I’ve never seen one of these in real life. I totally agree with the no umbrella tho. I'll post a photo of the finished project!! The problem is that it's a tutorial rather than "plans"--but if it's helpful, I'm happy to do so! Posted on April 9, 2020 Categories Garden & Yard, Woodworking Plans. UNTIL NOW!) Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube, Diy Squirrel Picnic Table Plans Pdf – Woodworking, […] Show me The Plans More @ www.charlestoncrafted.com […], Squirrel Picnic Table Plans – Woodworking Plans, […] Download Plan More @ www.charlestoncrafted.com […], Tensegrity Table Plans Pdf – Woodworking Plans, Picnic Table Plans For Squirrels – Woodworking Plans, Squirrel Picnic Table Plans Pdf – Woodworking Plans, Copyright by The Charleston Crafted Blog, LLC, 2020 | Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Personalized Backpacks with a Cricut for The Blue Ribbon Project, best tips for getting tools for free and cheap, Click here to download the squirrel picnic table plans, Cedar, redwood, or cyprus wood which is naturally water resistant. Or, near your living room window so you can look up from social media, have a laugh, and video the squirrels. Want to hop on the squirrel picnic table trend? Buy a pre-made squirrel picnic table on Etsy! Hopefully your computer cad program will accept that. The first visitor was a black bird. I hope it turned out well! When people are isolated, they can get a little creative. Set the dinner table for a friendly squirrel with this whimsical DIY … A man made a squirrel picnic table and shared the photo on Facebook, and then several people sent the picture to me and said I should make one. Excellent plan. Hopefully that helps :), I just built it and it was pretty easy except the screws were splitting the wood after i predrilled the holes, Yeah, pilot holes can be important--you may have to do a tiny one and then follow up with a bigger one before driving the screws. The width is three 2" pieces so it should be 6" wide, right? Thanks for the plans, most people try to keep squirrels away...and some of us are trying to bring them in..., Yes, I just used a block of wood to attach the table, and then I attached the block to a post on my deck. Like this plan? Here is how to make the easiest and cutest squirrel feeder ever!

Great job on the explanations Now off to the garage we shall go! What a great way to spend Mother's Day--I hope she enjoys them! I didn't even think of that when I published it! I had a bunch of scrap wood that it turned out were exactly the sizes you listed on your feeder plans. Thank you so much for sharing your plans with everyone!

They are usually (and by this I mean – people on the internet. So, I made a jig! You can turn off the use of cookies at any time by changing your specific browser settings. Also the way you can explain dimensions of wood that has mitered cut ends is by referring to the longer side(the pointier end of the board) as the "long point", and of course the other side the "short point. Thanks! First, here are the final cuts I made out of the warped board. May 18, 2020 - Want to make a squirrel picnic table? Pin for later! You will need a saw to build this project. Stay safe in Michigan! at April … I just re-measured and it was 2-5/8". As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Nice plan, thanks for putting it out there! One with reg scrap wood and one w picket fence scraps. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we earn a small percentage of each sale.

I'll report back on how they went, That is such and awesome gift! I just made one for my mom, thanks for the measurements that was a big help! As I said before, this table was NOT my idea... it came from a photo of a table that went viral. Thank you so much! I looked for more details and could not find my daughters e-mail so I had found your tutorial and used it. Best looking one I’ve seen. How to make a squirrel picnic table – free PDF plans! ;). I used #8 11/2" screws and they protruded on the other side so I had to file their sticking tips to make it safe. Interesting! Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for sharing! Just finished mine. Also, I cant figure out what you added to connect it to a tree or post? Animals doing human things make people happy. I was wandering what kind of screws you used such as size, type, and length? You will need a saw to build this project. From Kevin here in Texas Thank You and God Bless you and America. They were the best I could find on the internet. He was worried people at church might not like it, so I did not make one. I hope that you will build this picnic table and catch some photos of your neighborhood squirrels happy and cute eating away! I would like to make a suggestion. (Basically, this means that if you click a link to Amazon through my site and buy something, I may earn a commission). Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder PDF Printable Woodworking Plans. She loved it! Kalinowski's squirrel picnic table has become a huge hit on Etsy. I will try to turn it into a PDF so you can print. This miniature wooden picnic table is a DIY squirrel feeder and a conversation starter, too! My hubby has squirrels at church and Insaw this and thought it was cute.

The umbrella was a pain, but it's fun for the squirrels when it's raining out ;). I had to turn on comment moderation due to a ton of spam comments, but I will approve your comment ASAP. My husband bought me some lumber when he was at the store getting stuff for his reno project. We used a miter saw but you can make many types of saws work. When the sealer is dried it will not harm the squirrels or any other creature interested in a snack. People are bored, and sad, and scared. That is indeed a very thoughtful and great idea!!! If you download the PDF, you can print it from that! To see the expanded privacy policy, visit www.runsforcookies.com/p/privacy-policy.html. I've seen a couple different ideas. I lengthened the bench support beams to 12.5 inches since it looked like the drill hole from the outermost slats would potentially break the wood out. This blog does not share personal information with third parties nor does it store any information about your visit to this blog other than to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies. My plan is to build two of them today for mother's day (with the help of my two kids). It needs to be more like 2 3/4" . It was one of my favorite projects I've made :). Peanuts were on the menu. Turned out better than imagined, I'm so glad! :). ;), Easy to follow direction. Is that right? Basically anywhere you’d put a bird feeder. Squirrel picnic tables are incredibly simple to build. (Drywalling the garage), RECIPE: Gobby's Noodle Cream Cheese Casserole, A Ridiculous List of TV Shows I've Watched, A Great Sunday: 3-3-1 goals for the week start today, Jerry and I Answer Questions About Each Other, 3-Day Challenge Recap and Plans for Another. Here are some squirrel food ideas. When people are isolated, they can get a little creative. Thank you for sharing your plans. I’m too dumb to figure out how to attach a picture but wanted to give you credit per your note. Isn't it so fun to see them using it?! Hence, the birth of the squirrel picnic table. Runs for Cookies is not responsible for republished content from this blog on other blogs or websites without permission. Cooking with Non-Perishables (My Tips and Favorite... How to Sew a Simple Homemade Face Mask (a very det... How to Build a Squirrel Picnic Table (a tutorial), www.runsforcookies.com/p/privacy-policy.html. Well today we have our first ever squirrel in our back yard! Here is the PDF tutorial. Truly, this is a fun project that doesn’t have to last forever, so that might not bother you, but I wanted to be sure to disclose it! I like how you routered the edges of all pieces of wood, nice touch. It was hard to measure the legs because they were on an angle, but when I measured them from the flat top to the flat bottom, it was 5 inches. Great plans. ), but cool addition to our backyard. You can use any type of wood – scrap wood, pallet wood, plywood cut to size, anything. Thanks for suggesting that and again thanks for posting the plans.

I haven't worked with wood since 7th grade shop class (it's been a while haha) but I always want to. Here’s how to build a squirrel picnic table and FREE printable PDF plans so you can build your own. One man in Bryn Mawr built the world’s smallest picnic table, mounted it on his fence, and put treats on it. Why not? Thank you so much!

Buy a ready-to-assemble squirrel picnic table on Etsy! You don’t need many supplies or tools to build it! Step 1: Gather Your Materials. You can buy pre-made squirrel picnic tables on Etsy and Amazon. I have pre cut everything, but I don't see how the legs can be 5inches. We love creating printable PDF woodworking plans for you, so of course we had to make plans for this squirrel picnic table! Here are plans to build your own! It will protect the table from the elements making it last longer.