/Tx BMC To ensure the vehicle is repaired to the original condition it was in prior to being wrecked. In addition to obtaining a title for car ownership, motorists must apply for registration materials before they can legally operate the motor vehicle on state roads. When applying for new vehicle registration materials, applicants must submit the vehicle’s current title, a Power of Attorney form (if applicable) and payment for registration fees, in addition to all titling documentation. “Motor Home” – A new vehicular unit, designed to provide temporary living quarter, built into as an integral part of, or permanently attached to, a self- propelled Motor Vehicle chassis. Selling Abandoned Vehicles for Repairing, Towing and/or Storage Costs under Miss. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Get Form Open the form. If the vehicle sustained damage from collision or other occurrence or is recovered theft, will it require replacement of six (6) minor component parts?

Motorists who are preparing to get a DMV new title in Mississippi or a title transfer procedure may have to follow different regulations and satisfy other requirements. Has been towed at the owner’s request; Where there has been no admission on the estate of the deceased vehicle owner-affidavit on Form 65-015 is required. Statutes and Rules and Regulations Authorization For Interstate Exchange Locate the box the labeled “Odometer Reading” then enter the Mileage displayed on the Vehicle’s Odometer. The first-stage and multi-stage certificate of origin shall accompany the application for title and the title document shall reflect the first- manufacturer’s VIN and the multi-stage manufacturer’s name. If more than 1 page is required you may duplicate form 78-021 1. 07/17) 1. A component part shown in paragraph (5)(a) not listed in this section which is common to truck, truck type vehicle should be listed from (5)(a) if repaired or replaced. 3. Such application shall be made by the insurance company in the manner and in such form prescribed and provided by the Department. Section 63-23-1 et seq. If current Bill of Sale or Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin shows only one owner and said owner desires to include as additional owner on Title, both names must appear on 78-002 (Application for Certificate of Title) and both must sign said form.

But the fact is that many motor vehicles are now in the hands of owners where the sellers have long since moved from the vicinity where the sales were made. 11/09/12 Mississippi DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE TITLE BUREAU - POST OFFICE BOX 1383 JACKSON MS 39215 This Form is to be typed or legibly printed using blue or black ink.

On the last blank line of this paragraph, enter the Mississippi County where the Agent resides.

Applicants may obtain a fast-track certificate of car title using the addresses below: To get a car title after purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, motorists must complete an Application for Certificate of Title (Form 78-002). 1 – Open The Appointment Form On This Page, Make sure you have the Grantor, Agent, and Vehicle Information where you may easily reference it. 2. If the word “salvage” appears on the title, the vehicle has to be inspected, Mailing Address: When an individual or company purchases a Motor Vehicle that came through a title exempt agency, such as agencies of the United States Government and such vehicle was manufactured or assembled after July 1, 1969, the new owner must make application for Certificate of Title. If the number customers is large, how to find the minimum edges to satisfy all customer requirements ? A towing company may sell a motor vehicle for towing, reasonable storage and necessary expenses to procure the sale under Miss. “Junk certificate of Title” shall mean; a document issued by the Department for a vehicle  which has been scrapped, dismantled or destroyed and the owner has surrendered the Mississippi Certificate of Title to the Department in Accordance with Miss.

The term component parts as pertaining to passenger vehicle as set herein shall mean; i. each door; MISSISSIPPI MOTOR TITLE APPLICATION Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Boat Registration 1505 Eastover Drive Jackson, MS 39211-6374 601-432-2055 www.mdwfp.com BOAT REGISTRATION # (If related) TITLE # DATE OF ISSUE PROCESSED BY: CHECK THE APPLICABLE BOXES 1. /Tx BMC Any information obtained from an authority other than the Mississippi State Tax Commission may not be complete. The rebuilder shall then make application for certificate of title as owner, surrendering the current title, Application for Inspection of a Salvage Vehicle, Completion of Vehicle Inspection, and proof of ownership of parts used in the rebuilding process. The leaf is either un-reachable (if the edge goes from leaf out) or the leaf is a sink (can't connect to anything else) if the edge is ->leaf. 11/09/12 Mississippi DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE TITLE BUREAU - POST OFFICE BOX 1383 JACKSON MS 39215 This Form is to be typed or legibly printed using blue or black ink. endstream endobj 38 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream /Tx BMC Any information obtained from an authority other than the Mississippi State Tax Commission may not be complete. /Tx BMC If there is no agreed retrieval date, the forty (40) days begins the day the vehicle is turned over to the dealer, repairman or wrecker service; Has been towed upon request of a real property owner upon whose property a vehicle has been left without permission of the real property owner for more than five (5) days. The repair or replacement of one (1) major part and four (4) minor parts as listed in Regulation 51.

