I kinda relate… This is from Philippines, ur story is getting interesting… hope to see u here in our country mr Lee…, hello! Somewhat interesting as I note the growth of characters. you’re such a good actor..i’ve watched your two t.v series- i like both! Shawn Jul 06 2020 2:17 am saranghae Sep 12 2020 8:22 am

Dear Lee Jae Hwang, Happy New Year and my best wishes for you ! i really enjoy watching you act in the korean drama cruel temptation. Happy day is here again, Idiot is getting married! I am totally attracted by you… Why didn’t u win any awards in the SBS Korean Drama awards 2009??? sf Oct 02 2020 6:55 am I was waiting for her reconciliation with her brother Ha Yeol-do and it did not happen. Secret Forest 2 (tvN) //]]>, //, //
think immmmm faaaaaaaaaaaaallinnnnnng......omg omg whoahahhahahahahaha what the hell was that hahaha imo the evil pair is the best in this drama especially sok hwan acting is great i enjoy a lot his scenes he is ugly but with a lot of angel perfect for this role eun joo with a beautiful face but so greedy and selfish pil jun and sok jun come in 2nd ok keep enjoying this drama, Elaine Sep 09 2020 9:13 pm i want meet with u..huaaaa.. ;(

TDS Sep 03 2020 9:27 pm Fadette Sep 08 2020 6:22 am LOL. I think Ha Yeol sister is the real mother of Min Ho. HWGA Jul 14 2020 11:48 pm can you please email me if you have time… { Born: December 26, 1976. Our main couple just keep getting stepped on all over. everything will be magically be fixed at the end. They take people for morons. She is the best fit for this role.

TDS Sep 07 2020 10:26 pm Lee Jae-hwang ♥♥♥♥, purnama Mar 14 2013 9:07 am I hope the ending of this drama is that the police will reveal who actually planned the killing of Park Tae-Sub. You're so cute! Dramas. The affair should have begun sometime soon after KSJ returned from England. Ellyn Jul 31 2020 2:25 pm I LIKE EVERYTHING HE DOES EVEN A SIMPLE SMILE WILL DO................ Who's the writer of this drama?

Rachel A. Have been enjoying this drama. She has so much dirt on that witch who had a miscarriage and had an affair with a married man, but she stays still and gets bullied.

So hooked with this drama, its not just the actors that i so liked but the way they made this is so relatable, a family oriented one and even kids can watch it. Until the end I will watch it. Poor people have no voice and rich people always so powerful. i am the one fans in the philipines.. when i saw ur fce i think im so inlove with you…, and when i saw jang seo hee i think shes ur wife ,, b’coz ur handsome and she is a beautiful.., i whish i could see you in personal, Hi Jang I like your act on your drama on Cruel Temptaion..^_^. "I have a great respect for nature. dropdown.onchange = onCatChange; HWGA Jul 10 2020 11:21 am I am at my episode 62. it was a matter of time ;). Missing: The Other Side (OCN) The villians will not get their comeuppance until the last episode.

거향은 자카르타, 인도네시아예요. Temptation of Wife (SBS, 2008) Please Come Back, Soon-Ae (SBS, 2006) Tears of Diamond (SBS, 2005) That Summer Typhoon (SBS, 2005) 그런대, 시간이 있으면, 편지를 점 대답해주세요. Mwahhhh 4 u Lee jae-Hwang… =). query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); He make my heart flutters and I like everything about him. TDS Sep 02 2020 9:30 am COME BACK SOON-AE.. hIS A GOOD ACTOR & REALLY EYE CATCHING BCOZ I CANT STOP THINKING OF HIM, since the day i watch his show & see him… then EJ will faint. HWGA May 14 2020 2:39 pm Love little Jumbak (AKA Leon) So cute. Stechira May 09 2020 12:04 pm I do not speak English very well. With all the terrible screen writing and acting in k-drama lately. saragge.... lee jae hwang, Ces Nov 09 2010 3:44 am Regina Boyd Aug 25 2020 8:24 pm HWGA May 11 2020 12:02 am Gender: Male. Yes.. I just hopefully that someday I could see u in live peson. How old is this drama, really? i like u so much. The lead actress has her own persona that makes you love her. and hope if you happen to have a baby you will name it after my name...lovelle nicole is my real name...tnx.. nicole kate Jan 24 2011 2:26 am Norma Sep 15 2020 1:49 pm Yang Geum-Seok: Lee Won-Jae… Lala Sep 07 2020 7:04 am if ( dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value > 0 ) { What happened? I'm so sorry to hear that ... The current plot may not only decrease the number of audiences but also damage good images of Korean peoples. I always His T.v Show hir in the phiL. Cristine Adlawan Jun 19 2020 11:17 am I am into ep. Bell Sep 07 2020 9:40 am Waiting for Mr. Ha return as the key to uncover all of Mrs Kang's crime. Can't wait to see how the love between the leads will bloom and survive all the future challenge!

Age: 43. I can't stand it anymore ?. I feel so disapointed. Too bad. 313 Engineering Lab saranghae Sep 07 2020 12:26 pm You are the only korean actor that i like. var dropdown = document.getElementById("cat"); Let's start a fan club for Leon.

One of the precious celeb listed in Actor list. Hope Seok Hwan is not the successor. We Are Dating Now (SBS, 2002)

Mc Sep 19 2020 6:21 am

Jae-hwang Lee is a well known Actor. Please Come Back, Soon-Ae (SBS, 2006) I love Pil Jung and her spirit..she never yield. A lot of viewers have left or leaving. hope you could email me sometime. This drama was a bit of a tough start but it's getting better by the episode. You look quite handsome with short hair, much much better long hair. I am a Mauritian of chinese origin living very far away and I have been watching your movie, temptation of wives and I have been touched by your personality and you look great. hi i think iranian realy love u i would love to watch them!!!! I love the plot. Jae-hwang Lee is a well known Actor. lrt Sep 12 2020 4:14 am Tae-Sub goes bankrupt and causes trouble, but Pil-Jung struggles to get out of the problems caused by Tae-Sub. Mom Has an Affair (SBS, 2020) Backflow (MBC, 2017) Eve's Love (MBC, 2015) Hold My Hand (MBC, 2013) I Like You (SBS, 2012) Smile, Mom (SBS, 2010) The way how their lives cross and their relationships develop through every episode is very interesting. This drama is spreading very toxic or immoral materials to viewers. saranghae May 23 2020 1:12 pm The leading lady, PJ is really kind but too timid. Flower of Evil (tvN) And see the antagonistic have a taste of her own medicine hihi. its pretty clear what will happen in the end. Le Jae Hwang is really a handsome guy and a great actor.

Lies of Lies (Channel A) your acting skills are amazing and so touching. That Summer Typhoon (SBS, 2005) 4 talking about this. The characters a one dimensional. epi 85 omg omg omg huge huge neutron bomb dropped in this epi the one that destroy nothing but make alll disappear omg whoahahahahaha minho is in deep trouble ok I like the part of the drama where the evil people starts crumbling like eun joo she already got away with many bad deeds now is the time to pay for all of it her only solution is to make minho disappear but how?? I'm excited everytimes I see him. Take care. Awaken (tvN)

i like ur acting in temptation of wife as gun woo..nice man,cool, . TDS Sep 23 2020 9:42 am