It is not subject to toll-free communications included in the Xi data communication dedicated plans or FOMA data plan.In addition, communication fees are not subject to the various discounted services provided in packet fixed rate services, etc. If the recipient's mobile phone number begins with 0, omit this and dial the following phone number (excludes certain countries and regions). (The number of characters that can be sent per message varies by model and application used). Unfortunately, there is no SENDaTEXT alternative at the moment. With SENDaTEXT, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. This is it.

You can send text messages from a DOCOMO mobile phone to a local mobile phone. You don't have javascript enabled. Send free text to Japan using SENDaTEXT. No. Sending: 50 to 500 JPY, depending on the number of characters being sent. Send a message to your loved ones in Japan today! You do not need to register. [+] [Recipient's Country Code] [Recipient's Phone Number] [Enter Text] ⇒ Send. There is a cost associated with sending text messages and all mobile service providers or operators charge a fee to send text messages. has an extensive list of features and, as it is constantly evolving, this list of features is constantly growing. The service works without registration. No. You can now send free text to Japan mobile and landline phones from your computer or smartphone. is FREE service for receive SMS messages online, based on REAL SIM and shows you the exact information received by the modem with Dynamic Sender ID. Our received text messages are usually …

But mainly we focus on receiving SMS messages. How to use? International SMS Fees. The fees will be invoiced together with the invoice for your regular mobile phone. Please check your instruction manual, etc., for details. Sending: 50 to 500 JPY, depending on the number of characters being sent. These are not entirely free as you are still paying your mobile service provider.

USA Free SMS (+12242049339) USA Free SMS (+12172031456) USA Free SMS (+13155492636) USA Free SMS (+18722348246) USA Free SMS (+13127360819) USA Free SMS (+18722548763) USA Free SMS (+17143847467) About. SENDaTEXT is a free texting app that is web browser based. All listed phone numbers are free and you can send as many SMS as you want to activate your accounts, receive OTP codes or verification codes., all rights reserved. Everything just works. Simply open your web browser on your PC or Mac and if you are online, you can start sending free texts to Japan. This service is free and it will continue to be free. Verify your favorite website using our free codes. Free Phone Numbers Everyone can use online. Good luck with that. If you are satisfied with our SMS receiver service then please share our website with people. Receive free sms online using our real and virtual numbers.

The fees for sending SMS messages when using WORLD WING are different. It works from all countries. With regard to the cost of sending International SMS messages, this is subject to toll-free communications such as of basic usage fees.

Fees will apply if you use SMS in such cases. There may be cases where the service is unavailable due to model or communication issues. You can use SENDaTEXT to send free text messages to any mobile phone number in Japan.

Sending text messages (International SMS). Share us with your friends using buttons below and get extra FREE credit: By using this service, you agree to SENDaTEXT Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. If you have an international texting package with your current mobile service provider, you might be able to send some free text messages.

On this website you can check if you receive SMS on different routes,or if you receive using the Dynamic Sender ID feature. For International SMS messages sent from a user of an overseas carrier, in cases where the size of the message exceeds 70 full-width characters or 160 single-byte characters, on certain models this may be received in the form of multiple split SMS messages, and when this occurs, such messages may not be received correctly.

Currently we support a lot countries like: USA, Germany, Spain, Romania, Uk, France, Russia, Italy, China, Japan and we will constantly add more. YOU CAN USE IT TO RECEIVE MESSAGES FROM FACEBOOK, TELEGRAM, WECHAT, VK, PAYPAL, ALIPAY AND MORE .

Please do not Refresh or Close this page.Approximate processing time: 45 seconds. Send a message to your loved ones in Japan … Once you are on SENDaTEXT home page, select Japan from the drop down on the dialpad and enter the phone number. TM and © 2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. No Registration. SENDaTEXT will take it on from here and make sure that your text is delivered to its final destination within 1 minute. You can now send free text to Japan mobile and landline phones from your computer or smartphone. Yes, there is a limit to the number of text messages that can be sent to Japan. The service works without registration. With regard to SMS delivery notifications, in the case of certain mobile carriers, such as where the sender's carrier is in the United States, China, South Korea, or the Philippines, these will be sent at the time when the message arrives at the message center used by the sender's carrier (no fee will be charged).

