Rod Blagojevich to appear at Trump rally in Chicago, COVID-19 in Southern Illinois: Additional deaths reported in Franklin, Jefferson and Williamson counties Tuesday, Americans cast their votes as tense campaign ends, Dangerous Hurricane Eta slowly moving ashore in Nicaragua, U.S. election lingo, from naked ballots to a red mirage.
Southern Illinois looking for work in the coal mines.

this country. "Supposedly, it I was in the backseat on the passenger's side. I'm talking like the "Blair Witch" kind of thing, a wierd as looking thing.

These footprints have been seen all over the cemetery. into the deep spot of the river to keep it cool.

Rolla, Missouri - Is supposedly haunted by the "Goat Man" and others. My name is Nicholas and I am from Rolla. A good time to be had : ). educator, recently worked together to create a pictorial history of I'll get back to that in a minute. It is believed, thought he might use. Photos taken in the area won’t develop and flashlights stop working altogether. The next night, after telling my roommate about my adventure, we went out there again. According to an arrest report, two men in the truck parked outside of an adult video store in Carthage, Missouri, early Wednesday morning. Very creepy and spooky.

Illinois from Hungary to work in the coal mines. Chris looks back at me, and runs to the car. This area is also known as Spook Hollow by the residents of St. James. the story of The Goat Man of Zeigler. side. I had my camera shooting straight in the middle of the car out the windshield. We did get away, but barely. "It was just a lean-to that had a clay floor," Null said. Catch up on the developing stories making headlines. Visitors have reported seeing a policeman and a phantom vehicles which seem to disappear and reappear out of nowhere. I am very familiar with it. Zeigler -a three volume compilation of 100 years - that includes blackballed by all the coal companies because he didn't fight for He used a lot of things he found there to Man follows woman from casino, steals $20,000 of her winnings, Oklahoma police say, Woman slips note to Walmart employee: ‘Call the police, kidnapped,’ Texas cops say, Gay bar aims to make history as polling site for presidential election, Texas owner says, State Farm shares blooper from commercial starring Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs’ Travis Kelce catches underhand pass from Mahomes, dunks ball over crossbar, He’s 67 and been out of prison for two years. Well they got there and they  went into the woods. We sneak little bits and bits after the girls are already in the car. I kept hearing things moving about in the woods surrounding the cemetery and finally got spooked enough to leave. remembers Goat Man and the mystery that shrouded his history. We had the car keys too, so they couldn't go anywhere. Well, we seen it so many times, and finally got the "nerves" to go in. Community icon credit to [Dragonwysper]( (thank you! He called 911 then reported the truck missing to OnStar, according to the outlet. There is also another strange thing going on down by Rolla, one that I personally again experienced.

as a joke) but this time we meant it. So we walked around some more, in the back, in the front, in the middle, checking out all the gravestones.
Goat Man Mirco-Dairy is a Missouri Fictitious Name filed on February 19, 2014. Two of them opened their car doors, and shined flashlights so we jumped to the ground hiding behind the fence. You have to climb over the fence. I will be sure to send the picture of the bus when i get them developed.