Order of Roles Given: Role 1 – Mafia – JanitorRole 2 – Mafia – Pool (RB/MD/TR)Role 3 - Neutral – Pool (LAW/HP/BG/RG)Role 4 – Town – CopRole 5 – Town – DoctorRole 6 – Town – Pool (RB/MD/TR/JK/CMD/RT)Role 7 – Town – Pool[Everything before this is a minimum game of 7 Roles][Everything below this is added 1 Role at a time until a maximum game of 30 Roles is reached]Role 8 – Town – PoolRole 9 – Neutral – PoolRole 10 – Town – PoolRole 11 – Mafia – DonRole 12 – Town – VigRole 13 – Neutral – SKRole 14 – Town – PoolRole 15 – Mafia – Pool (+The Survivor/Neutral)Role 16 – Town – Pool (+BD)Role 17 – Neutral – Pool (+Magnet/Mafia)Role 18 – Town – Pool (+Guide)Role 19 – Mafia – Pool (+Power Cop)Role 20 – Town – Pool (+Dragger)Role 21 – Neutral – Pool (+Jester)Role 22 – Town – Pool (+Reverse Dragger)Role 23 – Mafia – Pool (+Snoopy)Role 24 – Town – Pool (+Princess)Role 25 – Neutral – Pool (+Cult)Role 26 – Town – Pool (+RB/MD/TR)Role 27 – Mafia – PoolRole 28 – Town – PoolRole 29 – Neutral – PoolRole 30 – Town – Pool. Takes over killing role if Master Sentinel dies. At night, you may target another player, and that player will be Misdirected and forced to target a random player other than himself or his original target You win when there are no more threats to the Town.You are the Town Tracker.
(Possiblity of more than 1 Superman.

Detects as Superman.

The game goes by many names: Mafia, Werewolf, Killer, Assassin, Detective, Witch Hunt, Lupus in Tabula, Slasher, and others. This month's featured role is the Follower!. You may not be assigned to make the kill unless you are the last remaining member of the Mafia. Mysterio - Can choose one target a night to make hallucinate. Once per game, you may target another player, that player will be Blocked, and no other player will be able to target that player, forcing them to fail. - Leader of Sentinels.

Only you will see the cleaned targets role and last will. Mafia-Aligned Roles Mafia - Regular mafia-aligned role.

This is to help offset the fact that the Mafia will likely be inflated if he is on the team.The Mafia is given access to a Power Cop at 19+ players.

Spy - May, once per night, either detect somebody, learning their role, or tell one detection result to the mafia. At night, you may target another player, and you that player's power.

The elegance of mafia, mixed with crimes beyond ones imagination. This is to give the Mafia a higher percentage at safe claiming one of those three roles, and it also makes the Town spread less predictable. The autopsy will be included just after the Snoopy write up if applicable. If player says "I face stab " during the daytime the target is instantly killed. You win when there are no more threats to the Mafia.You are the Mafia Magnet. Dark Phoenix - Phoenix transforms into Dark Phoenix after a certain number of days.

Use our Mob name generator to get your nickname and occupation today on The Mob Museum Las Vegas website. If he knows that he is a carbomber or not is entirely up to the host. If you die at night, the following day phase will be skipped.

You are a Neutral Survivor and also win with either the Town or the Mafia if you are the last Survivor remaining.You are the Hider and Pusher.

Esentially immune to lynching. Once per game, when you are assigned to make the kill, your action cannot be Blocked, Misdirected, or Doctored; and you will always be able to find your target. As mafia players already know who is mafia and who isn’t by virtue of being able to communicate with fellow mafia players, a mafia-aligned cop will receive information about the role of the person they choose to investigate. You will be notified of the Character’s name of your target. Heroes Faction (cognizant of each other's alliance after Day 1), - Five White Russians, can be used for detects (no more than X uses by Day X), - gets one protect each time someone from another faction mentions X (max three per two days); use at your discretion, - requires person of choice to say at least ten words a minute; if they don't, they die, - target redirector (limit one per night/day cycle), - at any one time (except during vote), can kill themself to make someone else a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever (essentially Seductress, but sends people to Lebowski if seduced), - would kick someone from the channel and then reinvite them right before voting.

Is not aware of who the other villains are, the other villains are not aware of Mystique.

This is set up so that the Town always has either 50%+1 (for odd player games) or 50%+2 (for even player games).For most games, the Mafia:Neutral set up will either equal or the Mafia will have 1 more player than Neutrals. the informed minority) takes this time to kill the Town off 1 by 1 while the Town tries its best to thwart the Mafia's plans. Mafia Town is a slightly changed version of Mafia making it more complex. The Mafia (a.k.a. This is to make the number of Mafia less predicable.The Neutral in the Mafia pool has a win condition to outlive all other Neutral Survivors, and he has a JK+Name Cop power to try to find the other Neutrals. - Mafia aligned, Once a night can make strap a bomb to the person he chooses. A silenced player may not be lynched. His win condition is not dependent on any Mafia or Town success, so he has little reason to go after the Mafia or help the Town (as both factions would rather keep the Survivors alive for votes).

In the latter case, if your target is also the target of a kill, you will die as well In both cases, if a kill is successfully Misdirected, you will win. If you are assigned to make the kill, your action cannot be Blocked.

- Judge. Enter some choices, one per line, in the text area below, and click "Choose" to pick randomly from them.

Once per game, you may target another player, and that player will not appear in the following write up. At night, you may target another player, and that player will become bulletproof for the night and cannot die.

They know who Bunny and Treehorn are, but Bunny and Treehorn don't know who the Nihilists are. - Uses hex power which has a 50% chance of randomizing their target's night action. Addendum: I have decided to increase the Town pool at Role 14 with the dupe RB/MD/TR roles.

At night, you may submit a description of a scene, and that scene will be included in the following write up.