As the game moves into a scene where Playa, Gooch, Mayra Veronica and Christine Dolce can be seen talking in the club, Greer and Jacobson can be heard talking over the phone in the background. Also the create a fighter mode, a feature lacking in Def Jam Vendetta, has been incorporated into the sequel as a part of the Story Mode. Electronic Arts

Carver then asks Playa who he's with, but he tells him that he's "his own man".

While joking, Greer sneaks up behind him and punches him in the spine, while Wheatly points his gun at Luda.

* Read the most helpful review Later in the game, Luda sends Playa a message, telling him to meet at the club to celebrate. At the end of this mission, Playa meets his first girlfriend, Nina (Nina Nicole), whom you can choose to date or not, as will all other girls Playa meets, depending on his response to the first inbox that Playa gets from the girl. Evolution of Bloody Roar Games 1997-2003 - Duration: 7:27.

Due to an unfortunate event that lead to Santos almost killing a man, he is forced to make his living fighting in an underground circuit at the Dragon House. The game features 28 playable characters and is much less wrestling-oriented than the previous games, Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam: Fight for NY. Rap artist featured in the fighting game, Def Jam Fight for NY, Flava Flav is a member of the rap group "Public Enemy", far more well known for the enormous clock he wears around his neck and his incredibly gaudy fashion sense than for any actual talent. After creating a character, the story starts in a sequence where Funkmaster Flex can be heard speaking to his audience on the radio with the instrumental of "I Do This" by Young Jeezy playing in the background.

However, Carver warns that putting Dae Dae in the hospital would enrage Troy Dollar, and instructs him to stay available so that he can keep in touch about something. Platinum (portrayed by K.D. Enjoy these fine, fun, fantastic streams! When selected, the player gets to choose his fight song and fighting style for the mission, as songs and fighting styles can be unlocked as the game progresses. New York was chosen as the base of operations, and within months the Yakuza had extended itself into several shady areas.

Aubert) respectively, and jokingly asking why he wasn't invited to the party.

| Fight your way through more than 70 characters, including more than 35 or the most well–known artists and personalities in hip–hop today. After the fight, a news bulletin shows that Platinum merged the remains of Carver's and Troy's record labels, and that she left Wink responsible for artists' recruitment and management. The game features several rappers, including Lil' Kim, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Ice-T, Xzibit, N.O.R.E, Ludacris, Crazy Legs and Busta Rhymes, Flavor Flav, Sean Paul as well as the voices and likeness of other celebrities, such as Henry Rollins, Christopher Judge and Kimora Lee Simmons. He then asks him the price for the surgery, and Chang informs them that their friend already paid.

This can possibly hint at a sequel to the Def Jam Fight series coming in the near future. Luda also warns Playa to be careful with it as he could never know who was messing with him. If the player loses the fight, the man is revealed to be Big Herc.

After the fight, the player receives a message from Wink saying that he managed to get an appointment with Platinum for him. Former Mexican gangster turned Hollywood star, Danny Trejo is a genuine badass when he's not appearing in embarrassing tutorials for the Playstation Move. Just don't expect much depth from this beat 'em up.".

Kevin then asks Carver for his autograph. Ludacris is a rapper. The "News" section lets the player know if he has unlocked any new songs or fighting styles, whether he has upgraded any of his current fighting styles or whether he has reached a new ICON level. He and Blaze rush over to an abandoned factory, where Sticky is about to set the entire building on fire.

The environments includes rooftops, gas stations, two clubs, an Atlanta neighborhood, BET's 106 and Park stage, and other locales, as opposed to the wrestling ring's or arenas of the previous Def Jam titles. DMX, Keith Murray, Christina Milian and Funkmaster Flex were the only artists from the original game that did not appear in the sequel. Throughout the story, Crow threatens The Hero to leave his clubs alone while also trying to both get The Hero to join his side and/or threatens him, but fails; at one point sending Magic to threaten The Hero in a parking lot after a cage fight at the Gauntlet. However, "Hate Me Now" is locked and can only be unlocked while progressing through the "Build a Label" mode of the game, while "Make It Rain" and "It's Goin' Down" can only be unlocked using cheat codes. Crew

Praising The Hero for rescuing him, D-Mob tells Blaze and Sticky that he's in but the duo wants to see him fight.

