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Her most publicized shake-down attempt is "Lord of the Dance" Michael Flatley. Flatley, 49, said he was "very pleased" with the judgement against real estate agent

"It's not something I give a lot of thought to," he told one journalist, before sending her home with a £1,000 bottle of Petrus 1975 wine as a souvenir. "Ms Robertson tried to extort money from me by spreading these lies," said the former Riverdance star. He has counter-sued for $100 million. He won an $11 million settlement from Robertson proving his innocence, and is now doing the Riverdance all over her bank account. It was settled in 1999 with a confidential agreement acknowledging Flatley's contribution to the development of Riverdance.

Sentimentality will not resolve his current problems. Many people are searching on Tyna Marie Robertson because she had accused dancer Michael Flatley of sexual assault. Most Popular Now | 56,514 people are reading stories on the site right now. He is a man who likes to emphasise his class.

Profile: Michael Flatley: Michael Flatley may have danced for the last time onstage but he's now facing a new set of jigs and reels, writes Shane Hegarty. Telephone numbers for Tyna Marie Robertson and Mauro were not listed. He has recently been looking into buying a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, in order to bring "a bit of Irish magic to the strip". Tyna Marie Robertson, age 48, Joliet, IL 60435 View Full Report. A judge has ordered Tyna Marie Robertson - a 35 year old woman who accused Lord of the Dance - Michael Flatley of raping her in a Las Vegas hotel room. In 1995 he choreographed the seven-minute performance during the Eurovision intermission that turned an ethnic dance into the entertainment phenomenon of the decade, and which has been credited with bringing Irish culture to the world, and the world's money to Ireland. At the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, he announced plans to make Lord of the Dance: The Movie, confirming that he would play himself. It is unlikely, then, that a future biography will include the details of his current predicament. It is a story to bring a Celtic mist to one's eyes.

"Their relationship and everything that occurred between them that night was entirely voluntary and consensual on her part," according to court papers filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court. His bed is covered with a mink bedspread and he buys fine art. I just wanted to post this because I think it is so odd that this woman has apparently slept with both Michael Flatley and Brian Urlacher - two men who may in fact be the opposite of one another. He has suggested he could run for President of Ireland. After an undisclosed settlement with John Reid, he subsequently sued the Daily Mail for getting its figures wrong.

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Robertson had alleged Flatley raped her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2002 and threatened to sue unless he agreed to pay a "seven figures" settlement, according to court papers. The judgment order against Tyna Marie Robertson formalized a ruling made by Stern during a hearing this month. The biography on Michael Flatley's official website tells a tale studded with glory, of achievements against the odds, of his "ardent resolve" and "follow your dreams" philosophy, of how he "liberated Irish Dance from generations of rigidity" and brought Riverdance to the world.

Police declined to press criminal charges, and Michael Flatley said the sex was consensual.

He was reluctantly dragged to Irish dancing lessons at the age of 11, and says he only really began to enjoy it when he realised that it was a good way to meet girls. Let's take a look at the Tyna Robertson file, shall we. He boasts of spending £3,000 on a bottle of wine, £10,000 on a bottle of brandy and then sips it with the finest cigars. Tyna Marie Robertson had alleged Michael Flatley raped her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2002 and threatened to sue unless he agreed to pay a “seven figures” settlement, according to court papers. That didn't stop the record sales that accompanied each of his shows. Known Cities: Joliet IL, 60435, Willow Springs IL 60480, Joliet IL 60434 Possible Relatives: Marisol Robertson, Richard Charles Robertson… Flatley has denied the charge.

His mother was an Irish dancer and his father chairman of the Irish Musicians Association of Chicago, the city to which they moved in the early 1960s. "No one ever really did what I did before. They go into uncontrollable spasms when I am lying in bed.".
"The court sent a message that it will not tolerate these types of schemes.".

While both Feet of Flames and Lord of the Dance continue to tour, Flatley last performed in Dallas in 2001.

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An Irish boxing promoter offered him €1 million to get in a boxing ring again. Since then he has travelled the world with his Lord of the Dance and Celtic Tiger shows.