It happens to women, too, although maybe not as much.

But still. I hope this helps explain! how does my like for him just disappear into thin air though???? Now you don't exist (to them). The "epistolary courtship" of online dating doesn't really offer this way of face-saving for either party. The user is immediately met with a purchase screen, where the user can purchase unlimited use for 6,3 and 1 month. It makes no sense to show a profile, allow the user to LIKE the profile but then not show up in LIKES because said profile has not logged in during the past 3 wks.
New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I was going to respond to a message after work today and it disappeared! Don't take it personally. OkCupid, is a mobile dating site that helps couples match based on preferences, as opposed to looks. OkCupid messages may disappear because they user has unmatched you, they blocked you, or they simply deleted their profile. Please try again later.

When someone sends you an introduction (a first message), it will be added to your Intros tab. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. All of these options result in OkCupid message disappearing. I don't yet see any evidence that OKC's deletion has made my likees reappear in Browse ... maybe they will. Your Conversations page will show all of the conversations with people you've Liked.

That girl will always have a potential date lined up if she wants. Like other mobile dating apps, OkCupid offers a swipe feature, where users are able to check out the profile of others and make a swipe left or swipe right decision based on what they like.

And I ran into the same problem you have. Users who want to continuously swipe with no pitch count, will have to find another app to use, because it’s not going to happen on OkCupid. It used to be great. If you Like the profile, then the introduction will move to your conversations page.

It's not the best habit, but it's a common habit, and it's an understandable one. This is significantly lower than other apps and can put a big hindrance on the user. I remember trying out OkCupid many years ago and really enjoying the user experience. Hell, I've had women flake out on me after they were the ones who suggested meeting. 2020. OkCupid users are able to add a small note to each user when they swipe, almost as a cover letter. So now you need to bookmark them if you really think you want to follow up.

Now it's just gone. And often the answer turns out to be: "eh.". I just reactivated my account and am beginning to regret doing so. I had about 46 disappear at once. How would the ideal person on OK Cupid handle this? I wish they'd just turn it into a pay site with all of the features left intact. If you're getting multiple replies that don't materialize into dates, chances are you are a backburner option for that girl and she has more interesting people in the queue at the moment. Similar to deleting the account, a user may disable or put their account into moderation hold if they want to take a break from the service. But this sort of thing bothers me too.