Sunset Outdoor Supply is your number one Ventrac dealer. He also rushed for 1,391 yards and 17 touchdowns. I think it does make the men more productive so I would say that has been a positive experience and allowed the company to grow. When I bought my 4.5 acres of Hudson riverfront property back in 1997, I was concerned about the uphill battle of mowing 3 – 4 acres or lawn as well as having to blow out 250 feet of driveway, all with steep terrain.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is W. Jeffrey Hostetler and is located at 2032 Magnolia Drive, Morgantown, WV 26508. I was the winning quarterback for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV. 4125 Kawasaki 25HP Gas Air Cooled >> HJ480 Excavator >> HM602 Mower – Side Discharge, Ventrac has fans of all ages. Hostetler now lives in Morgantown, West Virginia, and owns a construction company.

The design and construction of Ventrac equipment is outstanding—everything is “built like a tank” and easy to maintain.

Owning a Ventrac makes it possible for me to do more work in less time. I also have lots of trees here on the property and in the fall where it took me weeks to get rid of all our leaves, I was able to do the same job in about five hours with the leaf blower that you’re able to put in the front. The grounds keeper was very happy. 3200 diesel with snow blower, sweeper, mower deck, scoop and snow blower. Hostetler led the game-winning drive that he capped out with a bootleg touchdown run for victory. With the size of our vineyard project any attachment we can add to the Ventrac can only simplify the work of my 20 men.

Thus the capability of the Ventrac 4500Z tractor with duals to operate safely on such slopes is the major reason that I am a Ventrac owner and fan.

I use my Ventrac 4500Z  for many different applications.

Hostetler led the Mountaineers to the 1982 Gator Bowl, where they lost to Florida State 31–12. [2] He then led the Giants to victory in the season opener against the 49ers at home, snapping their NFL-record 18 game road winning streak.

He had seen meaningful action in only one game that season, replacing Simms in the Giants’ first game against the Phoenix Cardinals. Here is the full interview clip we did with Charles:, I spent 87 of my years on golf courses… There is no other machine on the market today that will do the job that is done on how may 1000s of golf courses all over the world.Charles Bittner.

My grandpa lives on a pretty steep hill, and the Ventrac was the only vehicle that could make it up and down the driveway to plow the snow. William Jeffrey Hostetler (born April 22, 1961) is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League for the New York Giants, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, and Washington Redskins.

When steering the Ventrac, the front and rear wheels turn at the same speeds and follow the same tracks, so the turf is not disturbed.

Their BuildZoom score of 93 ranks in the top 27% of 125,106 Pennsylvania licensed contractors. Owns: 4131 31HP Gas Air Cooled Tractor, MJ840 Contour Mower, Often Rents:  ET200 Turbine Blower, KP540 Power Rake. Hostetler started Super Bowl XXV; the Giants defeated the heavily favored Bills 20-19. He completed 20 of 32 passes for 222 yards with one touchdown. They’re down, they’re trying to keep their clients, keep going and say “Hey, can you help us?” Although he’s the competitor we’re helping him to keep going and it’s making sure those people get out, you know. That has been an awesome piece of equipment.

Frey’s business now runs three Ventracs all year long – one 3000 series and two 4000 series. On my wish list is replacing my Steiner snow blower with a Ventrac model, possibly a winter cab, and maybe the leaf blower as well. I always speak highly of my Ventrac tractor and recommend them to others. Hostetler sat out the 1981 season, due to NCAA transfer rules. So we have a lot of hillsides and challenging areas to cut and mow. Also, one of our biggest things is snow removal with the broom.

I look forward to snow storms, lawn jobs, and mulching jobs ever since I have owned my Tractor.

“As a result, the hospital did not have one lawsuit the entire year,” Frey said. “It doesn’t have anything to do with getting older.

The machines are just that much more efficient.

W. Jeffrey Hostetler, Morgantown, WV 26508 (Physical) Business type: Limited Liability Company Member: W. Jeffrey Hostetler (Manager), 2032 Magnolia Drive , Morgantown , WV 26508

I was so thrilled with the increase in power and handling ability of my new Ventrac, I quickly replaced the 60″ Steiner mowing deck with the 72″ Ventrac deck.

What caught my attention was they had this Ventrac out in the front parked on a hill side and I was thinking how in the world did they even get it there. It would also prove to be Hostetler’s last playoff game. I initially bought the Steiner 21.5HP diesel and several attachments including a 60-inch mower deck, a 48″ snow blower, a slip-scoop, and the leaf blower. We have about forty acres and if you’ve been to West Virginia you realize there is no flat land.

I service multiple properties on a busy boulevard in Warwick RI. I was looking for something that was going to be more manageable on hillsides, more maneuverable and safer than the current tractor that I was using. But when a local hospital called to inform him that he’d just won the contract for their grounds maintenance, he suddenly realized he needed a new tractor. We are the solution for all seasons, next time you need supplies think Sunset Outdoor Supply "S.O.S.". The 36-year old Hostetler signed a contract with the Washington Redskins for 1997, with the team signing him as a backup for their fourth-year starter Gus Frerotte. “That includes logging cranes and stump removers, blades, blowers. Their license was verified as active when we last checked. Barry Frey was unaware how his new client would change his life. Hostetler finished the game and then started the remaining three, finishing with a 2-1 record. “I looked at a lot of different big names,” he explained.

Following the 1993 regular season, Hostetler led the Raiders to an impressive 42-24 playoff win over the Denver Broncos. Looking at Ventrac, I can say that is a professional machine.

Hostetler graduated with a 3.85 GPA in Finance from West Virginia University. I am hooked on Ventrac. I showed up with my Ventrac and started moving mulch to the beds at 7 am.

I played in the NFL for fifteen years. Seeing him on some of the hillsides I’m thinking I will never be able to do that.

The turf tires and articulation made it such that our repair to the site was 1/3 than what we had budgeted for.