The trigger group can be dismantled with a supplied simple tool to make the Benelli 828U easier to clean. There's a lot of competition at that price point from all the mainstream brands not to mention Zoli & B Rizzini, so I'd reckon they're in for a hard slog to sell them to clay shooters. Would recommend this product. Once the shotgun is ready to use, the shooter holds an elegant, well balanced over/under shotgun with a few surprises up its sleeve, not least because of its low weight of only some 2.9 kilograms. I suspect, because their patents have expired on the inertia action, they know they will not be able to sell S/A guns at their current price point for long. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I'm very pleased to hear you liked the 828U well, it is on my to do list since I handled it at the SHOT show. I've handled and shot the Benelli for both Trap and Skeet, but haven't had a chance to use it in the field yet. I purchased an 828 back in August. I was reffing a registered shoot a couple of years back and a guy rolled up with one. This design allows for a stronger, more streamlined receiver by eliminating the need for linkages between the trigger group and the forend. Have you shot the 828u? Even the top lever is fashioned in the form of an elongated, lightly curved drop, emphasizing the attention to detail applied here as well as the modern, dynamic appearance of the 828U. Powered by Invision Community. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Formally speaking: The term “single trigger” is used to refer to a trigger group where multiple firing pins are activated sequentially by only one trigger. They need a new high end priced gun to sell. I am the second owner and was my first firearm purchase.

We supply essential information about each respective market. I have an affinity for Beretta myself, but it's for no particular reason! Just my opinion based on my own experience. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Luckily it did not have to go back to Italy for the mods; I think it went to MD. I recently bought a benelli 828u. BENELLI’S PROGRESSIVE COMFORT SYSTEM The Progressive Comfort System is contained within the 828 U walnut stock (shown in … The trigger of the original 828U was often reported as dire (maybe OK for a semi which is the maker's normal output), in the video it says that the whole trigger assembly has been redone for the Sport to provide a clean, crisp pull - like breaking a glass rod to suit the needs of a clay shooter, it's also adjustable too. I thought the suggested retail was arround 1000.00 on this model. In this case, even with an engraving adapted to the modern, curvy design which picks up the fish-scale pattern at the transition to the pistol grip and sports a pattern at the flanks and in the area of the top lever with intertwined oak tendrils and acorns and leaves. Carries well and it fits me without having to change anything using the shims. I like it a lot. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you will find it on our website or by using Google search at / I think they have done a very good job at fixing problems that either don't exist or they have created. A handy yet stable shotgun, its action is based on the typical Benelli's Inertia (recoil) driven operating system.

1. This light and well-balanced shotgun - based on Benelli's inertia-driven geometric locking system, fast in cycling and practical in maintenance - can also be used for hunting other game animals.

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I'm generally not the kind to enable, but in this case I will make an exception. It feels as though Benelli have had a serious re-think, I wonder what it will be like to shoot. Interchangeable chokes. That only works if the stock fits to the shooter. The Italians call this concept “perfect fitting,” achieved by tuning the drop and cast of the stock to the individual shooter with various combinations of shims.

The autumn migration of wood pigeons has just ended. The L-shaped block, which is pressed forward by springs in the receiver, straightens up when the shotgun is closed. problem and I'm in need of advice. The trigger of the original 828U was often reported as dire (maybe OK for a semi which is the maker's normal output), in the video it says that the whole trigger assembly has been redone for the Sport to provide a clean, crisp pull - like breaking a glass rod to … But since this configuration work and experimenting with the corrections only needs to be done once, it is worth the effort. Timing was off blah blah blah. Clear editor.

The reason for this is that Benelli only uses thick and thus heavy steel for parts where it is absolutely necessary because of wear or which are directly subjected to heavy shooting stress. × A forum community dedicated to Trap shooting enthusiasts. Benelli 828U has now arrived in Germany and we at VISIER had the chance to test it. The gun glides well and fast into the shoulder and can still be corrected when the shouldering is not quite right, which means: The butt plate does not “stick” to the shooter’s vest. Come join the discussion about targets, clays, hunting, gunsmithing, gear reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Benelli's mis-guided attempt at producing an O/U.

The Argo E Fluted is the latest innovation introduced by Benelli.

All of these guns have always impressed me, and have been an absolute pleasure to shoot, but let's face it we need the right tool for the job. Very light for gauge and the shimmed shock is unique in break action guns.

That means that only cartridges from an actually fired barrel are ejected. The auto safety is quickly and easily remedied by removing the auto spring in the trigger assembly. As far as I can see the only thing the 828 has to offer is that it's different.

Been working the benelli 828u now for a couple weeks, and I still love it.

The total of five chokes include the types Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder and Cylinder, of which only the last three can be used with steel shot. Hopefully they come out with an adjustable comb in the near future.

I have also heard of several problems regarding the trigger group coming out. If it were, you and I would have serious problems. We also provide the latest news from around the world and everything you need to know about new products and developments relating to your particular passion. Any thoughts?

Cosmicblue, If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I've concluded that the shotgun buying fraternity are exceedingly conservative and radical designs usually fail. JavaScript is disabled. We are sharing with you the emotions of this ancient hunt testing the new black version of the Benelli BE Diamond semiautomatic shotgun in 12 gauge. × For me, the gun is far too light to use for something like skeet, I prefer the predictability and better control that comes with using a heavier gun. Now I'm thinking of trading the Browning (and my Remington) in towards the purchase of an 828u. Several rows of interlacing plastic fins absorb most of the recoil and even the soft, replaceable rubber butt plate contributes to the gentle shooting behavior of the light shotgun.   Your previous content has been restored. Will the aluminum

Came out to right around 3k after CA tax and license fees plus the CA firearm test and card which goes to the state in the amount of around 30.00 I think. At least it's not Tukish. But this version costs 3,110 euros — 462 euros more than for the version in black. That’s right: The Benelli 828U has an innovative tilting lock block.

After I shot the gun it would open intermittently. Is it a do-able target gun or just a fancy hunter? The internally hard chromium-plated barrels are, as already mentioned several times, inserted into a monoblock on the receiver side and freely ventilated over almost the entire length. $14.70.

It's a fantastic hunting gun. The best that can be stated about the 828U is that it is different. Good for you.