What a drive!! We went in late June, in the mid afternoon. Start off by entering the East Rosebud campground, and drive all the way to the northwestern corner (far back) of the campground, parking in the well marked trailhead parking lot. Fox Lake, located in the Beartooth Mountains, is suitable for a day hike, an overnight stay, or a base camp. Add in the low elevation (Sioux Charlie Lake is at 5,651 feet), and it’s easy to see why this lake is a popular early season hike. Soon you cross into Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park lies just west of this area with the awesome Absarokas-Beartooths reaching far into the Park. Campgrounds in the area do not allow tent camping because of bear attacks, and many signs along the highway will remind you to properly store your food when camping. If you’re looking for a nice lake to hike with the family to, it’s hard to beat Sioux Charley Lake. Continue reading “Huckleberry Lake- Beartooth Mountains” ». Grasshopper Glacier was named for the tens of millions of grasshoppers (locusts) that have been found entombed in the ice, some for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Crow Lake, located at the mouth of a glacier carved cirque, is certainly one of those places. Anglers will love the fishing opportunities in these lakes. The incline is significant but doing for most. Grasshopper Glacier is approximately .20 miles (0.32 km) long and .25 mi (0.40 km) wide. The views get more and more spectacular every foot higher. Continue reading “Crow Lake- Beartooth Mountains” ». Located just 4 miles from the trailhead, Fox Lake is a quick hike for conditioned hikers. Grizzly bears are common in the area, as are moose. When you come from the east, you pass through Cooke City and Silver Gate (population 140) at the west end just before you get to Yellowstone.

Access to the trailhead is possible most of the time from late May to early October, but it is always best to check the Montana Road Conditions Map before you head out. This allows for more panoramic views over the distant peaks.
The hike starts at the Glacier Lake trailhead and the end of the Main Fork of Rock Creek Road south of Red Lodge. At six miles from the trailhead, the lake is a good day hike for moderate hikers, or a good day trip for beginner hikers camped at Elk Lake. The hike is approximately six miles round-trip, but it is largely off-trail with about 1,700 feet elevation gain, so it seems longer. Continue reading “Princess Lake- Beartooth Mountains” ». Glacier Lake South Dam from Mapcarta, the free map. This trail is very popular in the Red Lodge area, and many boots have worn a nice trail.

more, Top Selling Tours & Activities in and around Wyoming. These two waterfalls are located a short distance from Red Lodge, making them a perfect short day hike. Author: chris | Category: Hiking Trails in the Beartooth Mountains, Moderate Day Hikes, Montana Hiking Trails | Tags: Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Beartooth Mountains, Moderate Day Hikes. Glacier Peak in the Montana Beartooth Mountains is the westernmost 12,000 foot peak and dominates the western margin of the range. This makes the hike a perfect first hike for small children, or a quick hike for travellers passing through the area. Although the lake itself is not within the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, most of the trail and surrounding area is. The Beartooth Mountains in Montana are tall enough and far enough north for the extensive upper portions to be above the tree line, where instead the landscape is covered by low growing tundra. Grasshopper Glacier is in the Beartooth Mountains, Custer National Forest, Montana, U.S. Even though Huckleberry Lake is only 7 miles from the West Rosebud trailhead, it is not visited nearly as much as Mystic Lake and nearby Island Lake. And I thought the WY "side" (Shoshone Park instead of MT's Custer Park) was much more beautiful than the MT side. At seven miles from the trailhead (technically about eight miles), the lake is a good day hike for strong hikers, or a good day trip for moderate hikers camped at Elk Lake. Curl Lake blurs the definition between lake and river (it’s neighbor Broadwater Lake is technically the same lake), and the trail is an adventure in itself. As you stretch your legs at the high alpine tundra you see Twin Lakes below ringed with ice through summer, as you look around mountains thousand of feet higher loom all around, this is truly one of the most beautiful drives in the United States. Well, enough about why you should visit Huckleberry Lake- let’s tackle the hike itself. The hike is an easy hike (3 miles round trip), and gains less than 200 feet of elevation.

We took Beartooth Mountina Hwy from Billings to Cooke City, en route to Yellowstone, and this ended up being the #1 highlight of our trip. forest service campgrounds, and quaint Red Lodge as a kick off historic town. The trail passes by two major bodies of water (Kersey Lake and Broadwater Meadow Lakes), making it a messy swamp early in the year. laced with summer snow and mountain goats clinging to sheer rock walls.

This trail has a little something for everyone- rock fields, uphill switchbacks, flat runs, mature lodgepole pine forests, and good fishing. Grizzlies and moose take advantage of alpine lakes underneath mountains that rise well over 12,000 feet with glaciers clinging to all sides.