But, I never will forget looking back as I left the room and Robin was up over that bed rail leaning down over Kyle and whispering to him.

Kyle Carpenter Golden Heart Acceptance - Duration: 12:04.

The Taliban had initiated another attack on our patrol base. COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter was charged Thursday with hit-and-run in connection to an early December incident … I rolled out of my sleeping bag that morning, around 8am, to the sound of AK-47s.

There may be an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you are using. Carpenter is the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient. 455.2k Followers, 647 Following, 1,227 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kyle Carpenter (@chiksdigscars) It wasn’t until the last week of February 2011 when I left the immediate, lifesaving and stabilizing inpatient stay of my time in the hospital. Run a marathon, finish college, backpack through Europe, and, yes, jump out of an airplane. He lost his right eye. And I'm sure she was whispering to him, you know, "Hey, Mama's here – it's going to be OK. Everything is going to be all right.". Personal finance expert Jeanette Mack talks about resources available to transitioning service members, so they can successfully land on their feet. They put me in daddy's time out. But, during my junior year of high school, I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Carpenter was born in Jackson, Mississippi on 17 October 1989, and raised in Flowood by his parents James and Robin. Without hesitation, and with complete disregard for his own safety, Lance Corporal Carpenter moved toward the grenade in an attempt to shield his fellow Marine from the deadly blast. On 19 June 2014, Carpenter received the Medal of Honor in a ceremony at the White House. He enlisted in the Marine Corps' delayed entry program at age 19 in February 2009, and completed Recruit Training in July 2009 at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. I finally went in there and I stayed on the edge of his bed a couple of days and I finally made my way up to the bed; I mean it was that difficult for me.

The platoon had established Patrol Base Dakota two days earlier in a small village in the Marjah District in order to disrupt enemy activity and provide security for the local Afghan population.

[14], Official portrait of Corporal Carpenter in June 2014, List of post-Vietnam Medal of Honor recipients, "Marine Ball to welcome Medal of Honor nominee", "Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter Was Graduating From College — Then Everyone Stood Up", "Medal of Honor recipient receives standing ovation at college graduation", "Medal of Honor: The Kyle Carpenter Story", "Senate gives thanks to wounded war hero", "Did Lance Cpl. His wife, Robin, was at his side as he spoke of seeing his son, in a coma, for the first time after he was wounded. And he told of how it was a mother's love that provided healing strength for Kyle — and for him.

Moving out of uniform presents a host of new challenges, from starting a new career to finding a new place to live. But, my mom responded the only way a mother can – she hugged me, promised me that I was going to get through this and that things were going to get better.

But, I have known the answer to that question since the moment I woke up in the hospital. I’ve done those things, and more. His father, Jim Carpenter, provided an audience at a recent charity event for the Fisher House Foundation with a glimpse at how loved ones endure such a terrible trial. [3], Carpenter completed his initial training at the Camp Geiger School of Infantry, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Kyle Carpenter is a real person, but the circumstances described by Duffel Blog are fictional. All overseas DoD school students will get free meals starting Nov. 2, $20 billion plan to outsource management of military household moves hits roadblock, Military families are seeing some progress in their fight for tenant rights, Troops’ weight allowances for household goods moves may increase by next summer, https://www.militarytimes.com © 2020 Sightline Media Group. In thinking of Mother's Day we are reminded of the unique challenges that face military Moms. I arrived at Walter Reed November 28, 2010. I’m terrified of heights. He suffered severe injuries throughout his body, including his face and right arm. And that was the beginning of his healing. I want my story to help others see what’s extraordinary in themselves; to see how small acts of gratitude and kindness can change the world around them, and how we can all be part of something bigger than ourselves. Carpenter is the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient. The nurses took me out. On 21 November 2010, Carpenter and another Marine were manning a rooftop security post during defense of the village of Marjah, Helmand Province from a Taliban attack. I had to be resuscitated once during my medical evacuation from the battlefield, again at the first military hospital I was airlifted to, and a third time at Walter Reed. ", "'Kyle covered that grenade' — Marines weigh in on grenade blast survivor's heroism", "Marine hit by grenade deserves MoH, buddies say", "Carpenter now full-time student at University of South Carolina", "Marine hit by grenade rates MoH, buddies say", President Obama Awards the Medal of Honor to Corporal William "Kyle" Carpenter, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kyle_Carpenter&oldid=986176656, American Marine Corps personnel of the War in Afghanistan (2001–present), War in Afghanistan (2001–present) recipients of the Medal of Honor, United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 07:46. So, of course, every time I’m sitting in the back of a plane climbing toward the clouds I think, “After everything I’ve been through, why am I about to jump out of this plane when I could have just stayed safely on the ground?”. When the grenade detonated, his body absorbed the brunt of the blast, severely wounding him, but saving the life of his fellow Marine.

