>teammates don't synchronize spawns and are quickly hacked to pieces with no chance. Lol. The Halloween campaign is here featuring finding the missing head of the mobile suit and limited missions for said MS, the shield and lance raid, Pale Rider Dullahan. -. After raising ten levels, Players will receive a Rank Up, which present the player with a Development Point reward, one Spare Energy, and often access to new Mobile Suits, Weapons, Custom Parts, and occasionally new Medals, as well as a few features, such as more Medal slots, the Paint Menu, and the Hanger. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Does that mean my Zock will swim 3x’s as fast? >me and the support only ones dealing with the other support. Its weapons also reflected a specialization for highly mobile close combat, centered in versatile ballistic, and also featured a unique beam dagger weapon which offered high output but at the cost of poor range. >it's not shit but use the rocket luncher and stay on the attack against Mk.II and Galbaldy B, they will try to over power you. 19050093. What is a D MS? 19068787 A new month is approaching and with it the return of GBO days. Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/ Anonymous 10/23/20(Fri)12:29:59 No.

>idiot in nightseeker v who has never survived more than 3 seconds decides to not spawn. >aquatic raid type spamming Take The Supports because of a Zock on Hide Tide Port Base, >almost done with the halloween missions and it's been maybe an hour, >every single skill you need to style on fuckers plus a shield bigger than you are for ablative armor and a fuck huge melee radius with maneuver armor lvl2 and a bazooka, > They've never released an MS as overtuned as the Qubeley, >the fucking Methuss gets damage control 2 but your support doesn't. >nightseeker was hiding out of his suit IN THE FUCKING ENEMY BASE FOR THAT WHOLE 2 MIN, > I don't even bother spawning in the last 30 seconds since it is pointless and we are 5k behind, >on top of that, if has manuever armor to make meleeing even easier, >three daily matches should take like 30-40 minutes to do, >due to shit matchmaking its often an hour or more, >Meleeing with ~20something melee mod at best and an underpowerd sword, >Rounds the corner like it's piloted by Speed Racer on crack, >I legitimately spent a good portion of my time in A- just flying around 650 rooms in a level 5 600 cost Act Zaku Commander flailing my tomahawks like a sperg which worked better than you'd expect, >no backward compatibility like the PS3 or ps2, >expecting fucking backcomp across two of the most architecturally fucked Playstations, >>expecting fucking backcomp across two of the most architecturally fucked Playstations, >let’s add another qb and give it maneuver armor too, >quebe with MA lvl 2, dodge roll lvl 2, 2 melee weapons, >Zudah winrate is well below 50% and below the 48% average, >five shots on the gp03 sub br instead of 3, >beam gun does 1100 damage at 45 heat rate with better hit detection and speed, >proto feydeen rifle with even faster focus and less heat, >In back of shop, at the top of a Pilot suit, >In the pile of leaves outside mission control, >On top of battle sim/sortie counter building, >Not enough RT saved for the new firing/melee programs, >even if it's eventually added to DP it'll cost a fuckton, >about to get stun and melee hit by a raid as a support, >my allied general standing right behind him with a perfect shot just stands there doing nothing, >Psycommu system zaku had low win rate and damage done so we buffed it, >Actually getting 60fps in the menus and in the basecamp on my OG ps4, >Increased the resistance for lower melee attacks, >nothing but 1v1 room for plabs wanting to test ut their new suit on people, >side step tackle with melee ready, time my downswing to hit right as i-frames run out, >qb does a 90 degree turn, starts his downswing in the middle of mine, and lands his before mine even connects, knocking me over, >team 1: lets avoid the mk2 scenario of outrageously overpowered suits, make it so low costs are still viable at the new bracket, we will make the 650 suit powerful but with weaknesses, >stuff that's good or decent in the anime fucking sucks, >stuff that fucking sucked in the anime is good to average, >SIDE MATERIAL? I got that red fish decal from the bonus today. Ground >Is the Hizack MG not a good option at 500? UUUUOOOOOOOOHHHHHH I'M CAAAMMING FRRROOOMMM HOWW GOOOODD THEEEY AREEE INN GAAMMEE SJDRHVJESCJHEBRDKJSEBHCHSERKJHSCJF, >>stuff that's good or decent in the anime fucking sucks, >>stuff that fucking sucked in the anime is good to average, >Also why is the marasai so mediocre in this game. Why won't this stupid game give me the new suits anymore? Space >gunner gundam constantly abandoning team to try and get on sniper perch, >gouf custom is a retard who just gets in the way the whole match, >dom barrage gets curbstomped by blue destiny 2 nonstop, tickles enemy generals with minigun, >pale rider gets deleted in seconds by combined fire, >need complex expansion on the 350 nacht to slam even more melee damage on it, >no one including myself can consistently shoot around it’s shield, >Shortstack mechanic isn't wearing anything cute, >run into enemy Kampfer with a good player, >tfw support when the other team has two Qubeley mk II, >playing anything other than a general at this stage in the game, >>see zudah f on my team in unrestricted match. RX-78XX Gundam Pixie Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /g(...) 10/23/20(Fri)12:29:59 No. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. >suddenly every second player has platinum medals. Gundam Battle Operation 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. To celebrate, I’m buying that lvl 2 Nacht that’s in the RT shop! - My colors are orange and lavender.

