Founded by mr Schlier from Breslau Silesia in the late 19th century as Thr City of Breslau,The name was changed to Lindenhurst about 1900.
Hope to go back once more to Silesia especially to go to Karlsruhe and visit my grandparents grave.

I know little of the entire history, but intend to look further in our historical ties to Breslau if it is true. The diocese was founded in the city as early as 1000, it was one of the first dioceses in the country at that time. Reverse of paper includes 4 maps of: Europe, Eastern … It is the oldest zoological garden in Poland established in 1865. after the Soviet capture of the Gandauer airfield, the Wehrmacht destroyed many houses and three churches to build a provisional airstrip 200 to 400 meters wide and two kilometers long. My husband's maternal great grandfather lived in Breslau in the 30s--his name was Josef Seidel. This is an interesting historicl review of my birth- city. I have been very fortunate to visit it twice. When you address an envelope start with the new line where I've placed the slashes . [13] The Protestant Viadrina European University of Frankfurt (Oder) was relocated to Breslau in 1811, and united with the local Jesuit University to create the new Silesian Frederick-William University (Schlesische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität, now the University of Wrocław). In the 16th century, Breslauer Schöps beer style was created in Wrocław. The earliest variations of this name in the Old Polish language use the letter /l/ instead of /ł/. Elements of the 7th Guards Mechanized Corps crossed to the bridgehead, accompanied by the artillery bombardment, and by 12:00 its first echelon, which consisted of the 24th Guards Mechanized and 57th Guards Tank Brigades, outran their infantry support and advanced into the rear of the German defenses. Praise the Lord that both of them kissed and hugs each other.

However, I believe most German Silesians accept its loss and want nothing more from Poles than a just recognition of the area's German history. Apparently one may be able to deal with them in German. [38] In June 1863 the city was officially confirmed as the seat of secret Polish insurgent authorities. I know a ziegel is a brick or tile so we must have been brick masons somewhere along the way. Had the privilege of visiting the city two years ago. After World War II the region once again became part of Poland under territorial changes demanded by the Soviet Union in the Potsdam Agreement. The National Forum of Music was opened in 2015 and is a famous landmark, designed by the Polish architectural firm, Kurylowicz & Associates. It is very time consuming. he build houses, the stone bridge in Lauben over the Weide. If you study the history of eastern Europe prior to WWII, boundaries kept changing due to constant wars between the kings over centuries and then Silesia was given to what is now Poland after WWII. Johannes Brahms wrote his Academic Festival Overture to thank the university for an honorary doctorate awarded in 1881. Her first husband, Dr. Lawrence Breslau, a psychiatrist, moved the family to Cleveland in 1960. She was 61 in 1945, so it has crossed my mind that she was not forced to leave immediately because of her age. The buildings my have fallen, but the wheatfields between Wilkau and Lauben, when we saw them in 1998, still as they always were, a see of beautiful yellow. Other Christian denominations present in Wrocław include: Adventist, Baptist, Free Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Latter-day Saints, Methodist and Pentecostal. I love to know more about him. And now, can we all get along in peace ? Albert Simon (it is spelled two ways on different pictures) was born in "freimel"-spelling may be wrong-having trouble reading the name. Just to clarify the origins of Wroclaw as a city. Old maps of Germany on Old Maps Online. Subsequently from these You should share your grandmother's stories some how.
She and Dr. Breslau were divorced in 1986; he died in 2009.

Despite being at about half of the authorized strength like many Red Army units by this point in the war, these divisions were well equipped with submachine guns, reflecting Soviet infantry tactics, but had a shortage of heavy and light machine guns. She probably was born in "Lehmgruben" a village which is part of Breslau since the early 1920's. Traditionally, the city is believed to be named after Duke Vratislav I of Bohemia from the Czech Přemyslid dynasty, who ruled the region between 915 and 921. Er heißt Wolfgang und wurde damals vertrieben. The encirclement was closed when the brigade's 12th Tank Regiment linked up near Rotsurben with the 252nd Tank Brigade of the 31st Tank Corps of the 5th Guards Army. Good luck! I am searching for info on Schmeigrode (Zmigrodek) where distant distant grandparent came from. I have recently joined as well.

After I reread my comments I realised I forgot to write down the full name of my grandfathers. Can I ask what three languages were those spoken at that times? The were members of the catholic church but lived in the Jewish quarter. Located at the crossroads of Central Europe it has found itself embroiled in more than its fair share of fracas and power struggles. This was mainly due to the many lovely kind people I meet. The manuscript of the national epos, Pan Tadeusz, is housed there as part of the Ossolineum National Institute, with multimedia and interactive educational opportunities.

", "The National Museum in Wrocław. Show me the proof of any Polish crimes, not a "hearsay". My mother's name was Edeltraud Hecker. I've been to wroclaw.

The remainder of the German residents were expelled and the city was re-populated by Poles from Lwow (now the Ukranian town of Lviv), which was lost to the Soviet Union, Wilno (now the Lithuanian town of Vilnius) as well as many arrivals from Warsaw and Poznan. My mother’s family moved from Breslau before she was born. It is tremendously rewarding. Silesia's capital, Breslau, is now known by the Polish name WROCLAW. I've done a bit research and found out that he must have had a sister (Frieda Marie Hoppe *1903) and another brother (Martin Joseph Hoppe *1905). Poles are ready there to welcome you and forgive you.

I have their names.