When building a carrier, the player has the option to pre-define how its air wings should be organized. Carrier group: Consists of carriers which can strike at long range.If any convoys are present, they will also appear in this area. They should be more expensive IMO.

I generally go for ship sinking carriers and so I just do Naval Bombers and Fighters 1:1. As of the most recent patch, fleets with the Carrier Air advantage impose positioning penalties on the opposing fleet as well

yeah, but perhaps not as OP as they ought to be... also - is there any purpose to including CAS in the carrier air groups? They are quite powerful, but don't skip out on Battleships. Interestingly, the bomber starts out less accurate at level 1 compared to CAS, is even at 2, and is superior at level 3. I have problem with finding info about what air wing composition should I put on my carriers. Only carrier (navalized) aircraft may be based on carriers, and must be researched and produced separately from their ground based counterparts. Most were converted from other ships or basically cobble jobs, and there were smaller carriers and larger carriers. They do not have the same aircraft capacity full carriers do, but they can be sufficient as support carriers.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Naval Bomber line is actually worth it. My first two carriers of any nation always have more or less purely fighters. If you want to use Carriers as a mobile airfield for supporting naval invasions, it's useful, i guess you can include them to help out bombing enemy units in coastal zones. If the ship has participated in combat and sunk any enemy vessels, an additional icon appears next to the ship name for history. Layout []. True. There are no technologies available to unlock more advanced convoy models. If you are defending, pure Naval bombers on CVs while you field interceptors from nearby land bases. In fact, i would even say light cruicers are more usefull than battleships, if you team them with 3-4 carriers and 3-4 battlecruiser. Carriers are vitally important to fleets in HOI4: if you don’t want to build any of your own, you should still plan to specifically target and kill enemy carriers.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. For example, I was playing as Italy, and was able to outclass the UK with around 4 carriers and 50 screen ships, even though they had 250+ ships. Convoys cannot be directly controlled by the player. Each class of ship has a number of values referred to as stats. 1) Click on the airport icon next to the carrier. This is a community maintained wiki. For 100 slot carriers I'll generally go 20 Fighters / 80 Naval Bombers and have great success with that. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Personally I don't see much advantage to CAS in naval combat outside of the early game but is always useful in naval invasions. ; Battle-line: Consists of capital ships except for carriers. The air wings of existing carriers can be adjusted by selecting the air wing in the air force overview or by selecting an air region in the air map mode, which brings up a list of all bases, and then selecting the fleet the carrier is a part of to bring up the air base windows for all carriers in that fleet. I have around around 250 hours in the game, and I've found that aircraft carriers are so much more effective than battleships, even though they cost around the same. Sounds like I need to do another Japan game. Even battlecruicers are better than battleships (less armor, but higher speed and less construction time). It's like having a hierarchy and then one ship just sits outside of that and beats everything in it. Hearts of Iron IV tracks experience, skill and history for individual ships, and this can be seen in the Fleet View. Screen ships are named for their ability to protect capital ships and convoys from torpedoes during naval battles. How do I add Air Wing to Carrier? However, if you're fighting in the open seas, then having some fighters will greatly reduce the effectiveness of enemy ones. Only need 1 or 2 full of fighters to match the enemy cv fleet, and then his battleships go to town. I always give them %100 naval bombers, it seems to wreck the enemy fleets very quickly. Also, you need to make sure that you have carrier planes researched, and that you're building them. Reference Variant and Variant Upgrading and Variant Naval. Convoys are ships which carry land units, resources, reinforcements, and lend-lease equipment across water. Hull types and their corresponding ship type(s) are listed below: Surface warships are categorised either as capital ships or screen ships, while submarines and convoys have their own unique mechanics. (Convoy. For example, cruiser hulls can serve as the basis for light cruisers or heavy cruisers depending upon the type of guns that are fitted. They are great. They are also huge exp hogs. Yes, good example, I was playing as Fascist France, after killing the Axis, I went after Britain and I slaughtered the RN with my 8 or so carriers. Hi guys. You will notice that each individual ship in your fleet is listed with a green organization and a brown strength bar, a silhouette for the ship class, a rank icon to show the ship's experience level, a vertical progress bar showing how much experience that ship has accumulated towards the next rank and the name of the ship. You'll surely shoot down the enemy's carrier based aircraft... however you likely wont have enough Naval Bombers to make a significant difference versus their ships. It's automatically 50/50 fighters/navel bombers, so you really don't need to mess with that part. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Most of these stats can be improved by building a variant. I just would not waste precious deck space for CAS when my CTF is on any anti ship duty. Yeah, especially since so few were built. Need more nav attack to make the boat worth it. Has anyone else had this experience? Any convoy that is damaged (but not destroyed) during battle will be immediately restored to perfect condition after the battle has ended. Click on the plane icon on the picture of the carrier in the build queue, and you should be able to edit the the air wing that it starts with. All the battleships need to do is hold off the enemy while Naval bombers wreck their fleet. At the start of the game, each country will have a selection of pre-existing ship variants available for production, based upon hull types which have already been researched. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 11:57. Carrier, pure and simple. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Depends.

