Alas, for one reason or another, Cage was unable to participate. I felt a lot for Bridget Fonda when we were doing It Could Happen to You, and for Penélope [Cruz] when we were doing Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

She grabbed it, telling the casting director they needed to find someone like him.

Zak's first memory is going with his dad to Tower Records and buying the VHS boxed set of the original Star Wars trilogy. Then it was delayed.

He takes great joy in letting film and gaming legends tell their own story and share their passion for their art. How much fun was it to be able to just go all out with these big, campy, 80s musical numbers?

However, by not writing a role specifically for Cage, the filmmakers saved themselves the hassle of having to hire another actor to play a part clearly intended for the legendary thespian. I think that’s actually what’s incredible about what’s happening in cinema right now. You have to burst into song. The movie just meant to capitalize on the Valley Girl fad at the time.Credit...Photo Illustration by Stephanie Gonot for The New York Times.

Awe just had the best interview with a local TV personality Delaine Mathieu for News 4 San Antonio talking about VALLEY GIRL and the new VALLEY GIRL, the musical. “It was completely and utterly sweet.”, In an interview with the director (and “Valley Girl” superfan) Kevin Smith in 2018, Cage admitted it was “easy for the performance to happen in ‘Valley Girl’ because I absolutely adored Deborah Foreman.

But it’s a weird time and I think maybe everyone could use a little boost. I love that character and that franchise so much. Recently, Screen Rant got the chance to interview Talkington.

I just think there’s something so incredibly authentic and lovely and unpolished about the first one.
“We absolutely were fond of each other, but Nick and I never dated,” she said.

I am so grateful to Viktoria Vidali and Leeya Thompson for writing this article (my very first)! Not smart of them.”. To compare, fellow 1983 coming-of-age comedy “Risky Business” cost $6.2 million.

So I am still hopeful. The film was originally due for release in the summer of 2018, but was delayed in the wake of controversy surrounding YouTube star Logan Paul, who appears in a supporting role. What were some of your favourites growing up? But it made its money back opening weekend and quickly expanded nationwide, ultimately earning more than $17 million (the equivalent of $44 million today). Is there a third one on the horizon? Chloe Bennet, left, Jessica Rothe, Ashleigh Murray and Jessie Ennis in the 2020 “Valley Girl.”, recurring “Saturday Night Live” character Sherry, breakup line that mixed profanity and Valley Girl slang.

During filming, the nonexistent wardrobe budget meant most of the female characters’ outfits came from the closets of the women working on the film.

How easy was it for you to get into it? I’m going to make you a star.’ I can’t believe I said that to him, but I did.” (Cage wasn’t available to comment.). I had a massive crush on her.”. People are becoming so much more comfortable genre bending and melding. Granted, our accent was probably more of an imitation of it than an understanding of the actual phonetic reasons behind it. Do you wish people could’ve seen it on the big screen?

Their close bond made shooting the breakup scene difficult, but despite their obvious chemistry, Foreman insisted, she and Cage were never a real-life couple. I’m there.

“I was very determined to make it real.”. I mean, who knows? Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy / Cookie Disclaimer. “I grew up in Texas, and I didn’t know anything about valley girls,” Foreman said.

The movie is making a comeback of sorts — it was recently made available for digital download for the first time, and on May 8, a musical remake arrives on-demand starring Jessica Rothe, Josh Whitehouse and the controversial YouTube star Logan Paul. “I had spent four years dancing in the clubs and getting to know music because I was researching another rock ‘n’ roll movie that never got made,” Coolidge said.

It kept him earning it all on his own, so to speak.”.

“Because we didn’t have trailers or dressing rooms, we were always together,” Holicker recalled.

All of you worked really hard on this movie and it was a production that had taken a long time to get going.