Now, Jessy claims her insta-fame gets her into parties and helps her “hook up” with hot guys. Then, Ava, a former guest, returns to the stage to admit that she put on an act to gain followers last season on Dr. Phil. Jessy Taylor says she wants to be like Cardi B with millions of followers on social media.

she told INSIDER. ", "I will never be the same and this was a blessing in disguise," she told INSIDER. since.

‘I’m Nothing Without My Following,’ 21-Year-Old Says In Viral …, 21-Year-Old Says She Tries To Look Dumb In Videos She Posts To Social…, 'No One Loved Or Believed In Me The Way I Needed It,' Says…. Did "Self Matters" Positively Impact Your Life? TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior? The Final Straw! "I don't think it was an error in my opinion.

Is Someone You Love Addicted To Social Media or Some Type of Technology? She had over 100,000 followers, but kept getting reported as "spam," leading Instagram to remove her account. The Final Straw! Subscriber

Taylor says she drinks hard liquor every weekend until she “feels it,” and smokes weed and her e-cigarette every day -- and she says she's not going to stop. However, she says her fame came to a halt on April 4, 2019 when her Instagram account was deleted.

Today’s Takeaway: Living A Virtual Life Instead Of A Real Life? (sic). What may be driving her behavior? And, Nastassia, a fitness influencer, also weighs in to share her story on how she found Insta-Fame and success at just 19 years old. Have Family Drama That Needs Dr. Phil's Help. When Instagram influencer Jessy Taylor's Instagram account was deleted a week ago, she uploaded a video to YouTube tearfully explaining how she was "nothing" without her following and had none of the skills required for a "normal" job. Did "Self Matters" Positively Impact Your Life?

However, just one week after she uploaded the video called "STOP REPORTING MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT," Taylor's original account has been reinstated. Have You Been Accused and Want to Clear Your Name? She added that losing her account felt like "a murder," and she even phoned the police, but they told her she couldn't compare what happened to a homicide. Is Your Spouse Going Through a Mid-Life Crisis? Mom of Missing Boy Questions The Last Sighting Of Her Son in Part 2…. “I would deliberately go and find rappers and hook up with them, and then expose them. On her latest selfie on her old account jessytaylorduh, people have commented "Let's all report her again," and "Hope ur insta gets deleted," as well as many others telling her to "get a real job.".

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"My friend had half a million and his still isn't back," she said.

"It feels amazing!" Are You Involved in a Story Making Headlines?

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