With over 35 years of experience we have the expertise on hand. Subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter & info about classes in your area! Prevent birds landing on their normal roosting areas with an application of Bird Repellent Gel, a non-toxic, sticky chemical that makes a surface tacky and uncomfortable to birds. Transparent Bird Gel should never be used on a vertical surface. F. Browse our list of effective, environmentally friendly bird deterrents, Contact us to find out how we work closely with companies. For commercial buildings, it might be the unsightly mess that drives customers away and literally tarnishes your appearance. Get rid of birds with 4 The Birds Liquid - Sticky Bird Repellent. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help you plan and implement an effective bird deterrent for your next construction project. Wineries have always had a romantic appeal to them, but sometimes they can attract the wrong crowd pigeons. Hot Foot Mist Nets allows you to safely capture and release pest birds in enclosed areas without injuring them. The sticky liquid is a long-lasting, safe, tacky substance that discourages birds … Toll Free: 800-392-6915 For companies engaged in food processing, manufacturing, or packaging, there is the always-present risk of health-related issues associated with their droppings, not to mention meeting federal and state regulations. The gel skins but never sets hard, yielding an unstable surface for the birds … Soaking crushed hot chili peppers in water for several days and then spraying bird-infested areas is effective. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Netting can be made out of old fishing seines for restricting bird access, sticky glue from caulking and petroleum jelly placed on ledges, or spikes made from nails in boards keep birds from … All Bird B Gone bird spikes are manufactured by Bird … Download a PDF of the Hot Foot Product Catalog, complete with ordering numbers for phone orders and material costing. Birds avoid Bird Repellent Gel like humans avoid wet tar. Fire retardant for safety, flexible and UV resistant base will stretch over bumps and even go around a 90 degree corner without the need for cutting and joining. If any traces are left, apply the product on a thin plate or a transparent plastic sheet and attach it to a problematic place. Great for façades, ledges, rafters, rooftops, rain gutters, on lights, CCTV cameras, and more. Bird Gel is applied to areas where birds are landing; birds will not like the sticky sensation on their feet and … If needed, we can also help you find professional installers in your area who will make sure it's done right. Download Transparent Bird Gel Safety Data Sheet (PDF), Data Sheet Eliminate the problem before you start your cleanup with Hot Foot disinfectants. Stainless steel spikes that protect natural roosting areas from pigeons and gulls. You can also erect bird netting around the plants in your garden to prevent pesky birds … When the wind blows, they make noise, as well as reflect the sun, which scares birds. Be careful and try not to damage the surface. Roofing contractors frequently report that pigeon droppings are responsible for a large percentage of roof leaks. Sticky repellents (Tanglefoot, 4-The-Birds, Roost-No-More) will make even cedar siding unwanted for birds. For industrial operations, birds can cause damage to buildings and equipment - even cause shutdowns in some cases. High quality formula quickly removes residue off of equipment and surfaces from Bird Proof Gel and 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent. By signing up, you will receive Bird B Gone, Inc. updates, offers, or other commercial messages. First, try this product on a small area.

Not all bird deterrents work with all birds. Edward holds an M.S. Plus, we help you at every step. Reduce time and energy spent removing liquid or gel bird repellent products. Set up carbide cannons up on timers to fire every hour or so to scare feeding birds from your garden or farm crops. Innovative, customized solutions for any size doorway from locker to hanger. Copyright ©2020 Hotfoot. A growing trend in the United States right now is for contractors to plan for and install bird deterrent systems as they are building or renovating. There are two reasons you might want to use a bird repellent. Sticky goo that birds hate stepping in – like mud in boots! This sticky gel makes roosting unpleasant for birds so they fly elsewhere, yet 100% harmless, completely effective, and environmentally friendly. Spring-loaded cable system that creates an unstable landing spot for larger birds, forcing them to roost elsewhere. Contact us by email or call us directly at Allows you to install and affix many Hot Foot products to any material including stone, brick, wood, and concrete. A rail shed used to unload food products was also a busy area for various species of birds roosting and nesting in the girders above - and causing a mess below. 4 The Birds can attract dirt because it is so sticky. One of the best and most effective homemade deterrents is strands of fishing line over ponds and open reservoirs placed about 25-50 yards apart.

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Subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter, info about classes in your area, product offers and more! Pest birds can seriously affect the way you do business. In this case study, we provide two different examples of how Hot Foot's Electrack bird repellent system helped remove roosting pigeons permanently, without ever harming the birds. Writing from his Cape Cod home alcove, Thomas Edward won American Express' National Humor Contest and wrote "Stern's Reminder," a nautical fiction, in 1999. Scare tapes, wind chimes, and other primitive deterrents are usually short-term solutions that will scare birds off for a season at best. Very low amperage, low visibility bird repelling system with a flexible track. Other deterrents include stuffed owls, rubber snakes, cats, dogs, balloons or beach balls with eyes painted on them, or cut outs painted to look like raptors. Keep in mind that many birds are protected species, and your purpose is to ward off or stop offending activities without harm them. Our solutions tend to be extremely low profile, so they are extremely effective at keeping away pest birds yet do not take away from the architectural beauty of the buildings being protected - and we’ve worked with some of the most beautiful buildings in the world including the Spreckels Temple of Music in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, the Tsukiji Hongan-Ji temple in Tokyo, Japan, and the US Capitol building. Transparent bird gel can be used on indoor or outdoor surfaces where birds are landing and lasts up to 6 months. … This low-profile netting does not take away from the building's beauty yet provides full protection against all pest birds. Bird Gels can often be a discreet and effective means of keepi... Our Bird Control Experts will help you choose the right product orfind a professional bird control product installer in your area! You must identify the attracting agents. Sometimes our fine, feathered friends are not that friendly at all. Read how Hot Foot custom-designed a system to "spot enclose" roosting areas without interfering with workers. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Great for DIY and professional solutions. This sticky repellent keeps birds away from larger areas and trees. Ideal for rooftops and other open areas. Starlings, crows and feral pigeons attack crops, raid garbage cans and defecate on people and property. During a free phone consultation, we can help you decide what bird deterrents will work best for your situation, help you plan and calculate your materials, and give you advice and tips about installing your deterrents. Not only do birds love eating the grapes, bird droppings make for an unwelcome addition to the vintage... Eco-friendly bird repellents are the best ways to ensure a contaminant-free operation. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions of Use. Hot Foot America works with contractors across the country, helping them determine their problem areas and providing detailed solutions (with materials and cost quotes). You can deter geese by floating a few swan decoys on your pond. Read how Hot Foot custom-designed a system to reduce the number of fish lost to cormorants down to zero - plus found a new use for this versatile netting. Birds roosting at this building in Northern California may have been above the courthouse, but they weren't above the reach of Hot Foot and our patented bird repellents.

Don't hesitate to contact us to answer your question or questions no matter how simple or complicated. It is also important to note that our solutions are 100% environmentally friendly, and do not kill or otherwise harm birds in any way. Literally a barrier between birds and their roosting areas. Strong, weather resistant, and near invisible to keep your building beautiful. Find out more about Hot Foot America or Browse our list of effective, environmentally friendly bird deterrents. Full instructions for installation are included on the product pages, or click here for a list of installation pages.