really good. This boat is great for poling also. Dream about w. Nice very 17' solo or tandem canoe, super light, easily carried by average person. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! It maneuvers nimbly due to its shorter length, but will hold plenty of gear for a long weekend trip. As Kevlar is hydrophilic and does not bond with resin, small bits of resin break out. Eventually, if the boat is all Kevlar, it will leak. I had the impression that most of the fiberglass models lacked that foam mat too, but these pictures make me pretty uncertain about that. Eventually, if the boat is all Kevlar, it will leak. Shallow-Vee bottom forgood speed & tracking.Royalex hulls no longer made, butknown as "bomb-proof" material.This canoe will last a lifetime!Contoured web seats &Hardwood VT Ash wood trim16’ 6” Long60lbs.
Text preferred. The maroon color seems to shine from within, and with walnut trim makes this one classy boat. Be it a rocky class II river, a wind-swept coastal lagoon, or something in between, I would heartily recommend the Morningstar to anyone who only wants to buy just one canoe that can also be paddled solo from the optional third seat. Carbon is hydrophobic and bonds with resin so presents fewer leak issues. I can count on it to do most anything reasonably well. Speed wasn't a huge concern for me, but I was pleasantly suprised on how quick I could get a canoe of this width moving. I hadn't been in a canoe in more than twenty years, and then it was in aluminum behemoths at boy scout camp. If I could give this boat an 11, I would. The best part is Bell's brilliant carrying yoke that slides and locks into the center seat-- so if you aren't going to be portaging, you don't need to carry it with you.

If it’s black gold, white gold or fiberlar, then it’s pretty tough. Bell canoes were formerly made at ORC industries {Bell Canoe Works}. In terms of the specific Bell layup (fiberlar vs. kevlar), what year was it manufactured? 15%-20% (We are giving extremely generous discounts on new 2020 Northstar Canoes. I was really suprised in regard to how easy it turns that I did't have a bit of problem making it track nice and straight with a J stroke. I cannot imagine how it might leak." This is a great canoe for a quick paddle after work, or a week long trip. While it is not the fastest craft on the water, the stability, seaworthiness, and maneuverability are unparalleled. We can meet by appointment at our retail location or come to you, while maintaining CDC safe practices, free demos available) We are a specialty shop in the Maple Grove/Osseo area and carry e, Bell northwind Kevlar canoe - $2,200 (Rochester), Bell MorningStar Canoe (Royalex) - $1,200 (Windsor Heights), Bell Yellowstone Tandem Canoe - $795 (Ukiah), bell northstar 17' canoe - $1,400 (shingletown), 15 foot Bell decked canoe - $1,600 (Cary), Sold - BELL Canoe 55# Royalex MorningStar - $1,400 (Scotia), Bell Morningstar Kevlar Canoe - $2,200 (LITTLE VALLEY), Bell Merlin ll solo canoe - $1,500 (Chiloquin OR), Stolen Bell Yellowstone Red Canoe - $200 (Milwaukie), Bell Merlin II Kevlar Solo Canoe Exc Cond! Anyway, I was feeling very certain that when I chose between Kev-Light and Black Gold for my Merlin II, and was looking at the two boats side by side at Canoecopia, the Black Gold version did NOT have the foam reinforcement mat in the floor. If you purchase a Morningstar, I highly recommend the kneeling thwart for solo paddling. Remarkably maneuverable, yet reassuringly stable. The ability to handle a load of any where of 300 to 500 lbs while solo paddling was a major concern. I highly recommend this boat for someone looking for a large solo, or smaller tandem. Usually, Kevlar, sometimes carbon. Kind of makes you wonder just when your all Kevlar boat will become pinholed! Start by laying in a resin rich initial blanket. Our beloved 15’ Red Royalex Bell Canoe was stolen from our house Saturday night.Reward. It stayed up and running for several years after the company died, and was a handy reference while it lasted. Listed for just $1,350 cash.Nic, Bell Magic Canoe (Like New) – BlackLite (Carbon)This canoe is in great shape. .but the secondary is awesome. Again, my over all rating for my MorningStar is in consideration of my needs, but I will break it down in the this manner. The low seats make for a very stable ride, and it's low profile makes it easy to handle in strong winds. . Wooden seats. Cash and carry. It is not the best in any particular area, but does not fall short in any. We do paddle only tandem, taking along our small dog who is well behaved while with us on our journey. Used as solo - 8.

