Given the i4's 588-kilogram payload, that garage will be very useful for all sorts of accessories and toys. When using this ‘van, be mindful of the fact that the habitation door is on the UK offside.
Their dimensions, however, can be a little intimidating, especially for newbies. It's easy to manoeuver and park, particularly with the excellent visibility and the rear-view camera and dash LCD screen.

If you can live with those idiosyncrasies and you're not a particularly adventurous chef, the Globebus i4 is excellent proposition and, thanks to our rampart dollar, good value for money. If you're into winter touring, you'll take heart from the grunty Truma Combi E6 (six kilowatt) gas-fired heating system — it also feeds the 10-litre hot water cylinder.

Width: 2.33m We have many members with early 1990’s GlobeTrotters and owners with 1970’s Dethleffs Caravans that are still in excellent condition.

Dethleffs Summer Edition low profile van on Transit chassis. Costing just north of £65,000, the Dethleffs Esprit Comfort T 7090-2 is pricier than many comparable UK-built motorhomes. The seven-inch display unit in the dash is also part of the package. But I'm not crazy about the lack of a driver's door — you use the main entry or the passenger door (what is the European driver's door). The shower features a smart mixer tap and an adjustable showerhead, all mounted in a grey moulded unit that includes two small shelves for lotions and potions. A compartment in the double floor between the side sofa and lounge seats will be ideal for keeping valuables hidden. There is also dedicated, easily accessible storage for skis, snowboards and other bulky items. All Rights Reserved. A dresser is opposite the bed, just outside the washroom door. These include a 190-watt solar panel on the roof, a built-in awning, that automatic satellite-finding dish on the roof, the 19-inch TV. Coat hooks and brackets are now all in chrome, while wardrobe and bathroom doors get fabric covers.

Immediately behind the dinette is the bathroom with its clever use of a swing-wall that converts the vanity/toilet into a shower cubicle. +MORE, Lisa Jansen discovers there is a lot to do and see in this small village on Auckland’s west coast+MORE. Collectively, these attributes accentuate the car-like handling characteristics – a comfortable, easy, enjoyable drive, accentuated by the stylish upholstery on the cab's swivelling seats.

However, the options list has been kept deliberately short. 3 ring gas hob and oven/grill.