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Lam has remained popular in Hong Kong for three decades. George Lam. Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, and the RTHK Hall of Fame Award in 2016. 高歌 NUMBER 9, a song by George Lam on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. George Lam Chi Cheung (born 12 October 1947), also known professionally by his surname Lam, is a Hong Kong-based veteran Cantopop singer and actor. In recognition of his contribution to the music scene, Lam was awarded numerous awards, including the Golden Needle Award in 1994, the CASH Hall of Fame Award in 2003, the J.S.G.

numbers, there are a lot of weird things. Update this biography » Complete biography of George Lam ». Possibly his most memorable role was as a Japanese journalist in Boat People (1982), directed by Ann Hui. Who could fully control them all. In the latter country, it became the second best-selling song of 1987. on numbers. Over the years, he has introduced a wide variety of songs to the Hong Kong music scene, with many of his own compositions and covers becoming classics of Cantopop. The song for today is “ 數字人生 ” by George Lam. Annoyed the whole life, all because of 0515, 0515.

The music video for "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" was released in 1987. Go to Cookie Preferences to Manage Cookies, or Accept All to agree to both our, This item is eligible for Free International Shipping, George Lam Theme Song Collection (SACD) (Limited Edition), Geroge Lam Theme Song Collection (LPCD45 II) (Limited Edition), Geroge Lam Theme Song Collection (DSD CD). He is one of the best Cantopop artists in Hong Kong.

Meshach Taylor makes a cameo playing his role in the film as window dresser Hollywood Montrose, as does Narada Michael Walden, who appears with the band. Test your MusicIQ here! In addition, he pioneered the stringing together of many hit Cantopop songs to create a 10-minute long medley called "10 Minutes 12 Inches".

His performance nowadays is almost like another person, not even 50% of how he used to be. In a radio interview, Hammond said that the idea for the song came from his impending marriage to his live-in girlfriend of seven years, after his divorce from his previous wife was finalized. 13th Jul 2016 (愛到發燒 – George Lam / Let it Whip – Dazz Band), 26th Apr 2015 (相對論 – Hins Cheung/Hins Cheung and George Lam), 17th Oct 2014 (選擇 – George Lam and Sally Yip), 26th May 2013 (澤田研二 – George Lam/Itsumi – Kenji Sawada (澤田研二)), 13th Apr 2013 (丫烏婆 – George Lam/If you wanna be happy – Jimmy Soul), 7th Feb 2013 (千憶個夜晚 – George Lam/Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone – Jermaine Jackson), 8th Jun 2016 (200度 – Sally Yip/ Material Girl – Madonna), 12th May 2012 (夕陽之歌 – Anita Mui/夕焼けの歌 – Kohji Makaino), 6th Apr 2012 (最冷一天 - Eason Chan/Leslie Cheung), 28th Sep 2015 (但願不只是朋友 – Leon Lai/雪の降る人 – 円広志), 18th Sep 2015 (雪中情 – Michael Kwan/如果 –施碧梧 & 邰肇玫), 15th Sep 2015 (瑕疵 – Juno Mak and Karen Mok), 11th Sep 2015 (忘記的理由 – Joyce Cheng/給我一個理由忘記 – A-Lin), 4th Sep 2015 (舊情復熾 – Alex To and Tracy Su).