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É o que dá sentido à vida. Her verse is like running waters, her lyricism has the power and delicacy of the natural world.". Enquanto durar. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In her late sixties, twenty years after her husband’s death, she returned alone to her family’s home in Goiás Velho to begin a new life as a poet. In those days, “proper young ladies” did not waste time writing. Her first book (Poemas nos Becos de Goiás e Estórias Mais) was published in June 1965. Remove the stones, plant rose bushes and make sweets. She replied: I'm not afraid of the years and I don't think about aging. Please send your submissions and queries to: International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Afghan girl who waited years for school refuses to let her enthusiasm wane, Inappropriate Rape Laws: Prosecute the Rapists, Not the Victims, “Why do men rape?” The writer who went undercover to investigate, An informative video by Think Bangla on rape culture in Bangladesh, The Tanishq ad controversy: Reflections from a child born out of the so-called “Love Jihad”, Empowering Short Poems From Feminist Poet Rupi Kaur, Combat COVID 19 and imminent economic recession for a country like Bangladesh. Search and read the best famous Cora Coralina poems, articles about Cora Coralina poems, poetry blogs, or anything else Cora Coralina poem related using the PoetrySoup search engine at the top of the page. What wealth of human experience, what special sensitivity and what lyricism identified with the sources of life! Best Famous Cora Coralina Poems.

É o que faz com que ela Amor que promove. makes sense, if we don’t touch people’s hearts. She supported herself by selling her homemade sweets. Very impressive to start publishing at age 75. True courage is to go after your dreams So glad to know that Cora’s words touched you today. (Via Wikipedia). Note: Quotations and excerpts of poems by Cora Coralina (translated by yours truly) were found at And this is not something from another world. I don't say it. Baptized Ana Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto, the poet adopted the name at fifteen years old when she began writing her first poems.

Thank you for sharing this, I am looking forward to reading more of her poetry. I don’t know much about her aside from the fact she is great, but the person who translated this poem I’m using today has a good short life-story of Cora Coralina in her WordPress. This is an excellent article, I enjoyed the read, the knowledge dispensed, so I am going to reblog this for you and I am now going to go check out your (writers website).

( Log Out /  Thanks for sharing the link to my Poetry Corner on Cora Coralina with your readers.

[7], On August 20, 2017, Google celebrated her 128th birthday with a Google Doodle. Thanks, Nelo.

They thought her job was to find a good husband and raise a family.

Brought to national attention by Carlos Drummond de Andrade (1902-1987), Brazil’s most influential poet, Cora’s work was well received by literary critics and poetry lovers. And when they left, she sat back down at her desk and started to write again, surrounded by delicious smells of pies, cookies, and cakes.#inspiringwomen, Story Courtesy: JUNO Self Defense Training. Olhar que acaricia, or too long for us.

An online portal founded in Bangladesh dedicated to provide a platform towards change. So far away, out of the mist come these beautiful words….I almost feel that from so few that I know her already…thank you for sending that warmth this morning, all the way across the Atlantic ocean!!x.

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Cora Coralina poems. And if the pessoa-formada-em-letras is feeling specially generous, do let me know if I said something wrong too. She spent her working life as a confectioner in a small bakery, and where she drew upon her experiences of rural Brazilian culture to create her rich poetic prose, often featuring the Brazilian countryside, and in particular, focusing upon the life of the citizens who lived in the small towns across the state of Goiás. Isn’t it? When she grew up, Cora fell in love with a man and they got married. the receptive shoulder You should never say you're aging, you're getting old. miriam. Though facing a harsh and busy domestic life, she found time to write. It’s what gives meaning to life. Her work and family consumed much of her time, but she continued to write; however it would not be until the mid-1960s, following the death of her husband when she was 75 years old,[5] that she came to publish these works, the first of which would be 'Poemas dos Becos de Goiás e Estórias Mais'.

I don’t know… If life is short Thanks for posting this, Rosaliene. A reporter asked the brazilian poet Cora Coralina what is to live well.

encouraging love. ( Log Out /  Books In Portuguese Poemas dos Becos… In the heart of Brazil, in the heart of Goiás state, in the heart of the city of Goiás, in the heart of the Casa Velha da Ponte (Old Bridge House), still beats the heart of Cora Coralina. Kora corallina Simone, 2012, a species of Brazilian land snail is named in her honour. An amazing lady, thank you for sharing her story with us and thank you for following my blog . How inspiring. Photo Credit: Cemeb Coral Coralina. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Palavra que conforta, These top poems are the best examples of cora coralina poems. infectious joy You can read Cora Coralina’s poem, “Saber Viver” (Learn to Live) in its original Portuguese and English versions at my Writer’s Website. Muito bom Não sei se a vida é curta ou longa demais para nós. Mas sei que nada do que vivemos Thanks, Mike. At the age of twenty-one, she deferred her poetic aspirations to move to the State of São Paulo with her husband and to raise a family. She was an amazing woman. Cyril, thanks for sharing Cora Coralina’s poem with your readers.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Darcy França Denófrio, Goiandira Ortiz de Camargo, This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 13:50. Cora Coralina is like the Supreme Poet of Goiás. I don’t know much about her aside from the fact she is great, but the person who translated this poem I’m using today has a good short life-story of Cora Coralina in her WordPress. I don’t believe we ever are too old as long as we have our full capacities. Aug 12, 2015 - Explore Lorena Santarem's board "Cora Coralina" on Pinterest. sabia destas coisas To live with intensity, as she puts it in the poem, is always an act of great courage. Google Doodle for Cora Coralina’s 128th Birthday, Slide down/ up to see the English Translation. Concerned about understanding her world and her role in it, Cora wrote about the simple things of everyday life. Cora’s poems started to be appreciated by other poets and writers. Wisdom we learn with life and the lowly. Thanks, Miriam. Posted by Rosaliene Bacchus in Brazil, Poetry, Brazilian poet Cora Coralina, Goiás Velho/Goiás, Learn to Live by Cora Coralina, Saber Viver por Cora Coralina, Home-turned-Museum of Cora Coralina Journalists came from all over the world to interview her while she was baking. The Museu Cora Coralina is located in Old Goiás (Goiás Velho) a World UNESCO Heritage Site.

I don't say that I'm old, and I don't say that I'm listening poorly. So, the translation was here ( Your email address will not be published. even when everyone says it’s impossible. In my Poetry Corner April 2014, I feature the poem “Saber Viver” (Learn to Live) by one of Brazil’s great twentieth-century poets, known by her pen-name, Cora Coralina (1889-1985).. Baptized Ana Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto, the poet … Thanks, Angela. This is my most read post. And I'll tell you, don't think about it. Thank you Rosaliene for introducing this wonderful poet to us.

She comes forward as Cora Coralina, which is a strong name that means "red heart"—a tribute to the river,” Marlene recounts. Cora then married, and went to live in São Paulo, where she raised six children. Aos meus anseios respondiamas escarpas agrestes.E eu fechada imensa serraniaque se azulava na distâncialongínqua. Her family did not think so. She moved with him to the big city they had four children. She won prizes and medals and – when she was seventy-five years old – she published her very first book. Cora Coralina is the pseudonym of the Brazilian writer and poet Anna Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto Bretas (August 20, 1889 – April 10, 1985). Cora Coralina is an inspiration. In my Poetry Corner April 2014, I feature the poem “Saber Viver” (Learn to Live) by one of Brazil’s great twentieth-century poets, known by her pen-name, Cora Coralina (1889-1985). She was born on August 20, 1889 in the city of Goiás and raised on the banks of the River Assunção, and maintained a strong connection to the city throughout her life. Treasures like this are wonderful to find. Colo que acolhe, Venho do século passado.Pertenço a uma geraçãoponte, entre a libertaçãodos escravos e o trabalhador livre.Entre a monarquiacaída e a repúblicaque se instalava. While it lasts.

Silêncio que respeita, Dear Reader, my debut novel, Under the Tamarind Tree, is now available at Rosaliene’s Store on and other book retailers at Amazon, BAM! [1], In chronological order, the works of Cora Coralina:[8]. See more ideas about Words, Quotes, Phrase.

The context and lyricism of her poetry overshadowed her poor grammar. She wrote every single day. Recreate your life, always, always. flowing tears Cora had a busy life, but she never forgot she was a poet. [6] She is especially well known for her writing on women's issues, life in the state of Goiás, the poverty of Northeastern Brazilians, and the mythology of Afro-Brazilian rituals that many still practiced. Her most well-known publications are Poemas dos becos de Goías e estorias mais and Estorias da Casa Velha da Ponte.