At tier 1 they’re a bit of a pain because they are so vulnerable and don’t usually have a reverse. And it dies to a fire (which I have no idea what caused it) and not my actual shots. What about killing Tigers though? Some people really like it and the gun is an improvement, but I find it inferior to the Challenger. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

The problem with British tanks is the under-performing AP ammo compared to say the Russians who get the nuke-like APHE and the fact you need to grind the decent ammo AND parts/fpe/crew to fight on an even(ish) level.

I think that skipping medium tank in favor of heavies and SPGs is better. Once you've got the decent ammo they are not so bad... grinding the extra mods though is a fucking ballache.

Of course sometimes it works, you shoot and you do damage, just not reliably so. The loader is being replaced, but all my shots do not even critically injure the loader again. Overall, there are good places to play and you can be competitive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, ️Your️dank️memes️can't️melt my️Kruppstahl️.

That's what I really want them to do.

They only have 2 tanks that use AP with an explosive filler (Sherman II and A1E1), so they are left with solid shot that is harder to use. Your enemies will get more and more armour, firepower, and mobility, while you languish in the same sort of crap you had at 1.0. That helps, it isn’t the cure for all movement when driving but it saves the crash stop, wait for the gun to stop bobbing around, then shoot delay...mostly. ... 10 War Thunder Tanks Tips for New Players - … Add to that the excess damage done by APHE and that is the reason that the British struggle at mst levels, and their BR rankings usually do not adequately compensate. What are you a pansy frenchman hiding in a box?

Comet is an improvement but has the classic Cromwell problems of paper armour despite having a 120mm turret front and no reverse. I want to try out British tanks but I just don't have a play style locked down. I havent played anything below the 17 pounders in ages. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. But it can work as a good sniper with 12 degrees of gun depresssion, 2 loaders and a 5 sec reload plus the 228 mm pen APDS that keeps a lot of pen out to long range. Both have the 20pounder (84 mm) with APDS with a stabiliser. Backing that up are the Challenger - a lot of people hate this and it has all the drawbacks of the Cromwell it is based on like no armour and no reverse and a huge high turret. At low tier British are quite decent, as the tanks down there do have mobility, nobody has armour, and enemies are generally smaller with fewer crew, making explosive filler of lower importance. Churchill has amazing armour and okay firepower, Achillies can pen everything it see's, and Cromwell is still amazing in BR 4.0. Of course when RNJesus frowns at you as it will, you will do zero damage to even a light tank. The Centurions though make the medium line worth grinding.

Then at 6.3 you get a significant bonus, Centurion 3 and FV4202.

The problem with British tanks is the under-performing AP ammo compared to say the Russians who get the nuke-like APHE and the fact you need to grind the decent ammo AND parts/fpe/crew to fight on an even(ish) level. And oh god that stabilizer and gun depression firing APDS on the move against unsuspecting enemies, glorious! Only the early heavy tanks look like a pain to me (up to the FV4202), Comet is dope tho and Churchill is fun when not uptiered to bounce literally everything. Well, up to the FV4202 British tanks are a pain in the arse to play.

Do tell. It is extremely trying to surprise an enemy, and place two or even three perfectly aimed shots into gunner, ammo, driver, and yet do absolutely zero damage and have them work out where you are turn, fire wildly and hit you at the absolute extreme end of your tank and yet have the shell ricochet into the centre and kill your entire crew, damage all modules, explode your ammo, and set you on fire.

FV does have a slow reverse, but better than the Cromwell etc super slow, FV is also like the Centurions pretty slow for a medium, max 37 or so kph. British tanks typically have a) no armour, b) no explosive filler in their ammo, c) no mobility (in some cases they lack reverse speed, in some cases they lack any speed). They don't have any filler so most kills take several shots.

Panthers are especially vulnerable to APDS through the UFP, and if you get a little elevation at not too long a range the 84 mm can do the same to a Tiger II UFP, which always surprises the heck out of Tiger II drivers. With all these powerful but low damage guns often head-on shots work best as it places the max number of enemy crew in the potential spall cone. The biggest annoyance is the performance of AP/APDS and the variability or damage.