If symbols associated with money, riches and wealth—such as cash, precious jewels, treasure, expensive houses and cars, and winning lottery tickets—appear in your dreams, try to identify what money means to you in a non- materialistic sense. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation. Dreams of a throne represent that you are in your seat of power and connecting with your divine stature. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation, Double-minded, copied version... Dream Dictionary Unlimited. More typically, however, a war zone is a picture of an internal battle raging within you. The dreams of servants come true for their employers. A dreamer who experiences this symbol might need to be less vulnerable and more honest in communicating with others.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia, The honeycomb symbolizes the perfect construction.... Dream Meanings of Versatile, To be dreaming of honey would indicate that we are perhaps entering a much more productive time on all levels.... Dream Meanings of Versatile, To dream of honey – and particularly eating it – can be to recognize that we are needing to give ourselves pleasure.
See Wish Fulfillment Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations. Colors, design, words, etc.... Dream Dictionary Unlimited. See Number and Phone.... Strangest Dream Explanations. The One type of person is the typical hermit who “goes it alone”—usually very successfully, but with a fierce determination can also destroy his/her life.

The Complete Dream Book, Lion-hearted, strong in spirit... Dream Dictionary Unlimited. To walk among rocks, or stones are omens that an uneven and rough pathway will be yours for at least a while. You were created with the power to do so from before the beginning of the world." Your intuition is your own personal translator of dream meaning.

Rubies are a symbol of emotion, passion, empathy and reaching out to others. There are many theories about why we dream, yet the mystery has yet to be figured out. The dream could mean that you need to share more about yourself. ... New American Dream Dictionary, A throne is also symbolic of God’s supremacy, Ps.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, Money may sometimes represent faeces. Idioms: go it alone. • If I see the money hidden, it is speaking of a blessing that is not so clear, but that I have to make effort to look for.

Was your dreaming mind urging you to look out for number one with this dream image? In a dream, money often represents your inner resources. (Rev 10:10) • The Lord told me once that this represented the world; that those who sought after the world and did not know Him chased after everything they thought was fun and exciting. Just one left: near the end. But if the cat bites him he will remain ill for a lengthy period.

Steadfastness, faithfulness, dependability, but also pride. Are you the heir to the throne or have you been asked to abdicate?

Sometimes, the elements themselves may be opaque or unclear. Handling one to four coins in a dream is a lucky number.

You should also consider its color. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation. If you dream of the number one, then this represents unity, synergy, wholeness, individualist desires, independence, and the need for personal attainment. Stones that are damaged have a negative symbolic meaning.... Little Giant Encyclopedia. The meaning of a dream is stronger when seen at dawn, or during an afternoon nap, or when fruits are ripening on their trees, or at the time of harvest, or when one's star is in the rising position, or at a time when one is intending to sign a business contract, or if one is thinking of getting married, or at the term of a decade, etcetera. Eating a honeycomb in a dream also could mean martyrdom, or mixing between diversified interests. This symbol appearing in dreams would suggest that we need to assess that value more carefully, and equally to be aware of what we ‘pay’ for our actions and desires. He takes a pearl necklace for a price and gives words in return, or he takes scattered words and gives a beautiful pearl necklace in exchange.

If you see a complete skeleton, you may need to reconsider the full structure of your life. The Big Dictionary of Dreams. It also symbolizes a breakdown in communication between you and a person or group in your real life. If you are sharpening tools, you will be blessed with a worthy helpmate. If you are given a gift of jewelry in your dream, you may be experiencing a sense of recognition in waking life. Fleeting pleasures.

Negative: In prayer I have often seen a black hand holding onto money. Ifhe has five coins then sees them doubled in the dream, it means that he will double his money. Idioms: cast the first stone; leave no stone unturned; stone dead; stone deaf; blood out of a stone; stony broke; hean of stone; stoned. In our dreams the telephone could be a symbol with which we are expressing a desire to communicate with ourselves and with others. Alternately, this dream could mean that you want someone to call you.... My Dream Interpretation. • Visions Negative: The devil is mentioned as a dragon in Scripture, so if you see a vision of a dragon, this speaks of high level demonic attack. Free dream interpretation in our live interactive forum. I'm trying my best to understand this "shadow" side that Fred and others talk about here. Finding money in a dream may be symbolic of an upcoming financial blessing. This dream indicates the person’s insecurity about their future. If you dream of someone else eating baloney, this indicates your growing distrust in that person. Note, however, that fertility can apply to any project in which you’re currently engaged. If a woman sees herself striking a flint stone with a piece of steel, and if she can produce sparks in the dream, it means that she will beget a son.

Idioms: lie low; lie at one’s door, lie in wait; take it lying down. The “flow” of emotions and feelings, possibly communication.

2- Stone has many connotations on an emotional level.

Such feelings as being an outsider, unwanted, resent­ful, can also imprison us in particular situations. You need to be revitalized in some way. If one sees that the gravestones were changed from marble into unfinished stones in a dream, it means alteration of a will left by the deceased. (Also see Ka’aba; Corner Stone)... Islamic Dream Interpretation, For a young woman to receive one as a gift, denotes she will suffer estrangement from one friend, but will, by this, gain one more worthy of her.

1- Being imprisoned in a dream usually means that we are trapped by circumstances, often those we have created through our own fear or ignorance. It also suggests uniformity that is imposed at the expense of individuality, as well as stubbornness and conceit. Complete Dictionary of Dreams. Sapphires are symbols of hope, joy and aspiration, and blue is the color most often association with this precious stone. This may not actually be how it was but our feelings give us that perception.

Shacking one’s head in a dream means begetting a son at an old age.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, See “simon”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, A symbol of poison, a skull and cross- bones may come to reflect the poisoned ideals or negative influences that present a clear danger in your life.

This may not actually have been the case, but you may feel that way.