Remove laptop and draw additional 9 cm (4+1+4) wide flaps on each side as show in the image. Which means, I had to place my laptop slightly more to the one side. The 2 arms won‘t try to come together (as easily) anymore! 4. X. Laptops can be costly due to the convenience of their portability. Love the color! If you’re handy and have woodworking skills, you can create something better than store-bought. Now I had my 3 pieces.

Of course you'll need cardboard. (If you don’t have a stir stick handy, a plastic fork will do.) 2. I used one of those pieces to make the 2 support pieces. There are plenty of reasons to make your laptop stand.
Reply Practical and pretty ~ what a great combination for any office space. It looks like the plywood version will last me a long time. THanks for the tips! You can repeat these measurements for the second leg or use the first leg as a pattern. I love using my electric drill and it make the work easy, but if you don’t have an electric drill, a good old screw driver will work.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'blueskyathome_com-leader-1','ezslot_20',114,'0','0'])); It was at this point I realized I should have painted the other sides of the boards before attaching them. Did you make this project? desk. Try this DIY laptop stand out if you are crazy about the IKEA aesthetic.

I wanted a "block" at the front edge to keep the laptop from sliding off the stand, so I measured out a small rectangle 2 inches high at the front and 1 3/4 inches in from the front. You can use them to prop your laptop up to the correct height. Here is an industrial-style laptop desk if that happens to fit your home. This is spookily similar to a stand I developed last year and sell - I make them in plywood and any colour of acrylic.... Just shows that great minds think alike! Regarding the need for contouring, even though my 17" Dell laptop didn't have a flat bottom either, I just used a straight cut and I'm happy with the results. Be sure to protect your investment by buying a quality laptop cooling pad. love it! After using my cardboard stand for 3 months or so, it started wearing out and becoming a bit sloppy. First, I measured out the 15 1/2 inch length of a leg, then the 5 inch rear height of the leg. Therefore the diagonal side of laptop stand has to be in a contoured shape. 12 years ago Make a little niche to keep the rubber bands in place.
on Introduction, Reply Sometimes you just want to work with the TV on in the background. I would use 2 on each end. Figuring out how to make the computer monitor stand was easy and the process was quick ~ I (with a little help from Sweet Shark) made it in … One of the top reasons people look to build a homemade laptop stand is so they can work and surf the web from their bed. Making a perfect contour shape will be tough, because you have to place the pieces diagonally in respect to the laptop. It’s been almost 3 years since my office space was revealed and I have never loved a space as much as this one. Also draw a 1 cm wide gutter for folding. This stabilizes the stand in several ways: From two pieces from flapping around, and from the laptop from sliding side to side, from the stand from losing the grip on the desk. Try out this gorgeous modern DIY laptop desk for your living room. You can customize the dimensions to make a bigger monitor stand, or add pencil storage to create a homework station for the kids!

I first measured about halfway down the middle of the leg's bottom, about 7 1/4 inches, and drew a line at that point. I loved that it raised the computer monitor up several inches and provided space underneath and on the stand for small office supplies. My computer stand has the same functionality, adds a great pop of color, but didn’t cost me anything. These run between $300 and $600.

Cassette Box. :), Reply How to Make a DIY Computer Monitor Stand This post contains affiliate links to products that I use, love and highly recommend. This cardboard laptop stand provides a much better work environment at no cost! They hold post~it~notes, various supplies and white out tape.

carol Only have cardboard on hand? If you are a new reader, you can see the entire process of creating my office,  from conception, to the construction, and the finish out and the installation of all the office equipment. I adjusted the size to my 15.4 Dell XPS, still it did no good. I guess it's a case of personal preference. Making a laptop stand with PVC pipe is one of the easiest ways to get your portable desk on the cheap.

The heavier the laptop, more stable the stand will be. Well, actually i was looking at a few before seeing yours, and it was simple and easy, so...Specifically, this one: gonna make it but then saw yours.I also made one for my dad for fathers day (shh! I placed rubber bands near the middle of the stand. On this last line, I marked off a point 1 inch from the bottom. I had one piece that was 15″ X 6″. X.

I love all the office supplies from Poppin, especially my stapler and scotch tape dispenser. All you need to do is open the case and pop you phone inside. on Step 3. could draw out a diagram to label out the measurements I'm still mixed up from the measurements of the distance away from the table and height of the LCD of the laptop. - Bill. on Introduction, What an upgrade for writing my master‘s thesis without a hunchback!

Oh and if people want their stands to not loose their 90• angle they can attach some 90• triangular cardboard pieces of the leftover scraps to the center facing front. Copyright © 2020 DIYbunker. Thnaks for sharing. I wanted a stand that would prop up the laptop's LCD screen to a more ergonomic height, but I didn't want to spend any money. on Introduction.

Laptop Stand for Bed.

CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Very good job!

I then placed a mark halfway up that line. Like many kids, my son is back to school online instead of in person this year. You can find tutorials on how to make a laptop stand below. It’s very sturdy and allows you to lounge while browsing.

I hope that showing you how to make a computer monitor stand has inspired you to add a bit of pretty and practical to your office space. I now had space where the 4 bowls had been for 3 Dollar Tree containers which had been in a drawer. on Introduction. There are models to support single or dual monitors, or laptop plus monitor in the case of the Kangaroo (shown … It’s nice to be able to customize your laptop stand to your personal needs. One of the top reasons people look to build a homemade laptop stand is so they can work and surf the web from their bed. Basic as Bruc said but functional. Brandon Keepers, GitHub's Open Source Advocate, was looking for an affordable stand-up desk for his home and instead came up with the $40 stand up shelf. Recyclable materials, simple, efficient, functional, easy storage. To align the screen of his laptop with the bottom of his desktop monitor screen I needed to raise the laptop by roughly 3.5″. I wouldn't recommend using anything smaller.

In under 2 hours, the monitor stand was finished. The heavier the laptop, more stable the stand will be. NOw the height is so much seeing on my neck ~ I don’t have to look up or down.

Click below to see full sized image. I could have made another one from cardboard but decided to make one out of plywood. Just wanted to say: 11yrs later and your instructable is still helping people! Check out these epic gamer room ideas. If you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing, use some sticks to give your DIY stand a vintage rustic look. The second critical measurement is the length to be supported by the stand. Placing the rubber bands correctly will also let it fold the stand when not in use. 4. -Bill, How to Make an Old-school Neon Street Sign. I used the piece that would be the top as my measuring piece and measured the 3 3/4 x 15″ piece into 2 ~ 6-inch pieces. Get fresh content and access to the FREE resource library! Please be sure to PIN this project. I cut 1/4 inch wide slots. I determined where the screws should go, marked the spot, made pilot holes and then screwed the L~brackets in. 15 DIY Carport Plans + Best Carport Kits to Buy in 2020, Our New Entryway Storage: Vasagle Shoe Bench Review, 12 Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms With No Windows. Thanks for the suggestion. I check what scrap wood I had. happy monday laura. Furinno laptop stand. We dont make anything for father's day anymore!plus, he's always travelling on business trips, so the portability's a feature.Thank you again! 0. For a DIYer like me, they are an easy way to firmly secure 2 pieces of wood perpendicularly when you don’t want any screws to show. It was simple enough - I just used the cardboard legs as a pattern. X. This is a cheap and simple computer desk that anyone could build.

Each laptop table comes with tutorials and plans.

Jean, believe me, anyone could make this monitor stand. Encourage yourself to practice proper posture while using your computer by building one of these DIY laptop stand ideas.