Danger Force Season 1 Episode 2 Full Episode ... Henry Danger The Fate Of Danger Part 1 Full Episode - Duration: 22:11. Danger Force is here and so are the 11 reasons you NEED to watch it! Henry Danger Full Episodes 402 views. Dive into your favorite “shipping” moments between Henry Hart (Jace Norman) and Charlotte Page (Riele Downs), hilarious goofs and gags with Jasper Dunlop (Sean Ryan Fox), and insane crime fighting with Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) and Schwoz (Michael Cohen). EVERY Reason To Watch Danger Force! New videos are released every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! Subscribe to join the super hero family channel with EXCLUSIVE CONTENT you won’t find anywhere else! Captain Man and his new team of super heroes are here and in constant chaos and ready to use their intense powers.Catch more Henry Danger everywhere Nickelodeon is available! Danger Force Season 1 Episode 1 Full Episodes Let's join, full episode here! Don’t forget about behind the scenes footage with Piper (Ella Anderson) and the rest of the Hart family!

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