I grab the box and run over to cash register, eager to load it into my camera. Now, I am going to Iceland in a week and wanted your opinion on whether to get Portra 400 or Ultramax. I came across an image on Emulsive of a vibrant blue door and I was immediately drawn to its colors. How will my wife respond to this?

Ultramax is terrible. They have 3-pack UltraMax 400! Especially when you find a giant window with light pouring in. Portra 400 and Ektar 100 had always been my go to for anything important and Fuji Superia for a good cheap film, because it used to be really easy to find. You’re more than welcome to read the tech sheets for each of these films. Must have the precious!”  Done. Stick with Superia for cheap 400 iso.

He confirmed it. However, these are my preferences in color temperature. However, the results are very pleasing! The Kodak has portra like effects rendering fantastic skin tones. Now, I am going to Iceland in a week and wanted your opinion on whether to get Portra 400 or Ultramax. After scanning, I would say that Portra 400’s grain structure is much tighter than UltraMax.

Host and Executive Producer for Studio C-41. I drove to my nearest drugstore, Rite Aid. It's my go-to 400 speed film, since I think spending 3x for Portra to not be worth it. so i think i might go with that if funds aren't too low rn.

Ultramax and Superia are both consumer films and you likely won't see a huge difference between them. However a quick adjustment brings those colors right back to my preferred warmer tones. In fact, Kodal Ultramax 400 is now my standard inexpensive film for everyday snap shots. Portra comes out to about $45 on Amazon and Ultramax comes out to $15 (I could buy x3 as many rolls).

Long story short, Portra 400‘s exposure tolerance is significantly better than UltraMax 400. So, overexpose by one stop. Imaging Characteristics.

Ok, enough of the elaborate narrative on how I got this film. https://shootitwithfilm.com/how-to-shoot-kodak-ultramax-400 For shots around town, of the family, or everyday life,

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Do you price match?” The clerk replies, “No. The image on the right was adjusted +20 warmth (towards yellow) and +25 tint (towards magenta). “That’ll be, $20.13.” To my surprise, “What?! Unlike Portra 400 or a lot of other color negatives films, I’ve found that UltraMax actually gets more contrasty and saturated when you overexpose it a stop. However, in the shadows the colors tend to shift a bit towards a teal hue. ah ok TIL. UltraMax 400 did everything I wanted it to and more.

It will also have a finer grain than consumer films. The grain I’ve seen is very pleasing and I think only adds to the feel of the images. It sat in my fridge for well over a year. They're fine. We don’t price match.”. This is completely subjective.

They had film! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That said, Portra is definitely nicer film. Film at drugstores, still? Shut up… no way.”, So off I went. I walked around my small town with my Minolta X-700 with my Rokkor-X 28mm f/2.8. Portra comes out to about $45 on Amazon and Ultramax comes out to $15 (I could buy x3 as many rolls). Fujifilm Superia 400. In a lot of ways, UltraMax is like if Portra 400 and Ektar 100 had a kid. I wanted to know what this image was shot on. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I then hear Gollum’s voice, “We wants it. It’s not quite as saturated as Ektar, but it has plenty of vibrancy while keeping natural skin tones (something Ektar can struggle with). “Meh. Yay tax returns! I believe this film really shines during the day. It's much grainer than Superia...especially in blue skies. In shooting UltraMax, overexposure results in color shifts where as Portra tends to maintain colors and highlights when it is overexposed. It handles bright and sunny days great – like most color film, but it also does amazingly well on overcast & cloudy days, and even shooting in artificial light indoors.

In overexposing UltraMax, I notice the image tends to lean warmer in evenly lit images. Enter your email address to follow and receive notifications from Studio C-41 by email. Know-it-all,” Steven Wallace. It has a fantastic amount of saturation – especially in the blues of an image. CineStill Film Cs6 Creative Slide E-6 Development Kit Review, DSLR Scanning: Hands On Review with the Negative Supply MK1, Camera Review: Fujifilm QuickSnap Premium Kit II. You should shoot it too.

