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VIVA's are hands down the best materials. Test your knowledge of the pre-seen with our online quiz, and get to grips with the broader I have been on and off studying CIMA myself using text books bought from various tuition providers such as BPP, Kaplan. Find your relevant past papers from below links (Updated for 2020) Certificate level  BA1 Fundamentals of Business Economics prac... Introduction The new CIMA case study exams for the 2015 syllabus contain a number of tasks involving material from E1, P1 and F1. I have passed my MCS exam on my 4th attempt but the first time using VIVA's Genius pack. Typing speed in CIMA case study exams I have passed my SCS using VIVA. Designed for OCS, MCS and SCS. Cheapest way to practice cima online case study mock exams. Your mock feedback was very informative and I was able to work on my weaknesses. Overall, 51% of you thought the exam was harder than you had expected! Operational Case Study Practice Exam 2 2015 However, based on the existing overhead rates the impact of the reduction in ingredients cost is more Download the pre-seen material for the November exam now! I failed in the last MCS because I was doing knowledge dumping instead of answering the questions and demonstrating competency.

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