ILLUMINA has participated in the production of many excellent movies and TV series. Legend of Fuyao- Drama vs Novel - Ninja Reflection. Chinese novel usually employs a lot of imagery and awesome poetry like descriptions…which makes translating them REALLY difficult and that’s why I skipped out by doing the novel summary, wisely leaving the actual translation to those much smarter than myself. I haven’t seen Princess Weiyoung – so I’ll have to check that out . Everywhere else kept trying to kill my OTP so I can’t like any of them. But FuYao only has eyes, heart, and body for Wuji ♥ (PS. Drama Geek: The main couple was really what pulled me into to watch this show, and at the end of the day, I wasn’t upset if none of the other characters were a part of the end.

The Empress stroked her chin and smiled at the third prince. What is building a bridge out of nothing for Wuji?

In Eph 65, Wuji asked his master to remember the Laws of the Firmament: That one who survives the punishment of the four realms will become intangible, will be considered as if coming from the Divine (heavenly) Palace and will obtain help from Evergreen Palace. Why…do you insist on killing her?” WJ: For her, I fear no worldly disruptions and temptations, and withstand all torture that life throws. I hope that the cloud computing industry will truly penetrate the film and television industry in the future and provide more technical support for the film and television industry.

There was sure a ton of flashback in these last four episodes. What more can a mother ask?” Death is just a long slumber. One of the reasons why I love reading drama recaps (especially chatty recaps like these! It is the fastest-ever Chinese TV series to hit 1 million views on YouTube. Share in the comments! There are lines of dialogue spoken by our H/h that they didn’t translate. When Lord Chang Qing pays Wuji a visit, he became furious when he saw a giant eagle belonging to a senior member in Chang Qing standing right on top of Wuji’s chest. And speaking of Celestial Palace, I’m not so sure that that’s where the last scene on the bridge takes place (since the drama doesn’t explicitly say). Title: Legend of Fuyao (扶摇) # of episodes: 66 Release date: June 18, 2018 Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday Where to watch: Viki (subbed); Youtube (raw) Episode 26 The real Wuji pulls Fuyao into an embrace and she is shocked at first but quickly recognizes him. FY: And if the secular world falls into chaos? I never knew that Chinese scripts could reach this level of depth and meaning. Has the author ever disclosed why the second male leads stories ended this way? 2.

Placing a gentle kiss on Fuyao’s face, Fuyao’s mother whispers “Go…I love you. I’m just going to have to sit thru the ads. okay, you still might enjoy it for the most part (shout out to MiataMama for letting me talk her into watching it with me!).
Their sizzling chemistry and the creative fight scenes are worth the watch. His love for everyone and loyalty to Fuyao made me want to just hug him. Yang Mi & Ruan JingTian – OMG!! No one tops the wedding parade That was the most hilarious one! By sugarplum , June 6, in Mainland China. I’d spun this tale of Fei Yan rescuing the child at the last moment and raising her as her disciple, which was why Tai Yan was so drawn to Wu Ji, not out of romantic love but because her unsuspecting self was drawn to her half brother. Behind her, Zhangsun Wuji knitted his brows slightly. So Fuyao recites the poem she found in Wuji’s room. when lian’er was taken, she was old enough to remember her identity as a princess and her name unless she has memory loss. The total effect time of Legend of Fuyao is nearly 1700 minutes, and the total number of special effects shots is nearly 30,000. I will be the first to admit that I was relieved when this drama finally ended. What did you think of the Legend of Fuyao? it was wonderful to chat about the show with you guys! Instead, I would describe myself as confused. So upon revisiting the ending, we noticed that the translations, while still pretty vague, point toward Wuji and Fuyao being very much alive and living happily ever after (which makes all of us very happy). ), • Wuji’s master had placed great expectations on our hero because Wuji is actually the reincarnation of the First Lord of Chang Qing.

The poem they read at the end was actually the novel’s opening and it’s a conversation between Wuji and someone else in the book. An entirely different kind of scene I found incredibly powerful was when Wuji found out Fuyao had been taken by his brother. I really enjoyed Eternal Love (it has to be one of my all time favourites) and Princess Agents. They both die. I liked the part where our hero outsmarted his master but the author kinda overdid it with the tragic self-sacrifice thing (as this particular author is wont to do throughout the story) that it really overshadowed Fuayo and Wuji’s happy ending. Painfully we get to the last segment of this drama and Fuyao is able to overcome her fate (which is destroying the five kingdoms) by dying (with Wuji) and going to what would appear to be heaven. i ecen checked cast info for details but it wasnt mentioned. 6. What’s with the cheesy props?

Wuji in this segment dies and comes back to life. Wuji finds out his birth secret, not that it did him much good. Now that she knows her daughter is happy she can finally close her eyes in peace.

Fuyao was lucky to have these men in her life, the real Fu Yao is able to take control and stab herself to save him.

