Yamato appoints a new member to Kakashi's team, a decision which proves unpopular. To break the cycle of hate, Naruto heads to where the real Pain is hiding. The sealing team members track down the Three-Tail, but are being watched. Prodigal daughter Tumi goes home for the holidays and manages to ruin her sister's wedding plans. Guren's men learn of the presence of Kakashi's team. Naruto gathers his friends to announce that he will defeat Sasuke alone. Meanwhile, Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi follow Team Samui, hoping to meet the Raikage. Jiraiya briefs Yamato on the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within Naruto, and after a bumpy start, the new Team Kakashi heads out on its first mission. A collector’s dream! Kakashi's team is forced into an unplanned battle. Asuma's team plans to intercept the Akatsuki at the bounty payment point. While Guren and Naruto battle the beast, the unthinkable happens. Meanwhile, Naruto learns about the strengths and weaknesses of each of the five chakras. Naruto finds a rock pasted with a peculiar talisman, which he tears off without thinking.

Hearing reports of the Fire Temple's destruction and the Akatsuki’s infiltration into the Fire Country, Tsunade orders the 20 new teams into action. Meanwhile, Sasuke senses it's time to confront his mentor.

After training with Jiraiya for more than two years, Naruto returns to Konoha, where he soon runs into Sakura and Konohamaru.

Hinata steps up to face a powerful enemy and reveals a long-hidden secret. Hoping to learn more about Sai, the Konoha team decides to look at his picture book. and that picture of your dad next to that sweet car. Little do they know that Shikamaru has figured out a way to turn their powers against each other. It started with an old love letter — and turned into a new romance. Kabuto plans to use Yūkimaru's powers to break the sealing barrier. The Nine-Tails' chakra inside both Naruto and Sora begins to manifest itself. A single mom becomes entangled in a twisted mind game when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while bonding with his mysterious wife. While Team 7 and Team 10 work together to help a struggling village, a shocking truth comes to light. Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon are shocked to see their home village. Orochimaru proposes a plan to Guren.

Little does he know that he's fallen into a trap. An urgent message from Lady Tsunade leads the Leaf ninja to the site of a recent attack, where Naruto fights a mysterious man. Some old stuff is cool. Receiving a report of the beast's emergence, Tsunade plans a counteroffensive. Sakura reveals that she had taken an antidote to Sasori's poison -- but it will wear off in three minutes. While cleaning through the remains of Ninja Academy, Iruka finds an old pillar and recognizes it as a memoir from Naruto's early years as a student. Naruto learns from Sai that Sakura intends to kill Sasuke with her own hands, and Gaara asks what action Naruto will take as Sasuke's friend. Naruto visits Sakura, who is caring for Tsunade. Meanwhile, Shiranami reveals his plans to Hotaru. Meanwhile, Hidan and Kakuzu near the end of their hunt for the Two-Tails. A heartbroken Naruto wanders the streets of the village, while Tsunade tries to decode the message from Jiraiya. Guy resorts to extreme measures in his battle with Kisame.

Underneath the village, Danzo takes action to achieve his ambition.

As Kakashi's and Guy's teams try to overcome the barriers to the hideout, the Akatsuki learn that one of the intruders is the Nine Tails Jinchuriki. After learning of Nagato's painful past, Naruto gives his own answer to the quest for peace, triggering Nagato to recall a promise he made long ago. A new Blu-ray bundle of the classic Naruto movies in a deluxe cover featuring original artwork by American comic book legend, Whilce Portacio (Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man).First young Naruto and friends guard a princess in Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow.Then it’s a battle over a dangerous relic in Legend of the Stone of Gelel. The Leaf Intel Division interrogates a beautiful kunoichi spy named Hanare. Meanwhile, Asuma's team reports its mission's tragic result to Tsunade. He's done well so far, but with the looming danger posed by the mysterious Akatsuki organization, Naruto knows he must train harder than ever and leaves his village for intense exercises that will push him to his limits. Team 7 searches for thieves who stole a precious statue.

Guren and Naruto fall victim to the mist emitted by the Three-Tails.

