He is living in his sister Rae's basement and selling The Baltimore Sun on the street to make money. Rae Cousins - SisterKeyShawn - Son Portrayed by Good for her but that sucks for me.. A Baltimore Sun reporter becomes interested in the drug trade and its effect on the city and its people and he interviews Bubbles, printing a column about his life story. Bubbles was successful in using the counterfeit cash to purchase heroin from Barksdale dealer Wallace in the low-rise McCulloh Homes public housing project. Because Julian was tasked to look after him during his childhood,[1] Bubbles usually resides in a shed on whatever lot Julian is currently occupying. [7] It is not known where the relationship went after that as Jenny is never mentioned again. Answer Save. Relevance. in "Mime For A Change." As the police were looking for murder suspects, he was mistaken as a suspect and then was brutally beaten by Detective Vernon Holley in the interrogation room. [17] Bubbles even opened a cat daycare center in the park, which he called The Kittyland Love Center, and it managed to stay in business for a while.

Bubbles playing in the bathtub. Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins is a recovering heroin addict and a former Confidential Informant for the Baltimore Police Department.

Bubbles' original shed is accidentally burned to the ground after a complication with some electrical wiring Ricky had hooked up to cultivate some dope plants. Update:-----Thanks, her departure was so sudden. All seasons The only exception to this is The Swayzie Express operation in season seven, which was basically masterminded by Bubbles himself after he stole the model locomotive from a train show in Maine. She's one of the on air personalities on the JV morning show on Wild 94.9...and there's been no info on why she's not on anymore...what happened? [13], However, Bubbles' relative positions in all of this are not without their drawbacks. In Sherrod's absence, however, Bubbles has become the daily victim of another street addict, who constantly robs him and beats him. [20]. He is generally uncomfortable about doing things which are overtly wrong or hurtful to someone else. BubblesBubbs Bubs [3], Eventually, Bubbles turns his preference for shed-life into a business plan. In the wake of Michael Jackson’s shocking death, many have wondered whatever happened to the King of Pop’s pet chimpanzee. [11], Bubbles is also quick to realize an opportunity when he sees it. He was arrested by Officer Santangelo while trying to steal needles and morphine from an ambulance; in exchange for his release, he tipped off Greggs and McNulty to the new alliance between Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell. Later, while in an NA meeting, Bubbles tearfully admits his culpability in Sherrod's death. Sherrod never makes it to school, however, and after a brief fall-out with Bubbles he returns to help him sell goods from the shopping carts. Royo was once approached by a real drug addict and given heroin while filming as he appeared to "need a fix more than" the addict. It was in doing so that he met a young homeless boy, whom Bubbles took on as his new friend and protégé. Bubbles's last name was not revealed until a fourth season episode when he was called "Mr. Cousins"; his first name was not revealed until Walon called him "Reginald" in. Events within the park often spin out of control, despite his efforts, and Bubbles is seen to become emotional many times, in forms of anger, sadness, fear and even brief periods of mental instability. It is assumed that Bubbles endured bullying as a child, as he is very sensitive to being called a "googly-eyed bastard", and often expresses feelings of loneliness. His Narcotics Anonymous sponsor is Walon.

Bubbles didn't want to be doing certain things but felt he had to go in with the other two because they were the only family he had left. 40 Oh well....hope her replacment is good. His cart operation's main purpose was to provide food and medical care for the 'kitties', and he doesn't stand for anyone interfering with this arrangement. Ironically, Bubbles is feared the most out of the three girls by Mojo Jojo, the Powerpuff Girls' archenemy, because he has traumas from when she brutally beat him in "Bubblevicious", which is shown several times. Aliases Bubbles is initially reluctant to let such an honest portrayal of his life be published but after Walon reads it and approves of it, Bubbles lets the reporter print it. Bubbles (1998 TV series)/Gallery < Bubbles (1998 TV series) Edit. 1 Biography 1.1 Background 1.2 Season 1 1.3 Season 2 1.4 Season 3 1.5 Season 4 1.6 Season 5 2 Production 2.1 Appearances 3 Notes 4 References Bubbles has a son named KeyShawn who lives with his mother. I liked her a lot! McNulty recruited Bubbles to find Omar Little, whom Bunk needed as a witness in the William Gant murder trial. In Jacob's case this belief is intensified after it is revealed that Jacob has an unknown element in his blood that gives him a severe allergic reaction to dogs and red skin. Later, Johnny died of an overdose in one of Major Colvin's "Hamsterdam" zones. Andre Royo "-30-" He was incarcerated for an unknown reason and released three months before the start of the series. ("The Cost") He was a Confidential Informant for Detective Greggs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was responsible for the peace agreement between Julian, Ricky and Jim Lahey which he traded for a ringing endorsement of Jim at his police board hearing, leading to his reinstatement.

Reginald Cousins Age Episode count JV & Graham Have Some Great Analogies For It, A collection the most informative podcast episodes to get you up to speed and for Election Day 2020. Bubbles replaces his protégé with another young boy named Sherrod. The JV Show WiLD Thoughts podcast gives you uncut, unfiltered access to all the topics they can't talk about on-air at WiLD 949 in San Francisco. Bubbles in space. Seasons Sergeant Landsman sees that the death was unintentional and decides, despite the negative impact on the homicide unit's clearance rate, to send Bubbles to a psychiatric facility at a state hospital than charge Bubbles with murder.[1]. One of Bubbles's strongest character traits is his ethics or sense of right and wrong, which most of the other characters seem to lack. He is closely associated with Ricky and Julian as the three are seen to be best friends and cohorts. He helped to identify the members of the crew that ran the Barksdale pit and those that worked in the high rise towers; he'd offer colored hats for sale and would cheerfully place them on the heads of known Barksdale crew chiefs, identifying them to nearby officers who then photographed the suspects.