Essay, 5 pages. The most known about and fatal STD is HIV/AIDS which can be contracted from sex or drug use and is very fatal.

More common than sexual rituals, though, are ritual restrictions on and purifications of sexuality, and important rituals regulate sexuality in the broader culture as well as within a religion – particularly marital rites and the religious practice of celibacy.

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Some of the most widely held beliefs are that it is something to suppress and be ashamed of. Get a verified writer to help you with Gender Roles and Religion. Most of what we know of tantric love making is based on techniques and practices designed to enrich a couple’s sexual experience and deepen their intimate connection. Type: It is so easy to ruin ones future by making the decision to have premarital sex. Essay Sample: The article wants to make us to think about gender roles since a religious perspective, Christian and Islam share almost the same treatment against female ... Men are not required to take these extra steps with regards to sexuality. When girls and boys give into the pressure from the peers its can cause them to have premarital teenage sex, and as a result one could have much more serious problems. This is considered a sacred act so tantric sex is not generally used for casual purposes. ABC-CLIO, Goleta, CA.

Social scientists have long been interested in how cultural and structural characteristics shape individuals’ actions.

The first is the globalization of religions and their resulting encounter with each other, and the second is the need to redefine attitudes toward gender as women have stepped forward to insist that their full humanity be acknowledged, Influence of Religion on Developing Societies Family: Throughout history women and men have been stigmatized into categories based on their biological sex. In turn, humans should embody the moral goodness and excellence that is revealed to us by God. Gender Roles and Religion. Essay, 14 pages. The stakes are quite high in public debates around sexuality, and the flashpoints in contemporary culture are obvious: same sex marriage and family values; sex slaves and pornography; lgbtq identities and gender equality; abortion and pedophilia in the Catholic Church. They are also most likely to have an “upper hand” in situations based on their gender. The discourse on sexuality is present in all religions, but almost always in the form of taboos, and usually the mandatory compliance refers almost exclusively to women (Biernat et a.l, 485). Religious beliefs and practices shape sexual practices, beliefs, roles, identities, and norms; they are a key factor in the social construction of desire. The extent to which the "abnormal" is integral to the existence of "normal" is another important tool in evaluating categories of sexuality and gender identity. Furthermore, the creation and violation of personal sexual boundaries becomes a religious issue not only when religions are responsible for defining those boundaries, but also when religious leaders use their power and prestige to gain illicit sexual access to followers.

It is very interesting to notice how Christian reverence Mary and in the same way judge Eve as the bringer of the sin to Earth, I think that there is a double moral here. More and more teenagers are starting to have sex everyday. I t means that the problem is not the religions itself, but the fundamentalists are the ones which lead other people to think that religion in special Islam is a source of negative treatment against women. This holds especially true in the context of sexuality, which is generally practiced – or not – depending on the teachings of a religious group and the practitioner’s position within that group. Premarital teenage sex is also affecting girls and boys at younger ages each year. In particular, Religion can serve to give guidelines for different gender roles in a community. Several religions consider either women or (more commonly) men to be better suited to abstinence and therefore to advanced spiritual development; religion thus becomes an important determinant of gender roles along with attitudes toward sexuality. Often times what hinders the sexual experience is a fullness of the mind. The article wants to make us to think about gender roles since a religious perspective, Christian and Islam share almost the same treatment against female and some of their customs are in favor of women in the sense that they respect them as mother and wife. Originally tantric sex was a very highly regarded spiritual practice.

Despite of that, it looks like Christian and Islam have oppressed female. A common illustration of duality is seen often through the depiction of Shiva and Shakti. Teenage pregnancy can end up leading to lots of other problems for the young girls. So, we can see that at the end some of roles we have in our society have been affected directly or indirectly from what religion teach us.