Tsunade comes face-to-face with Tendo Pain on the rooftop of the Hokage mansion. Ignoring Kakashi's orders, Obito sets out on his own to rescue Rin but quickly finds himself in danger. The risk of seeing Kyubi lose control again is nearing. Sakura wants to desert her village to join Sasuke. Rinji tells Yukimaru the truth about his mother's death, hoping his reaction will rile the Three-Tails. Naruto Uzumaki and his team undertake a new challenge, fighting the sinister Akatsuki organization to save Gaara, a village leader. The Konoha ninja have returned, but Naruto must find a new team member when Kakashi is hospitalized. Chiyo and Sakura release Naruto from the genjutsu, while Guy frees Neji, Rock Lee and Tenten after finally defeating Kisame. In the Akatsuki hideout, Madara gives Sasuke startling news about his brother and begins to unwind the complex history between two clans. Naruto and Utakata search for the source of strange phenomena in the village. Shikamaru decides that separating Hidan and Kakuzu is the only chance they have at conquering the duo, so he sets out to create a diversion. Naruto and Sakura finally reunite with Sasuke, who remains steadfast in his resolve to get revenge against his brother Itachi. As Naruto prepares to host Gerotora, he is filled with doubts. Naruto and Jiraiya attempt to save a village from Kandachi, Hanzo's former right-hand man. Starring Omar Sy. Sakura recalls the time that she suffered symptoms similar to a disease caused by a mysterious virus. The Konoha team confronts Sai, who reveals his true orders. Meanwhile, the Village Elders of Konoha formally appoint Kakashi to Hokage. Kabuto orders Yukimaru's return at all costs. On the way, he comes across Shikaku and Inoichi. The four Kage are startled by the sudden appearance of Madara Uchiha, who reveals to them his "Project Tsuki no Me.". Naruto begins his Sage jutsu training under Fukasaku, but quickly grows impatient with the first challenge. Killer Bee engages in a deadly battle against Kisame, who has come to capture the Eight-Tails. Meanwhile, Neji notices a strange presence on the way to the Leaf Village. Guren tries to capture the Three-Tails, but it doesn't go as planned. Granny Cat requests that Sasuke and Team 7 collect the last cat paw print for the Paw Encyclopedia, and the team heads out without Kakashi. After Sora learns shocking information about his father, Furido encourages him to seek vengeance. After training with Jiraiya for more than two years, Naruto returns to Konoha, where …

Meanwhile, Deidara searches for his arm. Naruto accuses Sasuke of wanting to kill Sakura and Sasuke tells him he murdered Danzo.

Recovering from their wounds, Naruto and Sakura accompany Yamato in pursuit of Sai.

As a medic ninja, Sakura creates an antidote to treat Kankuro. The team splits up to find Sasuke in Orochimaru's hideout. Naruto tests his collaboration jutsu against Guren's abilities.

Naruto starts his new training regimen, learning a shortcut. To prevent the cycle of hatred bound to occur should Sasuke be killed, Naruto goes to the Raikage and begs him to forgive Sasuke. His anger triggers the Nine Tails' chakra to go out of control. Asuma travels back in time to fight Furido's true form. As Naruto and Sakura celebrate their reunion with Inari and Tazuna, they recall an incident that took place after their mission in the Land of Waves. In order to bring back Sasuke and learn to defend himself against the Akatsuki, Naruto sets out on a journey to train under Jiraiya. Kabuto attacks the team and frees Sai, who then betrays him. Naruto comes upon a startling sight. Kakashi's team goes to visit the Fire Temple to resolve the frequent vandalization of the temple's graves. Team 7 arrives to assist Team 10 in its battle against Hidan and Kakuzu. Sasuke's hunger for revenge grows stronger, despite Naruto's protests; only Orochimaru's intervention prevents Yamato from taking Sasuke by force. Using the bat to track Guren, Kakashi sends Naruto to the lake to investigate. Relying on Naruto's power, Chiyo performs the Transmigration Jutsu on Gaara, a technique that carries a heavy cost. A desperate Deidara unleashes his biggest attack, using a special weapon he created to put an end to Itachi. Injured and outmatched, Jiraiya realizes a prophecy is playing out and risks his life to uncover the secret behind Pain's powers. Naruto is mystified by the villagers' behavior. Naruto prepares to unleash his new jutsu, Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken. While visiting the southern hideout to recruit Karin, Sasuke and Suigetsu discover she has a mysterious power over the prisoners.

Netflix uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Yukimaru delivers a startling message. But there's something Suigetsu wants in return. Blood is shed as Danzo fatefully encounters Sasuke. Now she must make things right before it’s too late. Naruto is attacked by a powerful Sasuke, who has an unexpected encounter with the Nine Tails. Tsunade decides to send Kakashi's team on a new mission.