( ) yes; ( ) no?. In the event an insured motor vehicle becomes a total loss, as a result of an accident, and the Insurance Company becomes the owner of the motor vehicle and subsequently sells this vehicle to a salvage or junk dealer, the vehicle is considered as salvage and ceases to be a Motor Vehicle. 2. On such requirement, the rebuilder shall proceed according to Section 104 paragraphs 1 and 2; Section 110 paragraphs 1 and 2, except there shall be no salvage certificate of title attached, but the certificate of title reassigned to the rebuilder shall be attached. Downloadable Forms and Documents Board Minutes Forms and Documents. INSURANCE COMPANY MAY RE-ASSIGN CERTIFICATE OF TITLE IN CERTAIN CASES: An insurance company which is authorized to underwrite policies in this state and others as authorized by the Tax Commission who acquire ownership of a motor vehicle in this state which it determines not to require application for certificate of title as provided in Section 101, paragraph 1 above, may transfer ownership of said vehicle by executing the space contained on the reverse of the certificate of title reserved for First Reassignment by Licensed Dealer, naming therein the purchaser, who may be the insured, a rebuilder or dismantler. Mini-bikes that are issued a road and bridge privilege license will be defined as Motor vehicle and are to be titled under the Motor Vehicle Title Act, Senate Bill 1688. Tougher Fuel-Efficiency Standards for Trucks Proposed in the U.S. How to Get a New Car Title in Mississippi. When any motor vehicle, as defined in Section 63-21-5 of the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Title Act, that has been previously titles is transferred from one owner to another, the new owner must make application for title and submit the existing title, properly assigned, as a supporting document to the application. The Department may require inspection of any vehicle prior to issuance of a new certificate of title. 2. 0 1. If ownership of a salvage vehicle has not been acquired by an insurer, the owner must surrender the certificate of title for such vehicle to a designated agent of the State Department prior to any sale or disposition of such vehicle and not later than thirty (30) days from the date that the vehicle becomes a salvage vehicle. EMC Vehicle owners must obtain an auto title on all motor vehicles with model years newer than 1969, or manufactured homes built in 1999 or later. The provisions of this section shall not apply to a motor vehicle which is ten (10) years old or older with a value of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) or less, or to a motor vehicle with damage which will require the replacement or repair of five (5) or fewer minor component parts. h�b``Pg``�� ��P+�0p�`�ԡ��!����c� �� EMC Jackson, MS 39205 The proceeds of the sale in excess of repair, towing, and reasonable storage expenses and all expenses incurred in connection with the sale shall become the property of the county and be paid to the chancery clerk of the county in which the sale was held to be deposited into the county general fund, subject, however to any rights of the recorded lienholder. The notice should also include the amount of charges due to claim the vehicle. When application is made for a certificate of title, the applicant will be provided a duplicate copy of his application. This type lease will hereafter be referred to as a Purchase Lease. The blank space between the terms “…Of The County Of” and “…the State of Mississippi” must have the Name of the County where the Grantor lives documented. Such photographs shall be made as follows: one (1) from each of four different angles looking from a fender on a line diagonally to the fender on the opposite side and end of the vehicle taken from a distance not more than six (6) feet from the vehicle and which clearly show the back or front, side and top of the vehicle from each angle. To transfer ownership of the vehicle or to encumber the vehicle, both signatures are required of both are living; if one of the parties is deceased, satisfactory proof of the death of the deceased and signature of the survivor. The application for certificate of title shall also include the documentation prescribed in Section 110 paragraphs 1 and 2 hereof. If the vehicle is a new one, a manufacturer’s statement of origin from the selling dealer will be required. Mississippi Registration Application C Corporation 1 . If the mileage of the Vehicle exceeds the Odometer’s limits to measure, mark the blank line first blank line. endstream endobj 30 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream In the event the name and/or address of a Designated Agent, Dealer, Owner, or Lienholder is too long to be handled by our mechanical capabilities the State Tax Commission may use abbreviations when necessary. iv.