House is an atheist and it is implied that he is nihilistic. Another is May 15, 1959, according to his Driver License in Two Stories as well as the sheet of information he sticks to his bathroom wall in After Hours in case of his death. In One Day, One Room House confides in Eve that his father repeatedly abused him throughout his childhood, making him take ice water baths and sleep outside in the cold as a way of administering discipline. House calls all his associates by their last names, the same with Holmes calling John Watson by his last name. It doesn’t cover materials, like iron ore or natural gas, where import curbs could unduly damage China’s own economy.“The Chinese warned earlier this year that many of the goods that Australia exports were replaceable,” Richard McGregor, senior fellow at Sydney-based think tank Lowy Institute said by phone. However, when he learns the drug causes fatal tumors, he excises them himself, but Cuddy finds him and takes him to the hospital. In No Reason, House repeatedly fantasizes about Cameron, first for her abiding concern for his injury and later as he caresses her with a surgical robot. Thinking it is another hallucination, House checks to make sure that he did not take the Vicodin. However, it appears she may be getting more authority over House, primarily due to her excellent administrative skills, honed by years of doing House's dictation and keeping up his charts. Er leitet die Diagnostische Abteilung im fiktiven Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Er wird vom Schauspieler Hugh Laurie verkörpert.
Well, there’s a giant need for greater and more accurate coronavirus testing and tracing capabilities—and that will help the companies that supply them. For example, Wilson has kept House well-supplied with Vicodin and often makes excuses for his behavior to get House out of trouble. Shares of Walmart (WMT) held above $120 in midday dealings, setting a new intraday high. House fatefully chose to ride the bus instead of accept her favor. In a note to clients, Bank of America (BofA) analysts expect Foran’s departure to be viewed as a “significant loss” for the U.S. business, especially because of his “integral role” in driving same-store sales growth and the launch and expansion of the online grocery pickup offering. "Aviation workers are unionised workers. About ten years before the series started, House participated in a paintball game pitting doctors against lawyers. He cultivated a variety of interests, such as chemistry and playing the piano and guitar. “It’s hard to argue that the country doesn’t have infrastructure problems,” says Scott Davis, CEO of Melius Research. In that speech, apart from labeling the global banking Basel Accords as an “old people’s club,” Ma said “systemic risk” is not the issue in China. Dieser Infarkt ist auch die Ursache für sein misanthropisches Verhalten. House's diagnostic error metric is 0.17, which is better than the hospital average 0.32. However, there have been more than one occasion in which he put at risk his career, freedom and sometimes even his life to save a patient, leaving open how much he doesn't care about his patients' lives. Greg Foran has previously been described as the highest-ranked Kiwi in international business. Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran on the airline's 800-day plan. Dow Jones Jumps 600 Points In Election Day Rally As Biden Leads Trump. House was fundamentally incapable of dealing with this rejection, culminating in him deliberately destroying the remains of their relationship by driving his car through her front wall. He takes a dislike to the "hardly working" House and after a series of clashes that result in Cameron resigning, seeks to have him fired. House accuses Dr. Nolan of "selling snake oil" and leaves.

Fünf Jahre vor Beginn der Serie hatte House eine Beziehung mit der Anwältin Stacy Warner, die zerbrach, als sie für ihn entschied, den Muskel zu entfernen, als er im Koma lag.