In breeding German Shorthairs, or any breed with various coat colors, it is important to know what coloring you will get in your pups for various reasons. M&Ms SOUTHFIELD . Line breeding brings out your best traits and your worst traits much quicker and is something that has to be studied to be conducted. (His parents white liver and liver roam) with a black and white heavy ticked female ( her parents were predominantly white/liver spot female and a heavy ticked roan? Our puppies with Dixie and Rambler were born July 4, 2020. We are expecting puppies around the end of October with Hollee and Gideon and mid November with Maggee and Pete.

*If you haven’t read my previous blog post, #9, it is a great introduction to genetics and I fear this post may make no sense if you didn’t read that one first!

What color type would you say she is? It is similar to a tv that is displaying static: each box is white or black, but from afar it looks gray. Lastly, let’s breed a dog with all the dominant traits, black, roan, and solid, to an all recessive dog, a white dog, not roan, with patching. I love genetics trying to figure the whole gsp dominant traits thing out. The roan will continue to darken for about 18 months.

The first is a very common mix we see, two roan dogs together, both with the recessive white coat, we will make one of the roan dogs a black roan, instead of liver, to show more genetics work. - German Shorthaired Pointers in Nacogdoches, Texas - Ariels Kennels Reserve / Purchase Ask Breeder A Question About This Ad . Our dogs have a mild disposition in the home while exceeding expectations in the field.

- German Shorthaired Pointers in Nacogdoches, Texas - Ariels Kennels Reserve / Purchase Ask Breeder A Question About This Ad . Available German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies Puppies!! And, from a marketing perspective, white dogs are less popular than roan dogs. White dogs’ base coat is just white. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Email Ariels Kennels about this ad. This means that a dog may be white or roan underneath their “solid patch” and could throw all combinations if bred to a recessively colored dog. Please don’t confuse this with ticking, ticking is the series of tiny spots all … Black/White and Black Roan GSP puppies!!

47232 County Highway 44 Ponsford, MN 56575, Black roan GSP puppy, Rawhide clown,Dixieland Rusty. The one exception you’ll have is if the solid bitch is solid from both sides (received the gene for solid patching from each parent). I would love to read the articles you have that state otherwise. next year ill be breading Helga and Ivo, Imay get a black roan or two from that matchup. Patching is not as simple as colors or roaning. Dogs that are solid liver or black have a different gene that makes them all solid regardless of what other allele the pup has, I often explain solid dogs to people as having a single, huge patch. The odds are actually 2 to the 6th power, 1/64 of that happening again. It has a large brown/ black nose, and rounded, highly set ears. German Shorthaired Pointers can change the style of hunting, depending on what game they hunt. #13 – Getting a Returned Dog: When You Get a Dog Back, #12 – 7 Keys To Successful Crate Training, #11 – Genetics Part 3 of 3: How I Use Color Genetics in My Breeding Program. Hi Ill link a photo of my dog below. The coat is . There is currently 4 females and 2 males available.