Only a small number were experimentally produced, and while one was intended for deployment to the White Base, it never reached it due to enemy interference. >oh yes here it comes i think, as we are less than 2 min out and only down 2k. >Absolutely rape the other team in gp01fb. A prototype ground MS that was developed in absolute secrecy by the Earth Federation. ✓ SIDE MATERIAL? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/ Anonymous 10/21/20(Wed)12:57:07 No. A special coating applied to its surfaces also allowed for a certain degree of stealth capability. >Probably got it by being a vulture as he just sits behind everyone screaming "HELP ME" even when not being attacked. The enemy deathball decides to go for the other two teammates since they are easier targets. >This unit is good at three-dimensional combat, utilizing its high mobility and psychological armament, but its [Win rate] and [Damage done] were low. >So anyone else looking forward to hunting for the head of the Dullahan to get it's helmet? led team in kills and deaths. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. Last year we got the the unstoppable Gogg and this year for the limited … do you panic when fighting mobile suits on foot ? Environment Specialization I stand out but hell, I don't care. Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/ Anonymous 10/29/20(Thu)22:16:53 No. It's that time of the year again, it's the Halloween Campaign starting tonight after midnight. And don't forget if you paint it red your suit will go 3 times as fast. >every single person is out for top individual so they all ignore raids more than usual, >still get top individual, assist, damage, and now diversions but it's like taking a beating from a lead mallet every single game, >asshat efreet ds messages me after last game bitching about me "stealing" top individual in 3 games he's been in, >tell him if he supported me he might have got some pity kills out of it. Why can I not sortie an ms under the cost limit? Painting your suits in signature ace custom colors is a really bad idea lol. nice! Finally got my Captain Rank. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 19044295. 1 MS Explanation 2 Statistics 3 Parts Slots 4 Weaponry 4.1 Main Weapon (Ranged) 4.2 Main Weapon (Melee) 4.3 Secondary Weapon 5 Skills 6 Hangar Upgrades 7 Notes A prototype ground MS that was developed in absolute secrecy by the Earth Federation. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster.
File: EN-9-e1572521535778.png (542 KB, 840x473) 542 KB PNG. For Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Painting your suits in signature ace custom colors is a really bad idea lol" - Page 2. I’ll make sure to stay in once place sniping who’ll you shoot at me. Ground 19044295. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 is a team-based third-person shooter. >downswing isn't like the lunge forward on the G-line Assault.

Environment Usage For Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Painting looks incredible. >Teammate screaming "Take the Generals" while he and our three generals fail to take them. >nothing happens as we pass the 59 second mark, > i keep trying to catch up to the death ball and manage to pick off 3 enemies before finally dying. Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /g(...) 10/21/20(Wed)12:57:07 No. Utilizing the mysterious SE System and developed from Amuro Ray Karaba suit, the Dijeh SE-R makes it's way as a high performance general type. How do i get base camp off restricted mode?