At a later date when I became aware of how difficult it is to do a proper repair on hull damage below the mat, I regretted that I hadn’t chosen the Black Gold instead of the Kev-Light. "Just 55lbs. If it was within a days drive I’d be on my way trying to figure out how to justify the road trip to my wife! I know I’d consider trading my royalex Bell Drifter for it, but I’m in Nebraska, Length: 15' 6" Rocker: Bow 3" Stern 2" Width: Gunwale width - 32.5", bell canoe. The gunwales, seat, thwarts, and interior are, RARE solo canoe from the originalBELL Canoe Works.David Yost designed.Weighs just 38lbs. @Yanoer said: Beautiful wood gunwales! The fastest boats don't offer the kind of comfort or ease of use that this one does. See the last two numbers of the hull ID.

The MorningStar is a great quality canoe. Designed by David Yost and built by Ted Bell and crew. A few weeks ago my parents borrowed our much loved canoe to paddle the Hillsborough River. We have never felt nervous about the stability of the Morning Star even in some heavy coastal chop. USCG Helicopter Rescues Kayakers From Anacapa Island, CA, Folding Kayaks - Everything You Need to Know. Blacklite, 30 lbs, excellent condition, some normal scratches on bottom.

Length: 15'Width at waterline: 25.5"Weight: 31 lbsGreat solo canoe, ideal for an intermediate to advanced canoeist who likes to kneel on the canoe floor when paddling. I had my GPS with me on a few of the calmer days and I found my paddling speed ranged anywhere from about 2.7-3.6 mph.

I am not the greatest of swimmers so I have a little water fear. It maneuvers nimbly due to its shorter length, but will hold plenty of gear for a long weekend trip. We found it to have excellent agility for the narrow rivers, while maintaining good efficientcy in open water. Not too small to be tippy or sluggish and not too big to be a bear getting off the roof rack. This was a great deal at $500. Too bad the old Bell Canoe Works website finally got shut down. and found a morningstar at Mr canoes paddle sports, in N.Calif.Tom gave me a great deal on the boat paddles pfds etc. ... NovaCraft's Aramid Lite material is a general form of Kevlar. Bell Morningstar Kevlar Canoe 15.5 ft. Great Shape - $1900 (Near Randolph) I've had this canoe for several years and have taken it on just two trips to Algonquin plus some shorter paddles. Any help in identifying the model would be grateful. A couple of Bending Branches paddl. My nephew's just ballast at this point! When soloing it is not as nimble as smaller / thinner solo canoes so you will have to paddle more aggressively to catch eddies and surf. so far everytime I take it out someone coments on how nice it looks. Like new used only a couple times. It's the Kevlight version (I think- there is an LT on the serial number plate) and the last time I weighed it, it was 39 pounds. All of the White Gold and Black Gold Bells I have seen have had a Kevlar-colored interior, sometimes with the multi-colored Bell “tweed” or regular aramid, depending on year of construction. I did a fair amount of paddling in high winds, 15-20 mph, and I had a lot of fun with the Morningstar on the windy days.

If we have winds it doesn't seem to be pushed around very much at all. My black gold Bell Merlin II has a green gel goat on the outside, but not the inside. 15' solo canoe, black gold layup (carbon fiber/kevlar), light scratches on the bottom but otherwise excellent condition, 38 lbs. My intentions when purchasing a new canoe were to find one with enough capacity to handle solo day trips while deer hunting in the fall and tandem camping trips with my wife during the summer months. It has a smooth, stealthy glide to it and it maneuvers quite easily, resulting in very predictable overall handling. & comes witheasily detachable portage yolk.Walnut hardwood interior trim.Indestructible Royalex hull willbounce off rocks, bounce when dropped.Famous BELL TUMBLEHOME on sides - "Nothing gets you there likea BELL. I'm the second owner, the canoe was purchased new 2004 and has been stored indoors its entire life. The large cockpit allows easy entry and loading while decreasing windage.