Use it for Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, PayPal, AliPay and more . Our virtual numbers have no limits on how often you are allowed to send messages to them. If "Refuse SMS" is set for within Japan, you will be unable to receive International SMS messages, even when overseas. You can now send free text messages & SMS to Japan right from your web browser. IS A FREE SERVICE FOR RECEIVING SMS MESSAGES AND VOICE MAILS ONLINE.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you have entered the phone number in the correct format. You do not have to enter the country code.


Depending on how much messages a number already received, every couple of days. There may be cases where International SMS is available outside of the regions and carriers listed above. We provide the best SMS online services on the web. We update our numbers regularly and are super fast.

Receive anonymous verification code from around the world. Each number is available in public and can be accessed from anywhere. If you like us and would like us to increase this limit, you can help by sharing us with your friends and family.

There may be cases where "a maximum of 670 characters (1530 characters in the case of half-width English letters only) can be sent and received" is stated in the L-01F instruction manual (quick start guide); however, messages of 71 characters or more (161 characters or more in the case of half-width English letters only) will fail to send. (The number of characters that can be sent per message varies by model and application used) Receiving: Free With SENDaTEXT you do not have to worry about paying anything as we make sure we keep our services for free. The first step to sending free texts is to open your web browser and go to Due to Number Portability, there may be cases where International SMS messages cannot be sent and received with certain overseas carriers. How to key a [+]: Hold [0] for over a second. Receive SMS online FREE using our disposable/temporary numbers from USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and other countries. You can verify any service you want like: Facebook, Yandex, Ebay, Voxox, Uber,,, atm-loans-uk, liqpay, Hike Verification, Verify LINE account, WeChat Verify, Rebtel Account Verification, Badoo, yuilop confirmation code, Instagram verification, QUICK ACCEPT LOANS,, Odnoklassniki code, OKru, NAVERLINE, Your single use eBay PIN,,, code, Uw code, Bedankt, CheShopping,, Freischaltcode, IS24, serverloft, RealStatus, LeoVegas, VISIT-X, Premium, Easyusenet, google verification code, mcent confirmation free, Chatroulette, yandex verification, yahoo verification, Youtube, Microsoft, WePay, HotSpot, Elastichosts, CoinsUP, CloudSigma, Mail.Ru, Gumtree, Visa QIWI Wallet, Weebly, Beetalk, Global Call, Chikka, Localbitcoins, PCGameSupply, Premiumize.Me, Voxox, Vk.coM, Vichatter. Messages that we receive will be displayed instant and without delay. English .

Get notified immediately when we add a new number and be the first to use it. Simply enter the phone number on the dialpad and click on "Send". Send free text to Japan using SENDaTEXT. Using internet, you can send free text messages to Japan.

Temporary Numbers. An island in the Australian Federal Territory in the Indian Ocean. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. International Roaming and International Calls, Use notes for international dialing/messaging service, International Calls And International Roaming, Check Subscription Information and Usage Status. Receive SMS For Free . As more people start using SENDaTEXT, we will be able to offer increasingly higher number of free text messaging to Japan and other countries. online … Using internet, you can send free text messages to Japan. Simply enter the phone number on the dialpad and click on "Send". You just need a webbrowser. JUST SELECT YOUR PHONE NUMBER FROM THE LIST BELOW. You can send free text messages via internet as long as you have a modern web browser such as Chrome. SMS may be unavailable in cases such as where the recipient is currently roaming outside of the regions and carriers listed above. Our service also supports international languages and Emojis. Just select Japan from the drop down and enter the phone number without the country code. is a website that offers real phone numbers, Yes our efforts are your benefit, we charge a real batteries on cell phones for your convenience , These phone numbers are Common public phone numbers where you can receive SMS online from all media platforms like: Cloudsigma, Yahoo, serverloft, , Amazon , , Realstatus etc, … is a free service, using real sim cards and virtual numbers … Check your charges and data communications volume or apply for various procedures by My docomo. We don’t have any limits as to the number of SMS that can be get by an individual user on a daily basis. The method for keying a [+] varies by model. We offer virtual phone numbers and real phone numbers. is the best SMS online service in the internet. We apply this limit because we can only afford to support so many free text messages everyday. (A fee will not be charged.). International SMS messages are not included in the WORLD CALL usage limit. Short Message Service (SMS) cannot be used on an iPad.