From here its statistical values are visible, along with any combat history on the second tab. I go with fighters and naval bombers. Generally I go for a dozen or so fighters and the rest as naval bombers. Left clicking on a ship silhouette in the fleet will bring up its ship details. Well there is a reason naval power during and after wo2 was measured in how many aircraft carriers nations had. variants) that can be produced by dockyards. Researching Naval doctrine can also increase stats. The wiki says that Naval CAS has higher speed and agility with a lower production cost for factories. So OP battleships aren't a thing irl anymore. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Versus an enemy that has a fair amount of carriers themselves (based Nippon), you'll want to get a pretty substantial amount of fighters to counter their fighters, I see AI generally build 50-50 fighters-NavalBombers. A super-heavy battleship reigns supreme. How does that work? Each hull type contains a number of module slots. I still like to be 100% sure to bring down all enemy carrier planes fast so they cannot do any significant damage. 2) Click "create new air wing". It should do that automatically. Just so my fleet still can win the air battle agains an enemy CTF with four carriers. Of course they can destroy the ones above but it is very unlikely. It depends on the navy you're going up against. The thing is that carriers are just good against everything. 3) Select a plane from storage / reserve from the box that appears. Bombers can only do port strikes and naval missions but have a small chance to detect surface and submarine vessels. These are described below. Adding more ships to a fleet or sea region, Adding more planes to a sea region (gaining Air Superiority), Having better decryption than an enemy vessel's encryption (, Adding more ships, especially destroyers and light cruisers, to a fleet or sea region, Researching higher level destroyers and light cruisers, Creating destroyer and light cruiser variants incorporating higher sub detection, Hiring an escort fleet design company such as the United Kingdom's Yarrow Shipbuilders. However, be aware that increasing one stat will adversely affect a different stat. It is possible to rename the ship by pressing its name. From the (carrier) base window the process is identical to establishing or modifying a wing stationed at an air base. Right now I go with 3-1 ratio in favour of fighters, but I have no idea if it is good way to fight on the pacific (right now I play as communist USA). But after that it becomes mostly more or less exactly 1:1. In general it's basically every tier can kill it's own tier but not the one above. Hulls are the foundational component of ships, and are unlocked through research.

More fighters early when you are fighting other carriers and then more naval bombers later when you have eliminated their main carrier force. For example, I was playing as Italy, and was able to outclass the UK with around 4 carriers and 50 screen ships, even though they had 250+ ships. Most of the fights your carriers are going to get into won't involve an airplane, and when they do a small wing is usually enough to make sure all your naval bombers still get their jobs done. Outside of navel combat, CAS can help your ground attack with both air superiority and regular ground attack. But you can swap the air group pretty fast, so it may be viable to switch your CAG to CAS for an invasion and then swap back to NAV after that. Really its kind of arbitrary, the most important thing for Naval Combat is massing Light Cruisers and Destroyers to screen and harass. Defines NNavy COMBAT_LOW_ORG_HIT_CHANCE_PENALTY, Defines NNavy COMBAT_ARMOR_PIERCING_DAMAGE_REDUCTION, Defines NNavy COMBAT_ARMOR_PIERCING_CRITICAL_BONUS = 3.0, Defines NNavy DECRYPTION_SPOTTING_BONUS = 0.2, https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Ship&oldid=41995, Articles with potentially outdated sections, The positions of convoys are not shown on the map, regardless of map mode. My carriers normally get to level 5 in 6 months and most have 30+ kills each In fact, carriers are by far the most powerful ships in the game, making everything else almost useless. It is not possible to create convoy variants. I prefer the full on carrier option where I go a 60/40 bomber to fighter or so. Instead, there is only one standard convoy model. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio.