Springtails are amazing at keeping down mold in humid habitats and I highly recommend them.

Occasionally some snail babies are offered for sale. Be sure the substrate you use is free of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. You may be considering the purchase of live animals, not lifeless trinkets. I saw this guy and I’d make a species specific tank if they were for sale. If you would like to do a traditional terrarium with plantings, first put a drainage layer (approximately two inches) in the terrarium.

The slug can still mate as the egg producer in the future. Slugs are muscular and surprisingly mighty for their size. It does not apply to Giant African Land Snails, which are popular pets in other countries but illegal here in the US. I suggest doing more research into bioactive if you wish to keep your slug in this manner.

The first thing to keep in mind is that mating can be very hard on your slug or snail, and some (about a third) do not survive after laying eggs. Deroceras agreste, the milky or field slug, travels up to 40 feet (12.2m) a night.

Call for availability and price. Another option are other pre-mixed substrates safe for reptiles and invertebrates available from vivarium supply stores, such as The BioDude’s Terra Fauna, or NEHerp’s Vivarium Substrates 1 or 2.

Escape proofing is an important consideration, particularly for slugs. Hello Jesica. The smallest slugs and snails can be housed in 2.5 gallons. Many terrestrial slugs and snails are omnivorous detritivores, and as such, are high bioload animals -- they eat a lot and poop a lot. In non-bioactive habitats, replace the substrate every month or so.

Snails are packed in small plastic boxes filled with damp moss.

These lids can be easily modified by hot gluing fine screen to them to prevent this.

If you have any preference, let me know in advance. Alternately, you may be interested in keeping aquatic snails.

I admire all the shapes and colors they come in. FOR SALE. All rights reserved. The larger pair is used to detect light or movement. Slugs and snails do not have teeth.

This video of a yellow slug, Limax flavus, squeezing through a small tube, shows their flexibility, though I have no doubt that particular slug could fit through an even smaller hole.

This is Squelchie’s enclosure. It’s fairly important to have at least one hide; an enclosed plastic container, a flat piece of wood or cork bark, or something similar that the slug or snail can hide under. Giant African Land Snail -  Archachatina Marginata Rhodei Albino Juvenile Snail, Giant African Land Snail - Achatina Achatina Tiger Baby Snail, Giant African Land Snail - Achatina Albino Jade Fulica Baby Snail, Giant African Land Snail - Achatina Fulica Wild Caught Nigeria Baby Snail, Giant African Land Snail - Achatina Albopicta Baby Snail, Giant African Land Snail - Archachatina Marginata Albino Baby Ovum Snail, Giant African Land Snail - Achatina Albino Jadatzi Juvenile Snail. Thank you for the extra.

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Temperate terrestrial slugs and snails like cooler temperatures.

​I have purchased a few snails from you through Ebay, and couldn't be happier.
You can also use fake plastic or silk plants (also sold at pet stores), an easier and less chompable choice than natural plants.

A calcium powder purchased at the pet store and sprinkled over the food is another option, and some people even feed them crushed tums. If too much moisture is escaping, the screen should be partially covered by something impermeable. Commercial invertebrate food is also an option for feeding slugs. The most popular color?

This helps keep the moisture in the terrarium, and create humid micro-climates.

Snails don’t make any noise and harsh movements.

50% humidity with humid hides and micro-climates is generally good.


Here you can see what snails I have once had. Pill bugs sow bug and other isopods for pets and feeders for sale.