Also keep in mind that no one is 100% or 0% on each side of the scale... and INTJs don't have to be carbon copies of each other, nature vs nurture comes into this. He is fully submitted to God, and leads confidently by example. I'll admit, I only skimmed the article, but I'll come back tomorrow when I"m not dying of tiredness. There aren't a ton of us and I have a feeling that on the spectrum I am way over at the far end. That said, we can come off as abrupt or cold when we work with people because we don't have the patience for all the niceties of society. I LOVE these gals and am super proud to be in their ranks! Festival season 2020 is post-poned until further n, Music fans know that April means the start of fest, Amid the illusions that make a life, lie both oppo, In times of uncertainty, thinking outside the box, Who could have imagined that the spring 2020 would, That's enough color for this's back to p, Remember when Millennial Pink was known as rose go, Ultra Violet was the 2018 color of the year, accor, For Millennials the peachy/pink dubbed “millenni, When talking about Millennials and their affinity, Valentine's day is tomorrow.

She is left at 16 with no one to care for her beyond what she can provide for them - sexual fulfillment, barbaric entertainment, a symbol of propaganda, a tool for survival. She is a very diturbed, compassionless individual. Sticking with Star Trek, Ro Laren from "The Next Generation," although a fairly minor character, seems INTJ to me. Yes, Root was my  favorite PoI character. Anyone read the Percy Jackson series? Moreover, she is proof that there are no heights an INTJ can’t reach. "At this point, you, gentle reader, might be wondering if this whole piece is an attempt to convince any budding author or screenwriter out there to write a female INTJ character for me. Katniss is not admirable? Yet.

and I said, "Hell yes!" Now if you take in consideration that she hunted since she was a kid and did that every day several hours a day it's not weird that she's good at it. Esfp The most recent famous female INTJ character would be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. As an INTJ woman, this makes so much sense..! Bones is an INTJ based on behavior, Ni resolute, Te Strategic, Fi Stoic/Sensitive, Se sensual/tangible. While I could have played football or hockey from a ball/puck handling standpoint, the teamwork thing just wasn't going to happen. Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn) in Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. Throughout her career she has been the director at the Carr Center for Human Rights at the Harvard Kennedy School, served as Senator Obama’s senior advisor, then special advisor to President Obama, as well as the Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights on the National Security Council.

I see very few characters that fit our type... Bones is a good example. That said, a depressingly small number of women are on this list…sigh. Zee. Also Scarlet Overkill from the Minions Movie  is an INTJ. We are often drawn to things that are unique and unlike anything else. Entp It’s a glamorous life. The Bletchley Cicle- a BBC mini-series about the women decoders of WWII and Since I read THG I felt immediately identified with the protagonist, I feel like I would have done the same, think the same and had the same struggles she had about everything (war, being controlled, love life, being the lead...) but I'm still not sure if I'm an INTJ or an INTP, I feel like I'm somewhere in between them (if that's possible, which I'm pretty sure it is, people cannot be perfectly defined, they change according the situation and time). I just think it's blindingly obvious that she's an N, adding so much meaning behind everything. 3. I don't care if someone wants to support Donut Day or Take Your Porcupine To Work Day, because it doesn't hurt me. Jodie Foster – Child movie star who went on to play a series of stunning roles about powerful women. If you've watched the movie "I, Robot," the Dr. Calvin in there is nothing like the Dr. Calvin in the books. Otherwise it's a fascinating story (as far as YA goes) about war and PTSD. 5.

I loved this article and all of my fellow INTJs comments. Thinking about it now; I would say that the reason that INTJ lead females are so few, is that it makes the task of creating a suitable counterpart for her, more time consuming (to put it lightly). In my current almost a hundred page screeplay the co-main female character is an INTJ. I have very little doubt that she's an INTJ. Check out the Danish detective thriller "Forbrydelsen" ( ). Winning one category! 6. I only recently (last month) discovered Contact. While I don't completely agree, there are definitely points that are worth considering and expanding on. Example, Libertarian Socialist utopia government controls all except peoples personal liberty u want to be nude go ahead but dump deadly toxins in a river well prison time not to exceed 15 years for any crime , Drugs legal with absolute universal healthcare . If popular opinion is well thought out and rational, then yes!