It is indeed an excellent translation…enough to make me feel like I really should leave the novel translation to the professional. For years, everyone in Chang Qing had thought Tai Yan is Wuji’s nemesis but of course, Tai Yan was always secretly working with our hero and creating the necessary distractions to allow our hero to put his plan in place while keeping Fuyao off his master’s radar. Belatedly realizing that he had been tricked all along, Lord Chang Qing tries to cut off the transferring of energy to Tai Yan but by then, it is too late. In fact, the previous master almost ends Wuji in order to protect her. Raksasa pearl is known for its soothing properties, as well as its ability to stabilize the meridians and solidify energy. One is a big strapping lad who gets in trouble wherever he goes. If you don’t like historicals or fantasies or long dramas, well . (Warning: Spoilers from the novel.) The show made a big deal that Wuji is the ONLY person that can kill Fuyao…but that part never came up since our hero was tied to the ice block most of the last episode and by the time the demon came out, he was beaten up so bad I am not sure he could’ve killed her even if he wanted to. (Clkytta: Our love of shirtless Wuji is well known. Wuji love for fuyao to ensure she is always safe. Get notified about every new blog post by signing up with your email address below. Wishing she’d be with William Chan on Novoland!). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. first, it seems as though fuyao at the end of the series is still jealous that the poem wuji wrote was for a possible sect sister. Well, we have a list for that: Qi Yun (sorry), Prince Unmanned, Folian, and the PM’s niece and FuYao’s first love. There was a feeling that this cast got along off screen and enjoyed doing this film. The future is right upon us. Loved her even more! There was sure a ton of flashback in these last four episodes. I’ll just go back and watch the scene where Fuyao served him up on a platter. Drama Geek: I’m cheating and picking two. LOL. The trauma caused our heroine to block out the memories) so while he loves Fuyao but he also feels like he has no right. (The real father actually came from another realm.) On Fuyao’s travels her companion (Xiao Qi) gets abducted and she meets Prince Zhang Bei Ye (portrayed by Vengo Gao) and his stalker/admirer, the Princess of Qiongye Tribe, Ya Lan Zhu (portrayed by Zhang Ya Qin). TBH FuYao lost me early on. I love the scene where he is seducing Fuyao with his fighting skills and naked upper torso. Also, the Prime Minister was a great villain. Tee hee. That’s why he vanished after their convo. He suggests that her death may not be the only solution and asks to be allowed to find a way. I agree. Hahahahahahaha. I prefer the drama over the book coz the author gave the ML intelligence over the top but in the drama he seems more human than god.

And didn’t like any other such dramas.. In fact, I might just go back and watch some of their scenes again. More chatty recaps, please!!!! Overall, I still can’t move on with this drama. Just marathoned thriugh the entire thing… i have to say i could have been happy to reduve to 40 episodes and get rid of all Gaston scenes, all emperor i was wronged bits and the really unrealistic girl dies just to revive again by magic… the first older brother was annoying but his character is not really there for long so its tolerable. I had fun watching this, and I might actually go back to it someday. Death to the traitor and long live Prince Wuji … a very depressed Wuji who has a fake dad who is crazy … but still. She can’t make Fuyao live the rest of her life in remorse. Thank you so much for commenting!! I didn’t really think about her birth origins that much, I just wanted to see her die a slow painful death after she put the plague on so many people. !” “What a stupid question!” A furious Lord Chang Qing yells “That woman is a demon! Smiling weakly, Wuji changes the subject “Master…she is following all the protocols to come up to make a request. How can they get out of heaven’s peak when the bridge which was the only passageway from there was destroyed?

I think there must be nuance within the Chinese that just isn’t making it to the English. therefore how can I stand in place and wait for time to waste idly by. It was a great show with mix of love & fighting scene. this is the drama that brought me back to c-dramas and i’ve been obsessed with finding any information on it. Here is an interesting conversation between our hero and his master: The energy Lord Chang Qing took into his body that was supposedly Fuyao’s was of course not our heroine’s but was from another source that would ensure Lord Chang Qing’s downfall. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. (That’s why our heroine was from the modern time in the novel.) Go, go where you want to go and do what you want to do.” Gently caressing Fuyao’s hair, Fuyao’s mother smiles “I saw your happiness. And schedule management, and even achieve automatic management of budget, time and other aspects to maximize efficiency. What are difficulties to make shots in the production of the whole drama? • Sneaking into the Chang Qing’s temple after giving herself to Wuji just hours before, Fuyao is moved to tears to find Wuji already there waiting for her knowing full well that their night of passion was Fuyao’s way of saying goodbye. With Tian Ji pressuring Wuji to kill Fuyao and the burden of saving the kingdoms weighing on Fuyao’s shoulders, they go straight to Qiongcang for a last ditch effort to change destiny. The English translation probably changed it a bit since it’s quite hard to translate (they’re like those ancient text poems). In the novel, Fuyao’s mother was a lowly palace maid and was forced to hide Fuyao when she found out she had been impregnated by the emperor…especially knowing that if the empress (who was prone to jealous rage) was to find out, then both herself and her daughter would be killed in the cruelest way. the series started off strong but i feel as though they swapped writers as the banter and wit between wufu changed two thirds into the series. (To be fair, young Wuji was trying to figure out a way to take Fuayo back.)

So why all the quotation marks? “He’s beautiful, but not shirtless, so it really doesn’t matter.”).