Dhakota was still a young girl when her father was imprisoned for four murders of Moran crime family rivals in Melbourne’s notorious gangland wars. In a string of pictures posted to her private Instagram account, Dhakota is seen enjoying drinks with friends at places like Crown casino. Your web browser is no longer supported. It is that house where Dhakota and her mother now live, the same house where Carl’s heartbroken mother took her own life after her beloved son was jailed for life. Victoria Police later cancelled their offer to pay George’s tax debt. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. December 5, 2008 to Dhakota Williams. The revelation that Victoria Police were paying Dhakota's school fees and his father George's tax bill allegedly prompted fellow inmate Matthew Johnson to bash Carl to death for being an informer. At her father’s funeral, where he was buried in true gangland style in a gold coffin, Dhakota carried a teddy bear and stayed close by her mother. The house was left to Dhakota by her drug trafficking grandfather, Carl’s father George, who was a player in Melbourne’s amphetamine manufacturing trade. news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site. Roberta is currently locked in a bitter dispute with the widow of George Williams, Carl's father, who died in May leaving two properties in Essendon and Broadmeadows in his estate. Roberta Williams still owes a stonemason $10,712 for Carl Williams' gravestone.Credit:Justin McManus. “I said years ago that she was going to be the next Megan Gale. “Her father would be super proud of her,” Roberta said. , which chronicled the gangland wars a year after her father was jailed for murdering Lewis Moran, his son Jason and a third man in 2007. Ms Williams recently gained access to the computer Carl used during his time in prison following convictions for drug trafficking in 2004 and multiple murders in 2007. The teenager is living in a home in Essendon with her mother and Roberta's new partner which is at the.

The court is forcing the sale of the Primrose St home estimated to be worth more than $1 million in order to cover legal bills left by Carl;'s father George Williams, who gifted the property to his granddaughter after his death in 2016. Fairfax Media understands Ms Williams paid the deposit for the monument but has repeatedly refused to settle the outstanding $10,712 bill. “I want to get into law at university so I can become a lawyer,” she said. But Roberta Williams says the house bequeathed to Dhakota is part of a deal struck with Victorian Police for information her late husband supplied. Secret talks between Carl Williams and police about the murders in Melbourne’s bloody seven-year gang war, which ended in 2006, are believed to be linked to his jail murder. Fairfax Media understands Williams is hoping to sell the materials to tabloid-style media organisations interested in printing them as a "prison diary" or using them as the basis of a potential TV show or movie. It is understood the $760,000 Essendon home left to George's grand-daughter Dhakota will be seized by taxation authorities over a massive debt left by George. Dhakota is also understood to have filmed scenes for the pilot of a Mob Wives-style reality show featuring people who know or are related to underworld figures. Dhakota and mother Roberta Williams at the funeral of the girl’s grandmother Barbara in 2008.Source:News Limited, Dhakota Williams says she wanted to be a lawyer, although her mother says the gangster’s daughter could be a model.Source:Instagram, Dhakota’s gangland inheritance, the house at Primrose St, Essendon, has been shot up and firebombed in the past.Source:Supplied.