While he's fully Japanese as already mentioned, seemingly none of his quotes are authenticallyJapanese. The game's executive producer, Kudo Tsunoda, has stated that he did not feel that wrestling and hip-hop went particularly well with each other. Created fighters can set their own charisma with a combination of clothes, tattoos, and jewelry; the more expensive, the better. On the Xbox 360 Console, players are also able to load up their own music (Custom Soundtracks), and the game has a form of beat detection to find the beats from any song.

Later on in the game, the unknown sender reveals to Playa that it was Wink who helped Wheatly put away the incarcerated artist. Def Jam Massacre - Snow Tha Product - Duration: 7:04.

Up to four attacks can be used in a combo, with a directional stick to be used as the fourth attack .


The developers aimed to make the music and the environment a much larger factor in the fight.

It's hard to deny the appeal of a fighting game with this much street cred. 1 Player Story1-2 Player versusOnline Match Play Carver then asks Troy to leave, to which Troy insults Carver by saying that he didn't realize that Carver was still in business, adding that he forgets how old Carver is.

D-Mob (Chris Judge) is arrested by NYPD cops Starks and Jervis and placed in the back of their cop car when an SUV hits it, causing it to flip over on its back. There are features exclusive to PS2 and Xbox that are missing from the GameCube version. Crow resorts to kidnapping The Hero's girlfriend and forcing him to retake all the clubs he has earned for D-Mob's side, an apparent betrayal that angers D-Mob's crew.

Probably the most common that's typical in fighting games like the first game is that it's empty and devoid of people. (voice) (as Jacob The Jeweler), Hero - Cocky

He is voiced and modeled after Robert Dolan. The player's artists will also occasionally inform the rapper about them going to different places, after which the unknown sender inform Playa in detail about the intentions of their journeys. (voice), Baxter Upper Strength Lower Strength Toughness As a rumble breaks out with the crews, The Hero rushes to Crow's penthouse in a final confrontation. [28], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Def Jam: Fight For New York Review (Xbox)", "Def Jam: Fight for NY Critic Reviews for GameCube [mislabeled as "Xbox"]", "Def Jam: Fight for NY Critic Reviews for PlayStation 2", "Def Jam Fight for NY (xbx: 2004): Reviews",, Multiplayer and single-player video games, Articles with dead external links from February 2014, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April 2013, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Articles using Video game reviews template in multiple platform mode, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 08:40. One of these areas is underground fighting, and Masa is here to prove that the Yakuza belong in this arena. She asks him what he plans to do when he says he's going to "sort things out", and after learning of his and Gooch's plans, she warns that Troy will kill them. Masa is a circuit fighter and a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta,Def Jam Fight For NYand Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover.

At a meeting with D-Mob, Blaze, Ludacris, N.O.R.E., The Hero, and Sticky, they agree to fight Crow's fighters to win back their clubs.

Playa then headbutts Wheatly and runs away.

Later, the artist Gooch fought sends Playa a message saying that if he could get Platinum to sign him, they'd be all good.

Holmes explains that with other successful fighting games, the convention of a sequel is to add complexity to the control system, multiplayer focus to the exclusion of all else, shallow single player, limited character customization and having a gameplay that's skewed towards the hardcore gamer.

Depending on the amount of damage caused in the four hits, a fighter can cause an opponent to stagger backwards slightly, knock directly down, or fly across the venue. The player also receives instructions from Carver to go and retrieve unreleased samples from a DJ (who can be found to be any artist: Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Young Jeezy, E-40) who was showcasing them on a mixtape.

Playa walks to the end of the building to see if Platinum is gone, but he finds her hanging on to a metal beam. Genre(s) Towards the end of the conversation, where Jacobson instructs Greer to find out who the new player is, Greer says he got "one guy left" and Wink can be seen extending his hand to Playa, before the scene goes into the game's closing credits.


The gameplay is expanded from the original game, which was primarily a wrestling game. It is possible to knock out an opponent by beating down their while their physical wellness remains very high.

The announcement causes D-Mob to lose some of his clubs and several of his fighters siding with Crow, like WC. First Release By listening to the beat of the song and then timing a throw, the player can toss his opponent into an environmental hazard just as it goes off.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Interrogating them, the Hero finds out where his girlfriend is being held, and that Crow never planned on letting her live.

In the meeting with Platinum, Playa hands her a CD, which is revealed to be a copy of the tape with Wheatly's confessions on it.