I found the film to be warm which is my personal preference! ... 关注 83. I highly recommend reading  the article by Film Shooters Collective in understanding film characteristic curves. Hello I own an Olympus OM-G and normally buy Superia 400 but I wanted to buy something different.

I can’t remember what motivated me to finally shoot it, but once I saw the scans there was no going back. I save the Portra and slide film for special occasions due to cost. Film Photography subreddit. I talked to “Mr. At  ISO 200 and towards dusk, I found myself shooting with a wide aperture to keep a faster shutter speed. However, this can easily be corrected in post without sacrificing quality from your scan. Kodak Ultramax 400 vs Fujifilm Superia 400. That's probably what I was gonna do. I’m quickly weighing out how badly I ‘need’ this roll of film. We needs it. Let’s get to it.

It will be more forgiving if you over or under expose your shots, allowing you to push or pull it easier or allow you to recover more detail from shadows or highlights when editing them in post.

I’ve been told for great results, rate UltraMax 400 to 200 and develop at box speed. Not Kodak. 相关推荐 03:30. That could be my whole review of Kodak UltraMax 400 and it would say everything I want to about this underrated and wonderful film stock. I want to shoot it a whole lot more. Film Photography Podcast and News – Shoot Some Film, Dang it! It’s also more grainy than Portra, but that’s not something that I mind at all. Kodak UltraMax 400 is considered as a ‘consumer’ film in comparison to the ‘professional’ lines like Portra 400. It doesn’t have anything like Portra 400’s ability to handle underexposure, but not much does.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0O8D7XB0DU&list=WL&index=3&t=132s, Kodak Ultramax 400 vs Fujifilm Superia 400, 【 Shootswithcoops】富士胶卷评测 Fuji Superia Premium 400, 【胶卷评测】Fuji C200 vs Kodak ColorPlus 200对比最便宜的胶卷, 【瞎拍胶片】富士Superia XTRA 400 - 瞎逛考文垂&伦敦 | 第一人称胶片扫街, #胶片街拍# 奥林巴斯 OM1 & Fuji Superia 400 英文自动字幕, 【胶卷测评】Cinestill 800T vs Kodak Vision3 500T 两个电影卷对比, 「胶片月记」Vol.5 MAY 骑车只要肯出力,电车都追不上我(柯达 Kodak Ultramax 400 奥林巴斯 Olympus OM-4), 胶片相机vs手机APP!真实的尼康35ti搭配富士Superia100胶卷是什么样的?, 柯达炮塔400和柯达金200/400全面对比评测 Kodak Portra 400 vs Kodak Gold 200_400, 【胶片人像】阳光下的叛逆美少女—— 柯达 Prolmage 100 & UltraMax 400. I conduct the transaction and I am out the door! Hello I own an Olympus OM-G and normally buy Superia 400 but I wanted to buy something different. “What?! I love this film. With all that being said, this is not exactly a bad thing. would you suggest portra over the other ones for Iceland? Portra is a professional film hence why it costs so much more. If Kodak made it in 120 or even 4×5, I would shoot the crap out of that too. Then I saw it in the captions: “Shot on ULTRA MAX 400 at EI 1600.” I had to shoot this. There is a following for UltraMax 400 and you can find it in your local drugstores. These color shifts are more apparent when you have a low key lit image.

Press J to jump to the feed. Maybe another time.” Next stop, I drove across the street to Walgreens. Bingo! What makes this film different? edit: i searched Iceland on this sub and like everyone uses the Portra.

Despite the cooler tones and flat lighting conditions I found that it maintains contrast quite nicely! Image on the left: UltraMax 400 scanned without color adjustments. Considering you're going on a nice trip, why not grab a box of Portra for $45 and a box of Superia for $15 and call it good? https://studioc41.net/2018/08/01/ultramax-400-underestimated I usually rate it at 200 and still err on the side of overexposure. Well, the answer is in the curves. Note that the Fuji 800 and 200 emulsions though do not share this problem and also give great Caucasian skin tones. Sorry. My only real criticism of UltraMax 400 is that it’s only in 35mm. On overcast days the color temperatures lean cooler. I bought a 3 pack of UltraMax a few years back on a whim when I saw it on clearance at a local grocery store.