Entj, 1. Imagine when you cast that diversity net to include different races. *If anyone wants to read more about the overall gender disparity in the media, I highly recommend the Women’s Media Center and their annual report on the status of women in the U.S. media. (INTJ female here, and being a Christian, I want to please God with loving people, showing kindness, and controlling my tongue-- all of which I fail intensely at daily, and is, as you've noted, "Not expected of women/ladies on average."). I wanted to let you know that I AM married. The character Diane Lockhart from 'The Good Wife' seems to be an INTJ type. Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones? She was pretty much textbook INTJ. As a determined INTJ, ready to study, learn, and apply, I pulled it off (and reasonably well, too - our emotional self - control helps a lot) but in truth, I always felt incredibly stifled, knowing the submissive, nurturing exterior I carried wasn't exactly true. I became obsessed with that series in high school and nobody, including myself, could understand why I loved those books so much.

Watch Michelle Obama’s viral speech from the 2016 National Democratic Convention. She holds the all-time record for women’s doubles titles at 31 wins, and she has won 18 gram slam titles, among many more achievements. Infp Does she make perfect decisions? Estj im pretty sure that Katniss from the hunger games is an INTJ. Katie Couric – Television host and proof that we can be nice AND forceful at the same time! INTJ cant do anything physically demanding spatial awareness is very low on the totem pole.

Tia Leoni in Madame Secretary. I feel that Katniss is not an INTJ. AND I am sad so that so few historical figures were INTJs. I instantly thought of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo main character, Lisbeth Salandar. The most recent famous female INTJ character would be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I think that a realistic and mildly sympathetic view (not "Mary Sue", but a humane view) could be profitable here. There really should be more fictional INTJ female characters out there. Thoughts? Female INTJs, in particular, will probably identify with the fact that Bones doesn’t fit traditional models for feminine stereotypes. Those words seem to imply intent against another person or group and don't fit. Whoo whoo! Archery, as martial arts, can be practiced over and over again until you excel in it and even if it took you a lot of time to master a move, when the time comes your muscle memory acts out of instinct. One of my favorite films because of her strong female lead role. I felt much the same when I read the hunger games for the first time! Emily Bronte – Another author… maybe back then the only acceptable way for INTJ women to be creative was to be novelists? Based on this brief survey, I concluded that INTJs are more common in fiction than in reality. Which I suppose is the whole point of the article. They are god-like in a sense as they only follow their own code of rules and cannot be lured or bribed by anything and are uncorruptable by others. And Booth, though I don't know what his MBTI test results would be off the top of my head, is a beautiful compliment to Bones. She is an INTJ, but she is not a super-villain. The four categories in the MBTI test don't actually refer to spatial awareness much at all, whilst certain personalities might be typically more or less naturally skilled in these areas it is certainly not a defining characteristic. I still like her character but certainly not a relatable INTJ, I almost feel as if the calculating and manipulative traits seen in Marguery Tyrell and her grandmother are very INTJ - whilst we are traditionally not concerned with social hierarchy, I believe in a world such as GOT where the ONLY way for a woman to achieve power is to do so by social climbing an ambitious INTJ would have done what she needed to do (as the female Tyrell's did). Believe it or not I had an easier time finding female ENTJ’s and INTP’s, yikes. I don't care if you think it is stupid talk about crafts and personality tests and pets on one blog… it is my blog and I am the boss of it! I don't think she is ISTJ because like someone else here has mentioned, anyone in Katniss's situation would need to learn practical survival skills, so that is not exclusive S (and there are also athletes who are INTJ anway.) Best INTJ leading character. Rand is one of the most influential people of history; one of the few INTJ women of history. However, Lisbeth is still only ONE character. I always liked her. I love Elsa! But I am writing this specifically for women who are trying to figure out if they are actually INTJs. 8. Emotions annoy them and attachments bog them down from their true power and intellect. I would really like to see that. Nonetheless love the Hunger Games book series and films for bringing back the Socialism vs Capitalism, Altruism vs Egotism to a mass audience in an engaging way. Test: INTJ or ISTJ? Katniss Everdeen is a definite INTJ - I related to her massively as an INTJ woman. I mean, we are incredibly interesting and if people could have a look into our thoughts they would be amazed (and maybe confused too, due to the seemingly feeble connections we can make). As an INTJ female myself, watching Bones is like I'm watching myself as a forensic anthropologist in another life.

Also - I am a published writer. Hi! By the way, I am an INTJ male.

Thinking people are also thick skinned. 7.

I'm writing a book and including a female INTJ as the main character.