Jim Carpenter comforts his son, Lance Cpl.

[1] He is a graduate of W.W. King Academy in Batesburg, SC. And, while I was grateful to be alive, it was hard to comprehend that I had a projected minimum two-year recovery ahead of me. Yet his spirit was unbroken. Without hesitation and with complete disregard for his own safety, Lance Corporal Carpenter moved toward the grenade in an attempt to shield his fellow Marine from the deadly blast. Through sobs, I managed to choke out one devastating question: I could see that my words absolutely tore her heart in two. It was just a few months into my recovery when I was sitting at the kitchen counter, carefully trying to balance a spoon in my left hand – one of many basic skills I was having to relearn – and trying to eat a bowl of cereal, which wasn’t easy given that the same grenade that had shattered my arm in 30 places and had also blown off most of my lower jaw and almost all of my teeth. That's just as important. Follow the latest on Election 2020. New posts will not be retrieved. When Kyle finally arrived from Germany on that Sunday night, he came off that ambulance and I did not get a chance to see him.

During my recovery, I became determined not just to get back physically, mentally and spiritually to the place I was before, but to do more.

I was a basket case, all right?

I liked to ride bikes, rollerblade and just generally do the things that kids do to drive their parents crazy.

Kyle Carpenter earned the Medal of Honor.

William Kyle Carpenter (born 17 October 1989) is a medically retired United States Marine who received the United States' highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2010. I went to sleep for what I thought was going to be the last time on this earth. Kyle Carpenter observes his portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 15, 2015. So, for another two years, I pushed through more surgery, pain and rehabilitation. By his undaunted courage, bold fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of almost certain death, Lance Corporal Carpenter reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. I immediately regretted saying what I had. 12:04. Letters: A Hero's Journey to the Medal of Honor - Duration: 7:57. Kyle Carpenter early in his recovery. They took him up to ICU and, I don't' know, several hours up in the wee hours of the morning — two, three 3 o'clock — we finally got a chance to see him. But when he came home, his Mom was the hero. Just as important as healing those shattered bones and broken and torn and burned skin is the emotional and mental healing as well. She assured me that someday, someone was going to love me, and that I was going to be happy for the rest of my life. Anything that makes my once flatlined heart pound in my chest helps reassure me that I am doing just that. He was busy taking final exams at the University of South Carolina.

Note: Kyle Carpenter was not at the event. William "Kyle" Carpenter receives the Medal of Honor from U.S. President Barack Obama during a Medal of Honor ceremony in the East Room of the White House, June 19, 2014.

Their son, Marine veteran Kyle Carpenter, was awarded the Medal of Honor for smothering a live grenade tossed by enemy forces to save a buddy during combat in 2010 in Afghanistan. And, you know, Mama makes everything OK. We know that. He is the eighth living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan.[10]. But God made her strong for him until I had the strength to go in there. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. [1] William Kyle Carpenter (born 17 October 1989) is a medically retired United States Marine who received the United States' highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2010.Carpenter is the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient. William Kyle Carpenter knows the pain will come. Struggling to hold onto my spoon, and with milk and cereal dribbling down my chin, I suddenly felt something inside me break. That was five weeks after ‘falling asleep.’. They didn't take me out of ICU — they took me all the way out into the hallway. In July 2013, he was medically retired as a Corporal. Retired Marine Cpl. https://www.dvidshub.net/video/342374/kyle-carpenter-letters-full-video#.Vyu3d_krL4c, Transitioning into civilian life, and its financial considerations, Money Minute: Protect your finances from cyber criminals, A fatal parachute accident, new squad weapons, and jetpack assault teams? Kyle Carpenter’s heart flatlined three times while being evacuated off the battlefield in Afghanistan. When my time on post (lookout) came, I was positioned on a hot, dusty roof inside a small circle of sandbags waiting out an eerie, four-hour lull in the fighting. Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.com. And while October 19, 1989 is my birthday, it was November 21, 2010 that became my “Alive Day.”.